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FA fine Premier League starlet for recent Covid breach

The FA have decided to issue a fine towards the Premier League starlet for a recent Covid breach, like so many others have done lately.

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has spoken out, telling talkSPORT that youngster Ebere Eze will be issued a fine after becoming the latest footballer to breach coronavirus protocols last weekend.

The Premier League midfielder was spotted at his former club Queens Park Rangers’ FA Cup tie against Fulham on Saturday – coming just 24 hours after clubs were reminded of their responsibilities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Eze has now been investigated by the Football Association into a potential breach of Covid rules just 24 hours after the Premier League wrote to all clubs to remind them to reinforce coronavirus protocols.

Palace were furious with the 22-year-old’s actions and have since issued a club statement on Monday, insisting they would deal with the matter internally and described his actions as an ‘error of judgement’.

Despite reports that QPR had received FA permission, various media outlets claim that there was no such permission given for the player to attend the game at QPR and the FA will now be looking into the matter.

He was pictured in the stands of Loftus Road not wearing a face-mask as he watched his old team slip to a defeat.

“We know the situation that society is facing in this country, we are all very aware of it,” said Manager Mark Warburton at a press conference.

“QPR as a club have stringent protocols in place that we apply very strongly to every single player and staff member.

“On this occasion we should have declined the request. It’s as simple as that. We made the error.

“Eberechi is an outstanding character. I can’t speak highly enough of him. He made a request, we should have said no.

“On this rare occasion we have made a mistake, it’s as plain and simple as that. It will not happen again.”

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“The club has issued the below statement on Eberechi Eze.

“QPR have acknowledged they made a mistake in hosting Eberechi Eze in the directors’ box at Saturday’s FA Cup match against Fulham without our knowledge. Whilst we recognize Eberechi’s desire to support his former team mates, he accepts it was an error of judgement to attend the match.

“We were also concerned to see pictures of Eberechi not wearing a mask at certain moments and are speaking to him about these apparent lapses, which will be dealt with internally.”

talkSPORT host Simon Jordan slammed Eze and the footballers to have broken COVID protocols in recent weeks.

On ‘White and Jordan’, he said: “I can’t bare this constant trotting out of the mistake mentality. It’s a bloody choice. Mistake are picking the wrong stock or dating the wrong girl.

“We all know the rules, we know what they are, we know what we are supposed to do but they are choosing to not do them.

“I doubt whether this player was invited by QPR as they would have had other things to deal with. I suspect he wanted to go and watch his old side play and asked if he could come along.

“Players live in an environment where they are institutionalised, they are able to operate in a certain way and are protected from the real world. They are encouraged to believe they are not part of the real world because they are given explanations as to why they do things wrong and are not accountable for them.

“Then we expect them to operate in the real world. It’s like watching the Marine fans yesterday. They will be the same people calling out these idiot footballers behaving in an irresponsible fashion yet they clog the streets to watch Tottenham come in on their team bus.

“There was no social distancing, it’s an expression I loathe and I hope we get to lose it from our vocabulary as soon as possible.

“Crystal Palace will probably be enraged by their player. Roy Hodgson will be to the max with it as he ultimately had to defend, and he was another manager who defended a players’ behaviour, as he picked the same player (Milivojevic) in his side.

“He’s got another player who rocked up on a Saturday afternoon that he had no business being in.

“The reason why he would have though he had business being there was ‘it’s alright it’s football’. It’s the rules that football go by.

“We are a special breed of individuals who can act in a certain way. 

“The kid has gone to a game and not even realised that people will be focused on the fact that he was there.”

Hodgson said to talkSPORT: “If you’re asking me on this occasion that the foolish thing Eberechi Eze did merits that he should be left out of the team then I don’t.

“It does merit a fine, because a slap on the wrist is not enough. He’s got to understand we take this very seriously.

“We don’t want any of our players involved in any way breaching the coronavirus rules that have been put out there, which so many people are working hard to respect.

“When something happens when one of our players has been shown not to respect it, even though I think he did it naively and foolishly, not a determined gesture on his part to go out and break a rule, but he did break a rule.

“He’s been made very much aware that we take that seriously and we’re not happy with him at all.

“The only way we can really show that is by fining him, which is something that I am personally not a big fan.

“During the years any players that have worked with me [will tell you] I’m not one to go straight to the fines but on this occasion that’s where I think this error of judgment that he’s made deserves and he needs to be very certain or very caution he doesn’t make any other errors of judgement of this type in the future because I can take the public at large take clear exception to him.”

Fans reacted as the FA fine the Premier League starlet for his recent Covid breach…

@QPRNINJA: I kind of get this. But on the same weekend where that whole town of people congregated to stare at a bus full of Spurs players drive past them, it’s a bit overkill.

@masumullah: Players need dropping. Managers need reprimanded for defended such players. We are in a PANDEMIC.

@Andythesaint9: Fine a millionaire a couple of £1,000 for break Covid rules. Hmmmmmmm the virus doesn’t infected the rich. No wonder its spreading so much

@jordo1872: A fine to a footballer is a slap on the wrists

@conmistro69: How can someone just ‘attend a match’ at will!? Fucking farcical this on so many levels.

@ChrisTCooke: Once an R…

@Jonsta1990: Wonder if Eze’s fine was as big as Milivojević’s, asuming the captain got fined

@Andrew_Ryan19: And yet players hugging during celebrations is the problem

@soverncomfort: How did he get into the qpr game? Fans aren’t allowed. Neither should he be. These players coukd end up getting football cancelled if ut carries on like this.

@BL10CBL: They apparently invited him as their guest. Should be fined aswell!

@jamiecallumlou: Give the fine money to NHS or free school meals !!

@adamwoodsford94: Good on Uncle Roy

@elgande52: Didn’t say that about luka…. You watch him drop eze tomorrow

@Hardyboy79: Oh so it was against the rules then….. So… The people telling me all week that him being there was no problem, and that its no big deal to the potential spread of covid… They were wrong…

@Murph61Martin: Woy has told him off like he did with the other naughty boys at the club,seriously though you would’ve thought Woy would be a bit more concerned with himself being so old

@JIM_mekon: I like him as a player obviously got shit people advising him . But why do they have to cuddle – baffles me?. Wouldn’t you just stop?? Why would you want some sweaty person cuddling you anyway? I just roll over and fart

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