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Surprise update made public over disgraced footballer Adam Johnson

A surprise update has been made public over the disgraced former footballer Adam Johnson according to various reports issued on Saturday.

The 34 year old was convicted for sexual activity with a child and sentenced to six years in prison in March 2016 before then being released after serving half the sentence in March 2019.

He has since kept a very low profile, however it would seem that he is now back together with his ex Stacey Flounders, 31, during lockdown.

The couple, who have a daughter together named Ayla, broke up during Johnson’s trial after Flounders learned he had repeatedly cheated on her.

At the time, she branded him an ‘arrogant cheat’ and said he had ruined her life, however a sudden U-turn sees paedophile inactive ex-Premier League footballer Adam Johnson set to become a dad again, a pal claims.

A friend of Stacey’s told the newspaper she was pregnant and back together with Johnson, saying: “She knew he made mistakes and was furious with him for all of his cheating.”

Stacey was pregnant with the couple’s first child when Johnson began communicating with the underage girl and then sensationally split with the footballer during his trial as the scale of his infidelity became clear.

However it’s claimed she did not hate him, with the friend saying they have been spending more time together looking after their daughter and could be moving abroad.

Stacey sees Adam Johnson as a “brilliant dad”- but warned he would get no second chances.

The friend said: “This is a new chapter in their lives and Stacey couldn’t be happier.”

Johnson admitted two charges relating to kissing the girl and meeting her with intent after grooming her and he was convicted by a jury of a further offence of sexual activity with a child when they met in his Range Rover in 2015, a conviction which he unsuccessfully attempted to overturn.

At the time, Stacey announced the couple had seperated, describing the footballer as “an arrogant man who lied and lied to me”.

The couple are now living together in a £500,000 mansion in County Durham, but Johnson is considering moving his family to another country.

Stacey met Johnson in 2011, and his trial heard that while he was texting the teenage female, she was messaging him talking about trying to repair their relationship.

After learning about the scale of his infidelity during the court case, she announced: “I’m not standing by you any more. I’m moving out.”

During sentencing, Judge Jonathan Rose said the victim had “suffered severe psychological harm” and he accused Johnson of having repeatedly lied.

In a statement released after he was allowed out of the cells and into public life, Johnson said: “I am very sorry for the effect my conduct had on those directly and indirectly involved. It should never have happened and I deeply regret what I did.

“I now want to concentrate on the future and want to demonstrate through my actions that I am committed to repaying them for their support.”

A timeline of Adam Johnson’s case


December – Johnson and his victim start messaging each other online. She told him she had only just turned 15.


17 January – Johnson’s first meeting with the girl where he signs two football kits for her.

30 January – Johnson met with the girl for a second time. He says they kissed, she alleges more serious sexual activity took place.

25 February – Girl hoped to meet the footballer but he pulled out saying he can’t leave home. Girls tells parents about their meetings.

26 February – Girl and her mother go to police.

2 March – Johnson was arrested at his home on suspicion of having sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl. Player got suspended from playing pending the outcome of a police investigation.

18 March – His bail was extended and his suspension from playing for his club got lifted.

4 May – Johnson, his lawyer and his father hold meeting with the club telling them that he has confessed to messaging the 15-year-old and kissing her. He continued to be allowed to play.

24 May – Sunderland avoided relegation and Johnson headed off on stag-do to Dubai.

3 June – Johnson formally pleaded not guilty to three counts of sexual activity with a child and another count of grooming at Durham Crown Court.


6 February – Johnson played out his final game for Sunderland, scoring and throwing his shirt into the crowd.

10 February – Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child and one count of grooming.

11 February – Sunderland sacked Johnson.

12 February – Player’s trial began.

2 March – Johnson was found guilty of sexual activity with a 15-year-old

24 March – Johnson was jailed for six years.


16 March -Johnson lost an appeal against his conviction.


22 March – Johnson was released from prison half-way through his sentence.

Fans reacted as a surprise update is made public over the disgraced footballer Adam Johnson…

@1871M1C4H: How on earth has she taken him back after he nonced on a child 😂😂

@Ben89324448: There’s hope for Gylfi then

@TylerKilburn1: How has he reunited with her but got a second child on the way? 😂😂😂

@BThunderdragon: Such a romantic story. One for the ages.

@SP0RTSEDlTS: what the fuck??? how can you forgive that??

@lfc_lloyd: Johnson has sex with adults too?

@C_John_C95: The fuck is wrong with her 🤣

@leeshaavfc: Something doesn’t add up here

@AlfieJamesBN: what the flying fuck

@FSGOUT_Ethan: How the fuck is he back with her when he nonced on a child 😭😭

@LiamCrook1: His ex girlfriend needs to give her head a wobble

@ToonMouthTyne: This should be shocking but it isn’t. She’s a nonce sympathiser and a money grabber. Was evident at the time he was first arrested.

@DominicR26: Fuck me is she that scared to get a job she’s taken back a paedo?

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