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VIDEO: Frank Lampard tells Chelsea fans to stop abusive chants after being sung in win against Reading

A section of the Chelsea supporters have been told by new boss Frank Lampard to stop the abusive chants after it was sung during Sunday’s friendly with Reading.

The chant included offensive language directed towards the travelling community and the word ‘pikeys’ to describe the supporters of Lampard’s former club West Ham.

Check out a video of when it was sang a few years ago…


Speaking about the chant, Lampard told the ​club website: “I didn’t hear the song in question and of course, if there’s a song in the modern day or any day that has offensive words, I don’t want to hear that.

“That’s me saying that as a big Chelsea man who really appreciates the support. We don’t want songs with offensive words. If the fans could sing other songs, then I’ll back that.

“The club are very clear with the work we do off the pitch about anything that’s offensive or prejudiced and we’ve made a big mark on that in modern years.”

Kick It Out said on Twitter: “We are aware of the chant and contacted @ChelseaFC about the issue last week.

“We are pleased to see the club and Frank Lampard take such a clear stance in support of equality by condemning the song – ‘pikey’ is a discriminatory word and no football supporter should be using it.”


After checking out what Lampard had to say, a huge amount replied to the tweets on Chelsea’s Twitter page, some named names, others said they would carry on singing it – check out those tweets on the next page.


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