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Fans unhappy with Gary Lineker’s new Match of the Day pledge if Leicester win title

Fans have been left unhappy with Gary Lineker’s new Match of the Day pledge if his supported club Leicester City win the title again.

Lineker’s beloved Foxes went top of the Premier League table a few weeks back as they beat Chelsea 2-0, though since then have slipped to third in what will be a very exciting battle to be crowned champions.

He did just that, though his pledge this time is a lot less severe and more blah compared to stripping down to just his underwear which he did in 2016.

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On the time he wore his undies while presenting, Lineker said: “Not even presenting Match of the Day in your underpants will give you the rush you got from scoring – which I’m in a unique position to affirm, of course, having done both.

“Ahead of that landmark moment for sports broadcasting (the first Match of the Day of the 2016–17 season), a number of underwear brands got in touch and offered to dress me for the occasion – much as the major fashion houses approach the big stars before the Oscars, I guess.

“Very kind of them, I’m sure, but it probably wouldn’t have been in keeping with BBC guidelines on advertising for me to have completed this self-inflicted stunt in sponsored keks.

“As it was, I appeared in a pair of my own white boxers, with a Leicester City badge embroidered on the right leg as a token of my affiliation.”

Taking to his Twitter account recently, Lineker wrote: “If @LCFC win the league I’ll wash my own hair before the first @BBCMOTD of next season.”

That caused fans to be, well, rather disappointed, with some wanting it to more embarrassing and amusing for those planning on tuning in next season.

Some brought up that Gary’s tweet was instead a dig at tennis players quarantining before the Australian Open, with Bernard Tomic’s partner Vanessa Sierra admitting she never washes her own hair. That would be correct…

…although, the former England player might just go ahead and stick by his word, however we all know him enough by now and surely he’ll change it to something more daring. Ah the joys of keeping us guessing.

Gary Lineker’s new Match of the Day pledge if Leicester win title got plenty of talk online, see what they put forward to him…

@The_GeordieFox: Shave it off instead

@misiekkoziol: You can do better Gary, say paint it pink?

@joshc2401: How about you wash Alan’s

@TeethmanAngry: If Leicester win the league I’ll leave my kids with your Wayne

@fourthkhan: You gotta do better than that Gary

@AlexLock_: Nah get Wayne to replace you for 1 episode

@leemcevoy1972: You should do it in a Borat style mankini!

@slimdclfc: Shave it Gary and it’s a deal

@smookydj: Even better, get Vanessa Sierra to actually do it

@JGinpenllyn: Just shave it off Gary, much easier and you’ll match Shearer and Wright.

@Thehammerone1: Why don’t you dye your hair yellow and blue

@Umpteenthgooner: Surely the man who shat on a pitch can do better than that?

@jkturner_lfc96: Thank fk you ain’t gunna wear your speedos on motd again

@Adam69Jones: If they win the league u best come on in a suit made from walkers crisp packets

@JLadlow8: Why not wear a full Leicester kit instead Gary?

@alwyn_evans: This surprised me Gary. I assumed it was a wig

@coyshe: I think you should dye your hair blue if LCFC win the league

@Abs_Singh_1: Did you leave out the words “blue rinse”?!

@JoshHague3: Get a tattoo of @LCFC if they win

@andypeepo: So you won’t wash your own hair if they don’t win? Either gross or decadent

@kwhitehead2019: Talk about a man out of touch get Wayne to wash it for you and it may be worth watching.

@Phillinman: Think we’d all rather see you dye it blue. Goatee included

@samirejaz1: @lcfc you have one job

@Babyeh66: Don’t you usually wash your own hair?

@richieleivers: Wash it with Blue Dye

@Manchester_TRA: If @LCFC win the league you have to get Wayne to stop trying 13 year olds

@AbMan1985: So many people not aware of the Tomic girlfriend reference.

What do you dare Gary Lineker to do should Leicester win the Premier League this season?

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