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Southampton boss Hasenhuttl punished by FA for sarcastic Mike Dean comments

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl has been punished by the FA for sarcastic comments he made about Mike Dean earlier in October.

The Saints manager has been charged by the Football Association after being left unhappy with video assistant referee Mike Dean following his side’s defeat at Chelsea.

Hasenhuttl made his feelings clear about the sending-off of James Ward-Prowse during the 3-1 defeat on the 2nd of October.

The midfielder was initially shown a yellow card by referee Martin Atkinson for a late tackle on Jorginho, however it was upgraded to red after Dean told his colleague to review the incident on the pitchside monitor.

An FA statement read: “It is alleged that comments made by the manager during two post-match interviews constitute improper conduct in that they questioned the integrity of the VAR match official and/or implied bias and/or bring the game into disrepute.”

Hasenhuttl, who has been charged with two breaches of Rule E3, has until Tuesday, to respond.

Ward-Prowse’s dismissal came in the 77th minute of the match, with the score at 1-1, before Chelsea scored twice against 10 men to seal victory.

The sending off left Hasenhuttl rather miffed, sarcastically suggesting he knew the outcome of the review would be a red card as Dean was the VAR official for the game.

‘I knew when Mike Dean was on the VAR that the referee would go and have a look at it,’ he told BBC 5 Live.

Speaking to BBC Radio Solent, the Austrian conceded he had not seen the incident but reiterated his feelings about Dean.

‘I always have a bit of a problem when we know Mike Dean is on VAR because we don’t have a good history with him, to be honest,’ he said.

The Saints’ boss has suffered another recent blow with the absence of striker Che Adams for their Premier League match at home to Leeds on Saturday, joining the suspended Ward-Prowse on the sidelines through injury.

Of the St Mary’s clash, Hasenhuttl admitted: “It will be maybe one of the most intense games all season.

“The passes that the opposition manage to complete against them is the lowest in the whole league.

“When we speak about pressing in our game, they are even more aggressive and they do it all 90 mins,” he explained.

“This game will not always be nice to watch, because of the pressure we will both put on each other – so don’t expect a five-star dinner, you won’t see that.”

Hasenhuttl added: “It will be about winning duels, winning second balls, using the space, there will be a lot of bad passes – and I’m sure this is how they play.”

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Twitter users reacted with the Southampton boss Hasenhuttl punished by the FA for sarcastic Mike Dean comments…

@KeithMasters1: Refs hiding behind the fá for far to long. They make decisions that impact some else’s job. Should be aloud be critical of the officials

@StPaul197173: Everyone is accountable except refs.

@corsan_harry: Can we at least get Referee interviews? That’s the question that will get asked. But no one wants to admit being a ref is extremely hard even as a pro and the hate they get is unreal. Only justified hate if it’s Mike Red Card Dead

@soars_lewis: They have VAR to compensate for that difficulty and they still get it wrong way too many times. Dean, Moss and Atkinson all need to be binned off

@thegingeroneni: There is zero accountability for referees from clubs. Either accept criticism from player/managers or broadcast their mics (likr rugby) so they can be heard explain their decisions in live time. If they are applying the rules fairly then they have nothing to worry about, right?

@CallumKro: I thought Prison FC was getting a new manager for a second there..

@Deano_Johnston: So harsh. The managers get pushed by the press for a response to the questions as that’s what the fans want to hear. They answer & get punished

@shanklin_hank: All managers should come out every weekend and slate the refs.. keep doing it and doing it until the standards improve!

@mcfc_Russ: Referees are way too protected, they make wrong decisions each week then hide away like they have done nothing wrong

@NickSco60171838: If they’ve done what they were told/paid to do by their bosses then technically they haven’t done anything wrong. Imagine some of these refs having the front to go on TV and explain some of their decisions after actually getting to see replays 😂

@ssekamaanyabri2: Mike dean should just retire so that we enjoy ball in peace.

@CityJoul: Until the day the referee and PGMOL been held accountable for their mistake,the quality of english referee will never change

@WattoCools: So managers are being charged for their comments, yet referees are not sanctioned for their blunders🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

@Veritas11001896: But we all know that he was right

@lambert83608575: If anyone’s earned the right to question Mike dean or his use of var then it’s Ralph! In the last 2 seasons he’s been on the end of many diabolical decisions! If he can’t speak the truth then there’s no point in interviewing him

@Lukathfc: #FreeRalph

@MattyCooke20: Until referees stand up after a game and give reasons for their decisions, managers should be allowed to voice their opinions without punishment. Too many times refs have got it wrong but as soon as a manager with a backbone says it how it is, they are punished. It’s rubbish.

@Mdp_coyi66: Charge someone for his opinion on a decision during a football match but don’t charge the people that make the mistakes in the first place. Referee’s get a free ride even though their decisions affect everything.

@DaVinci_04: The FA makes wrong decisions, the Refs also makes wrong decisions which has affected clubs and players in different ways yet all the FA is concerned about is charging people just to put more money in their pockets. Define a rule and stand by those rules FA.

@D_Simba94: I think this rule should change. Coaches should be allow to make comments when the refs are having a bad day. It’s not like he’s threatening him

@initiaxion: Mike Dean should be charged for crimes against refereeing.

@Odehaart: Fuck me, why tf can’t he be criticised? It’s so ridiculous, the refs are treat like fucking new born babies and no one’s allowed to question or say anything about them cos they’re always right aren’t they? I wouldn’t mind this fucking fairy treatment if they were actually good

@MikeRennison: I kinda understand the idea of protecting referees but making it impossible to criticise them is a load of bollocks. If you do such a bad job on a global scale then it should be subject to criticism

@bangersonaroll: Typical of modern football. Punish the wrong people and fail to deal with the real issue – incompetence of match officials and their inherent bias towards top 6 clubs.

@Conor_SFC: If you don’t want people questioning refs, hire competent ones

@CorkyMorris: Mike Dean has made copious amounts of mistakes, some over ruled after games, what Mr Hasenhuttl is saying is absolutely correct.

@Schmoo1408: Idiots.. the lot of you! Have a look at the whole footage you bunch of incompetent, corrupt muppets! #SaintsFC

@DanTibot: So the FA are punishing a manager for having an opinion?

@DarrenW74628086: Surely Mike Dean & John Moss are to be charged with impersonating referees any day soon

@cj_garrett: What a fucking disgrace that is. He had every right to question it, Mike Dean is a joke.

@JonoHart4: How dare a manager point out an incompetent referees performance. Referees won’t start improving until there’s consequences to their shit performances.

@jack_w03: Maybe this wouldn’t happen if refs weren’t so shit at their job any other profession and they’d have gone years ago

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