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Viewers left amused with how Paul Merson pronounces ‘Batshuayi’

Viewers have been left amused on Saturday afternoon with how pundit Paul Merson pronounces ‘Batshuayi’ when reporting on Sky Sports.

He was giving updates to fans on Crystal Palace’s 1-0 win over Wolves, however he couldn’t say the Premier League forward’s name right and it got social media users talking online.

Instead of calling the 27 year old by his proper name ‘Batshuayi’, he instead decided to repetitively pronounce it as ‘Batswari’.

Many viewers picked up on it and were left amused with how Paul Merson pronounces ‘Batshuayi’.

Some couldn’t help but mock him with one suggesting it sounded like he was trying to order a curry.

@DanK_Boyy: Is Paul Merson ordering a fucking curry or trying to pronounce Batshuayi ๐Ÿ˜‚

@adambecket: Paul Merson calls Michy Batshuayi “Batswari” lol

@NickTooze1: Someone tell paul Merson how to say Batshuayi

@ForeverAYellow: Ok, the way Merse calls Batshauyi is really getting to me know. Someone, please tell him he’s saying it wrong! Proper annoying by full time lol

@callumrjb: Paul Merson has just pronounced Batshuayi as Batswah

It would seem that he’ll never learn how to correctly say it, as he’s kept this pronouncing for a good while now.

It’s not uncommon for Merse to do something like this, with pundits and presenter Jeff Stelling often mocking in him the studio.

There’s even been a video made with those at Sky Sports, going through a list of players and seeing how he copes with some of the toughest.

He once struggled to say the name of ex-Everton midfielder Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, eventually choosing to have some fun with it up by saying Billy Elliot Dinov.

Ok, fair enough, at first look, that the former Toffees player’s name would have needed a few attempts at first glance.

Though there were some easier surnames that Merse had trouble with, ex-Crystal Palace keeper Julian Speroni proved to be a particular problem, opting for โ€œZebroniโ€ instead.

There really is a full list of names that he has managed to get wrong when talking live on national TV, here’s just some of them as mentioned by fans…

@thehuwdavies: Merson just gave up on pronouncing Milivojevic there. โ€˜Micharlovicโ€™. Three players in one.

@C12aighar: How fucking cringey does Merson sound pronouncing William as will I am!

@alicegrace_: I canโ€™t handle Merson pronouncing Stanislas as โ€˜Stanislouseโ€™ tonight. Nope not tonight.

@olucas96: Merse its fucking pronounced ‘clichy’ not ‘cliche’ everytime man

@Scott_Ball: Pogniak. (Merse‘s attempt at pronouncing Pogrebnyak.)

@rob_simm: Merson pronouncing Alderweireld “Altavari” hahaha


Just look how pleased he gets when he actually can manage to get a name right…

To be fair to Merse, it isn’t just him who can screw up with surnames, here’s when Mark Lawrenson decided to call Steven Pienaar a ‘penis’…

Michael Owen once decided to call Aubameyang ‘Abageemang’…

….with some calling it one of the most entertaining bits of commentary that he’s ever done and that’s saying something…

Even Chris Karama has mispronunciated, getting Famara Diedhiou’s name wrong, months after he mixed up Michael Obafemi with Obafemi Martins.

Famara Diedhiou responded to Kammy’s hilarious slip up of his name whilst on punditry duty.

The player called it the ‘funniest video he has ever seen’ and then taught him how to say it properly.

Are there any names that you struggle to pronounce yourself? Let us know on our socials!

Fans recently were left surprised at him having an eighth child with his wife expecting at the beginning of January. Read more on that simply by clicking HERE.

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