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Arsenal fan made to regret decision to sit in the Newcastle end as footage emerges

An Arsenal fan has been made to regret the decision to sit in the Newcastle end as footage emerges on social media of the incident.

A number of Magpies supporters dealt with the Gunners fan, but it turned rather sour with pushing and shoving leading to fighting with women and children heard shouting among the trouble playing out around them.

There was plenty of taunting in and outside the ground, with stewards and security present, as can be seen in photos and videos below.

Arsenal fans were also condemned for all they mess they left behind on their away day in Newcastle.

The clips have had over a million views combined, leading to plenty of comments, along with thousands of likes and retweets.

It wasn’t just in the stands that it was heated, as Arsenal managed to reduce Manchester City’s Premier League lead at the top to just one point.

Mikel Arteta’s side have played one game more than the current holders – who beat Leeds United a day before to continue their fine run of form.

The Gunners responded well to the pressure put on them after collapsing at the Etihad in April, and are now back to winning following an exciting, high-octane encounter with plenty of chances.

Newcastle, who are hoping to secure a Champions League spot next season, started well with Jacob Murphy hitting the post, and then they saw a VAR decision overturn a potential penalty.

However 14 minutes in, Martin Odegaard scored his 15th Premier League goal for the season, before Pope saved crucially from Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, as well as Odegaard, before the break.

Martinelli also hit the bar again in the second half, with the lead eventually extended on the 71st minute when Schar turned Martinelli’s corner into his own net.

Here’s what social media had to say as an Arsenal fan was made to regret decision to sit in the Newcastle end as footage emerges…

@AndrewJ9394: When you think about it, it’s a bit sad to be that annoyed that a person supports a different football team to you.

@LeighMa79471576: Big man there will be telling all his mates how clever he was going in the mags end,I think he’s a very lucky boy he hasn’t been filled in

@maskedteacher21: I remember getting kicked out of Elland Road for celebrating after Keith Gillespie scored in 1996 as I was sitting with the home fans, they are doing nothing the Newcastle fans haven’t done in the past.

@bishttid: This is what happens when home supporters sell their tickets to touts or away fans. Hope they get found and are stripped of their memberships/ST

@Cazthefirst: Stood amongst home fans at Sale Sharks yesterday whilst supporting Newcastle Falcons- none of this rubbish going on. No hiding the fact who I was supporting.

@andyday414: And that’s football for you. Sit next to away fans most weeks at Rugby and have right laugh.

@christuckersluc: If it’s a season ticket holder who’s sold their ticket, they should have it removed.

@Deanwok79: Well done to the 30 or so Newcastle fans it took to deal with the one bloke 👏

@cyp_toon: Newcastle is a unique away day for travelling fans, over 100 pubs within half hour of SJP all fans welcome, there is always a minority of 🔔 end’s who will spoil it for the majority !

@nigel670: Looks like he held his own ! It was only the Static Off The Polyester Clad Geordies That Did Him !!

@WolfgangWebber: He just didn’t fancy walking up all those stairs to the away end.

@Howitza_92: Good to see stewards rushing to the scene…

@TomCom86136845: What worries me, is the fact that it’s not dealt with quickly by the stewards. I’ve said this for a long time, but some of them working at SJP are only, let’s say very young. Can they control disruption and certain problems that occur? Hope the kids are ok tho

@adampavarotti: Ironic isn’t it? Considering one of those lot are in Sunderland opposition home ends regularly!

@DunilB: Absolutely terrible. In the middle of families too. I hope the necessary action is taken. Disgusting behaviour no need for it.

@darrenj02173158: In front of kids too. Sad

@Villa18743: Fair play to Newcastle fans. If an away fan is in the home end and not being respectful he needs to get out

@rough_justice76: Family section. Throwing bottles around kids.

@stevesanderstax: I was at Villa last year & found myself sat next to a Leeds fan. He was a good lad. Supported his team respectfully without being a gobshite. Bit of banter. All fine. Shook hands & wished him well. It’s called evolution.

@wuds100: Arsenal’s top boy taking on the bairns in the family enclosure 😂

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