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VIDEO: Frank Lampard tells Chelsea fans to stop abusive chants after being sung in win against Reading

After Frank Lampard told Chelsea fans to stop abusive chants after they were sang in a friendly against Reading, a huge amount replied to the tweets on Chelsea’s Twitter page, some named names, others said they would carry on singing it…

@JoeHarding91: But he scored 200 against the pikeys?

@TheSpecialTwunt: Nobody is going to stop singing it with all the will in the world ?

@NunesNxscimento: Lampard shunning the use of pikeys in a famous chant? I thought he was supposed to be more in touch with the fans than his predecessor?

@CatgirlSE15: There’s already a decent song and manager has said he doesnt want it, so anyone singing it in future would obviously have to be a massive pr1ck.

@ScanlonJudi: Nice one Frank well said ?

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