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Crystal Palace’s Eberechi Eze investigated by FA with potential punishment for QPR also

Crystal Palace’s Eberechi Eze is being investigated by the FA with a potential punishment set for QPR also following the FA Cup action.

The Premier League midfielder was spotted at his former club Queens Park Rangers’ FA Cup tie at Fulham on Saturday – just 24 hours after clubs were reminded of their responsibilities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Eze is now facing a Football Association investigation into a potential breach of Covid rules just 24 hours after the Premier League wrote to all clubs to remind them to reinforce coronavirus protocols.

The 22 year old player was spotted at Loftus Road with the Championship club insisting their former player was a guest of the club.

But despite reports that QPR had received FA permission, various media outlets state that there was no such permission was given for the player to attend and the FA will now be looking into the matter.

He was pictured not wearing a facemask as he watched his old team slip to a defeat. Now he’s Eberechi Eze being investigated by the FA.

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QPR boss Mark Warburton said: “I’ve no idea whether he broke protocols or not. You’d have to ask our health and safety officer because that’s above my pay-grade.

“I want to talk about the game. What other players do in their own time, I can’t comment on that. It’s not my area of expertise. Far from it.”


“The club has issued the below statement on Eberechi Eze.

“QPR have acknowledged they made a mistake in hosting Eberechi Eze in the directors’ box at Saturday’s FA Cup match against Fulham without our knowledge. Whilst we recognize Eberechi’s desire to support his former team mates, he accepts it was an error of judgement to attend the match.

“We were also concerned to see pictures of Eberechi not wearing a mask at certain moments and are speaking to him about these apparent lapses, which will be dealt with internally.” – STATEMENT ENDS

Palace boss Roy Hodgson this week made it clear to his players that no further breaches of Government coronavirus guidelines will be accepted after captain Luka Milivojevic breached the rules by attending a New Year’s Eve party.

Milivojevic issued an apology on Wednesday after his household mixed with Fulham forward Aleksandar Mitrovic and his family.

“I want to publicly apologise for my actions on New Year’s Eve,” Milivojevic wrote. “As captain of Crystal Palace Football Club I am fully aware that my responsibilities go beyond football, and that in this instance, I have let the fans, the club, my manager and teammates down.

“In what is a really difficult and challenging moment for everyone, I am truly grateful that I am able to continue to do the job I love and I do not take this for granted. I am very sorry to anyone who has been made to feel angry, hurt or upset by my actions.

“I am making a donation to the local NHS service to help them continue their incredible work in our community fighting this virus.”

Palace boss Roy Hodgson had earlier expressed his frustration at Milivojevic’s actions, saying: “We’re very upset about it, it doesn’t do the image of the club, it doesn’t do Luka’s image any good”.

Fans reacted with Crystal Palace’s Eberechi Eze investigated by FA with potential punishment for QPR also…

@crossycross: Begs the question though, why are clubs inviting ‘guests’ to games during a national lockdown ? is their presence ‘essential’?

@alexdrummond95: Footballers hold parties, FA do nothing. Footballer sits in the stand to watch his old team, FA decide to investigate. Laughable

@cxnnorg: Why should he be able to go to games but not fans?

@JamesGlasspoole: I don’t understand how there is anyone asking why to this. He doesn’t live or work there. Therefore, the trip wasn’t essential and isn’t allowed. Also, no one else is allowed to go into a stadium, why should he?

@VBG_10: The FA would investigate a dog getting into a stadium these days.

@simon66kirkland: No different to Jamie Carragher at AFC Marine though is it.

@AnythingGoes_KE: FA should find something better to do

@andymiles747: I hope they’ll look into Jamie Carragher being in attendance at a marine today as well. As for your report on about a hundred fans turning out to watch the coaches arrive way off more like 400

@juancl78: Different rules for football players. This is a piss take and was not an essential trip. Needs action taken im afraid as it’s making a mockery of the whole process and harms the chances of football carrying on going forward IMO

@MisterJohnson87: If Luka as the captain can set an example that it’s ok to break lockdown rules without punishment by the club then it hardly acts as deterrent for other players

@mycpfc: How are we as a club letting our players break these simple rules ? To some it might seem harmless but when over 1000 people are dying daily and the rest of us are being told to stay home whilst this lot get special treatment it’s taking the fucking piss.

@rickerz61: Many are not taking this lockdown seriously. The Govt have made so many people key workers that we may as well have stayed open. When they realise, we will get a proper lockdown 2 weeks too late as usual. As for Eze, not good. May be made the scapegoat, cos too many are happening

@TomDutty: Actually pleased to see it wasn’t FA approved. He shouldn’t be going to watch his mates play football while the country is locked down & police are dishing out fines to people for driving five miles from their homes for a walk.

@tickers23: I’m more pissed off about this than Milivojevic, total 2 fingers up to the club after the bollocking the Luka must surely have got

@TalkCPFC: If Eze had actually done something wrong, I think criticism would be justified. But he hasn’t, he was allowed to go to QPR and followed rules to go there. If you’re going to beef someone, make it the FA.

@PrinceAyew1: I don’t think he should be criticised because he had approval and was allowed to go, although he probably should have worn a mask. But it shouldn’t have been approved, it just shows the special treatment footballers get while we all sit at home unable to see loved ones.

@SelhurstJon: Was it for work? No was it local? No Just because he is one of the only good players we have, doesn’t excuse him from the rules we are all following. If you or anyone think differently, then there is the problem with the virus

@Jed_Die: FA, his agent, club, government many questions, but to settle it they should follow the rules the public have to follow and that includes travelling across London to watch a football game..TBF Football needs to stop operating under different rules

@FYPFanzine: Again, not a good look. COVID regs mean you should only travel if it’s really necessary. Watching a football game with your mates is not necessary. 80,000 people have died from this wretched virus. We are all supposed to adhere to the same rules.

@liamb0117: He had approval from the FA. You’re allowed as a guest to games if invited by the club as he was, and when you are a guest you have to maintain strict social distancing rules. He has done nothing wrong and it’s not comparable to Luka’s incident at all.

@ebeling_J – on Eberechi Eze being investigated by the FA: Another player letting us down. Honestly don’t get the people supporting him. It’s a breach of the Covid rules whether the fa approved it or not.

@D4NH4YW4RD: he returned a negative test the day before he attended the game. He is clearly not sitting near a massive group. What is the problem?

@LukeedwardJ: Fans aren’t allowed at games. One rule for one…

@billybagginz: What about Jamie Carragher at the Marine game yesterday? Half the stand behind the goal was full

@JaniCPFC: Is this irresponsible? Yes. Is this all Eze’s fault? No, as it was sanctioned by the FA and at least one of QPR or Palace have agreed to it. Should they have approved it? No chance. Should there be some action taken? Minimal but yes. Is it comparable to Luka’s? Not remotely.

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