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The leaked X-rated photos of a different woman with Wayne Rooney

The leaked X-rated photos of Wayne Rooney with a different woman is doing the rounds and it’s got plenty of talk on social media.

A set of three pictures are currently going viral, appearing to show the Manchester United legend kissing a woman.

The unknown female also appears to deliberately flaunt her bottom in the direction of the married man who looks to have fallen asleep whilst sitting down in a room.

No time or date has been put on these pics, though they have appeared on a woman’s Snapchat, as she tries to get her followers and other people’s attention it would seem.

Fans reacted as the leaked X-rated photos of Wayne Rooney with a different woman go viral…

@EJohnson5398: Proper lad our Wayne is

@BrenOC27: Oh dear

@Dannyfrost67: Derby become more of a laughing stock everyday

@zdpj_: Well he did say he needs more people in at derby

@gwinefcc: Mooney Rooney killed me off hahaha

@lenorlucci: Im cryin, he sleepin wit his hands in pockets

@postedbycallum: Derby have this guy as their manager and Tom Lawrence as their captain

@_jfurniss: Yesterday this geezer was on about bringing dignity back to Derby…

@Joefrbs_: Trying to recruit for the start of the season

@qprjfk: Worst type of birds fr

@_omeara_r: When does it end

@benmcdonald999: Mooney Rooney 😂😂😂😂😂

@marcus_lufc: “X for looks off me and Rooney” hahahahahahahahaha

@DerbyRetweets: Literally the last thing we need.

@SamGascoyne: Can we not go one year without drama 😂 Here we go.

@andyreid1884: @amazon how have you not commissioned a “The derby way” series yet

@ForeverAYellow: Those leaked X-rated photos of a different woman with Wayne Rooney though

Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney claims isn’t set to walk away from Derby but demands signings with the start of the Championship season just two weeks away, and the Rams currently have nine registered senior players, two of whom are goalkeepers.

“It’s other people which I can’t control who need to make bigger decisions that I do,” Rooney told Sky Sports after his side’s 2-1 defeat against Salford City in pre-season.

“All I can do is try to bring some dignity and pride back to this club. It is clear that has gone in the last few years and it is my job to bring that back. I need other people to do their job.

“It’s not ideal, it has been very difficult not knowing what my squad will be in two weeks’ time when the league starts. However we can, we need to get that sorted.

“If I am being honest, it would be easy for a manager in my situation to walk away. It’s a challenge for me, I’m a fighter. I am grateful to Derby for giving me this opportunity and I will do everything I can to get the club through this.

“If we can’t bring players in over the next two weeks I do not know how we field a team to start the season.

“I haven’t got one centre-back signed to the club, there are two very young players in the U23s and U18s. It would be impossible for me to field a team.”


Rooney said as quoted on the Derby Telegraph, on the embargo and how tough it is right now: It’s very tough. They have said we can sign four players but really it’s going to be very difficult for us to bring any players in under the circumstances we are in. It is my job to bring some dignity and some pride back to this club. I think the fans need to see that. Myself, the coaches, the players are all working towards that but where we are at, if we can’t bring any players in it will be very difficult for me to put a team out to start the first game of the season. So, we need help from other people, hopefully that comes, hopefully we can get that because if not we won’t be able to compete.

Rooney when questioned on help: I think from everyone, from within the club, from outside the club, we need help. What I will say is the group of players credit to them because it is very difficult circumstances for them, also. I think what is showing is that Derby is still a big club, it’s a club where players are coming in and they are willing. All the players have had offers from different clubs and they want to wait, they want to make sure we can get things done and they want to sign and play for this football club. I think that is credit to the players who are here on contracts, but also the players who aren’t because I totally understand if they say ‘that’s it, I’ve had enough’.

Rooney said on the assurances of resolution happening prior the start of the campaign: No, so I am waiting. All I can do is prepare the team for the first game of the season and as I said before, we need help to be able to achieve that. It would be easy for me to walk away because this is not ideal at all, but I have been through tough moments in my career on the pitch and off the pitch. This is a tough moment and I am grateful for Derby giving me this opportunity and I will do everything in my power to make sure we get this club back to where it belongs.

Rooney on if he’s ever had the thought of walking away from his first job as manager: No. Listen, this is a job I love doing, and I want to do it for a long time, and it is a challenge. Not everything is ideal. Gary Bowyer (Salford City manager) hasn’t got a training ground, everyone has got different problems, different issues. All I can do is face them head on and make sure I prepare the team as best I can.

Rooney on if he knows who are the four players he’ll bring in: I know exactly the players I want to bring in, the players know that and if I am being honest I want to bring all of the players in who are here. I am preparing for the first game of the season and I want to bring in more players on top of that, but we need some help. It is as simple as that. Where we are at, it’s a difficult moment. If we get a fair shot at it, we’ll do well.

Rooney when asked about bringing in four players to make up the number of 23 players of professional standing: I can bring four players in, but it is not as easy as that. We are being told we can bring four players in but under circumstances which will be impossible for us to bring any players in. When I am saying we need help, I need help, I think there needs to be something sorted very quickly for us to do that.

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