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Dean Smith responds after Leicester fans vent anger with chants in 5-3 defeat at Fulham

Dean Smith responds after Leicester fans vent their anger with damning chants in the 5-3 defeat at Fulham on Monday afternoon.

The Cottagers beat Leicester in remarkable game at Craven Cottage with Willian, Carlos Vinicius and Tom Cairney scoring before half time to have Fulham cruising.

Willian and Cairney netted again in second half, but Leicester hit back twice through a brace from Harvey Barnes, plus a James Maddison penalty.

‘You’re not fit to wear the shirt!’ the Leicester fans fumed after their first-half capitulation at Fulham – which saw them fall 3-0 down in 44 minutes. See the video below…

Leicester’s Harvey Barnes, speaking to PLP: “The goals we conceded is something we need to have a look at, we can’t do that.

“We have the rest of the week to sit down and look at what is going wrong as a team. We have to get to the bottom of it and give ourselves the best chance going into the last few games.

“We have quality but there’s no easy way to say what has been going wrong. There’s obviously multiple things that haven’t quite clicked for us. Our performances haven’t been there this year.

“Three left now, we have to forget about today, move on quickly and try and change things around.

“The fans support us every week and performances like that are not acceptable. We know that. Hopefully we can get that continued support for the last three games, we will need it.”

Will you look at other results today? “You need to know what is going on in the league, you want to check up and see what is going on in the league but it can’t be our focus. It is down to our performances.”

Can Leicester stay up? “100%. We have the quality in the side. I am sure people will be looking at us and wondering why are in this situation. We just need to put three good performances together and we can do that for sure.”

Leicester’s James Maddison, speaking to BBC MOTD: “Hurting. Big game for us and we were not at it.

“We didn’t start the game well enough. We were not hungry enough to want to win the game. We need to do the basics well.”

Defensively a concern? “Conceded five goals, what do you think? We have players who can score goals, we have threat and creativity, we scored three goals today. We can’t defend like we did, that is why we are where we are but it not just the defence, it is the team. You defend as a team. The team needs to be watertight and that comes from the front too.

“We were not aggressive enough. They played through us. They scored three goals in the first half and it left too much to do.

“It is tough. No easy game in the Premier League, it is a cliche but so true. We will keep fighting, we will keep trying to put it right. The lads are putting the effort it, it is just not quite right. We will pick ourselves up and go again.

“At home in the next game, we have won and drew the last two home games so we will take positives from that.”

Fulham boss Marco Silva, speaking to BBC MOTD: “Great team performance. Great moments of football, great goals. The way we played from the first minute was really good.

“We prepared well for the game and the players executed the plan very well.

“We clearly deserved the three points and it should have been much more comfortable. That is something for us to work on and keep improving.

“Very good goals by Willian. He is top, top class. It is hard to express in words the way he is playing and what he is doing for us this season.

“About Tom Cairney, he is working hard, did all the week of course. Players have been playing more in that position and doing so, so well but he has been really important player for me from the bench or starting. Great to see him score as well.”

Leicester boss Dean Smith, speaking to Sky Sports: “We didn’t start the game with enough urgency and gave really poor goals away.

“First half is what killed us, you can’t give three-goal leads at this level and expect to come back.

“We showed some spirit and I would expect that. They are not a bad group of lads, some are maybe struggling mentally with the pressures. That is for me and the coaching staff to sort out and make sure we get the right team.

“We have given too many goals and chances away this season and we can’t keep doing that.

“I understand their frustrations in the first half, they were matched by the frustrations on the bench as well. We tried to change things and we showed some bits of pride in the second half.

Leicester boss Dean Smith, speaking to BBC MOTD: “Assessment is the first half was nowhere near good enough. We gave away goals we shouldn’t give away at this level. Giving three goals away at half time is a mountain to climb.

“Second half we were better but it didn’t have to be an awful lot to be better in the second half. We have gone a long time without a clean sheet and we are craving that.

“I think the first goal was a killer. It was a cheap free kick and goes straight in. Then we turn the ball over and they break. It is a mountain to climb when things like that happen. We have to be resolute as a group.

“We have players who can create and score, as we’ve seen today but as a group we have to defend better as well. You can’t allow seven or eight shots inside our penalty box. It is something us as coaches and players have to get better at.

“The frustrating part for me is I didn’t see that coming. We have been fairly resolute in the five games we’ve had with the exception of Everton.

“The attitude and application has been good, so I didn’t expect that first half coming.”

Understand fans’ reaction? “Football fans come to support their club. I definitely understand it. The annoyance was from the dugout and coaches as well. Our standards were better in the second half but with the exception of Willian’s goal there was more we could have done to stop them.

“We didn’t think we would be given anything other than a tough game at Fulham. We have to concentrate on ourselves and make sure we are right.”

This is what Twitter users said as Dean Smith responds after Leicester fans vent anger with chants in the 5-3 defeat at Fulham…

@kelsen_sachin: I’m actually sad because relegation isn’t a joke anymore it’s a reality. Genuine sadness around football now. #LCFC #FULLEI

@joeydra1: The score line doesn’t reflect how bad we were. Today it looked as if we were in 9th and comfortably in the premier league. There was no fight there was no effort. We capitalized on a penalty, a mistake by Fulham, and a shot off the bar and in. It was horrid, and idk if we stay up now.

@VillaWatch1: Don’t panic lads, Dean Smith has plenty of championship experience 👍

@RFox55_: Literally seeing some fans applaud this team off. Soft on the pitch and soft in the stands. We are finished. #LCFC

@richjacques10: Absolute shambles! Beyond embarrassing

@rudfoxes0205: LCFC players take note of Everton players at the Amex. Playing with hunger, desire, passion, energy & have full commitment to staying in the Premier League, something that none of you showed at Craven Cottage. Shows you can’t rely on other teams to get you out of the mess #LCFC

The moral(s) of this story:
Don’t allow contracts to run down.
Don’t stray from a tried and tested selling strategy.
Don’t give a manager benefit of the doubt…get rid early
Don’t get ahead of yourself.

@BSLBPodcast: Did you ask them what they care about? Their salaries? How their hair looked on Instagram?

@jhandford11: ‘Caring’ and ‘not being fit to wear the shirt’ are two different things. They might care, but that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically put a shift in to the best of their ‘ability’ and work their ass off. Some clearly already on a beach or simply just not good enough.

@SYetifan: The reality is the few good players we do have don’t care as they will be leaving the club at the end of the season . The rest of the squad are Championship standard at best so should fit it well next season.

@kateblakey40: Madders means that we weren’t hungry enough IN the game. Not BEFORE the game. He’s only player in Prem that tells it like it is yet still gets stick for it. What do u want him to say? That we played well? That we were unlucky? The guy is honest and has the balls to face up and actually came over to fans when many didn’t. He wasn’t great today. He knows that better than anyone. No idea where this hatred for the guy has come from when he’s saved our arses many times. Doesn’t mean he’s immune from criticism but singling him out is bonkers #lcfc

@JackJ_: Oh my. We’re actually down. #lcfc

@Ashleypp1986: Relying on other teams to bail you out is a dangerous game to play, and if you can’t take care of your own performances and results quite frankly, you deserve everything you get! We only have ourselves to blame! #lcfc

@Ashleypp1986: Got outfought, outplayed, outworked by a Fulham team who have nothing to play for and should be on their holidays mentally. Fucking disgraceful and shameful from the players and fans should be refunded 100%. #lcfc

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