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Peter Crouch names 10 secrets from inside the dressing rooms

Stoke City’s Peter Crouch has recently revealed 10 secrets that come from inside the dressing rooms.

The former Liverpool, Tottenham, Southampton player gave the listeners of his podcast, which he does with Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark, an insight as to what goes on before and after matches.

Take a look at what he talked about below and on the next few pages…


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Peter Crouch said: “It’s small in there, tight and you can actually hear through the air vents the team talk from the other side.

“If you’re quiet you can hear it.”




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Peter Crouch says: “The kit man is the heartbeat of the football club really.

“He knows the lads, he’s usually local, a fan and he’s got his finger on the pulse of the dressing room.”

He also adds that when they go into the dressing room, the kits, boots and shin pads are laid out. Drinks and jelly babies are also on a table for players to have as they prepare for matches.



Peter Crouch said: “You get two a season.

“It’s like £50 – you don’t even get a staff discount, pay it in the club shop.

“It’s harsh.

“If you’re playing in the FA Cup or something and a young lad asks for a shirt, I can’t say ‘give me £50 and you can have it!'”



Peter Crouch said: “I’ve been at Stoke for eight years… I think I’ve had the same towel for almost eight years.

“It had a massive hole in it, I said I’m going to have to move on and upgrade.

“I used this towel once, sometimes twice a day if we had a double session.

“It’s worn down to a piece of string.”



Peter Crouch said: “The shower gel situation is embarrassing.

“One lad will bring a tiny gel and we’ll be sharing it around 20 of us in the dressing room.

“We all have wash bags but no one ever brings shower gel.

“One of the lads will have a tiny one from a hotel.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever stayed at a Malmaison Hotel you get the big family shower gels.

“You’re not meant to take them but they usually end up in our shower.

“We can have a proper wash then!”


Peter Crouch named five more things about what goes on in the dressing room of Premier League clubs – check out what else he said on the next page.


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