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Peter Crouch names 10 secrets from inside the dressing rooms

Peter Crouch named five more things about what goes on in the dressing room at clubs…


Peter Crouch said: “If you get to Chelsea they have the Molton Brown in there.

“Top notch. You know you’ve arrived then.

“We’ve tried to rip them off the wall…”



Peter Crouch said: “There’s three toilets in (the Stoke City) dressing room.

“Every one is an absolute disgrace.

“Robert Huth is the worst. He was dropping bombs.

“He gets in early as well. He finds it hilarious.

“There are a couple upstairs that are a bit more normal, I’ve started going up there.”



Peter Crouch said: “I go straight in and put my music on straight away, that asserts my authority.

“No one likes what I’m playing. It’s various Britpop stuff, 90s band music.

“No one like it apart from the staff… and Joe Allen.

“I had Fleetwood Mac on and Saido Berahino asked me if it was from a movie soundtrack.

“The way football has gone, Drake is the go-to man. There’s a lot of rap and hip-hop.

“I’ve gone so far the other way, where I’m trying to piss people off.

“I was hearing the same robotic Drake voice and I was a bit bored of it.

“So I was like ‘right I’m putting my own tunes on now.'”



Peter Crouch said: “Footballers are very superstitious.

“I’d had the same shinpads as a kid and if (the kit man) had lost them I’d have been devastated.

“I actually had to change them recently because they fell to pieces. It did worry me.

“The kit man will know what each person needs, what boots he likes.

“If you don’t have them it can mess with your mind.”



Peter Crouch said: “Over the years I’ve seen full punch-ups, proper heated arguments.

“At half-time, full hammer and tongs going at each other and then second half playing really well and everyone shaking hands really well.

“It’s all part and parcel of the game.”


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