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Nottingham Forest loanee ‘to undergo psychiatric evaluation’ amid drugging and raping allegations

Nottingham Forest loanee Gonzalo Montiel has been ordered ‘to undergo psychiatric evaluation’ amid drugging and raping allegations.

Gonzalo Montiel has been ordered to go back to Argentina for a psychiatric assessment as part of an ongoing investigation into rape allegations.

The authorities have requested that a mental health professional evaluate the 27 year old after he was accused of sexually assaulting a model during his birthday party.

Despite the allegations, Montiel, who is currently on loan to Forest and set to return to LaLiga side Sevilla at the end of the season, maintains his innocence.

According to reports, he has been summoned to appear at a court office in San Justo, a city on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, on the 17th and 20th of September.

Additionally, another individual named Alexis Acosta, who is said to be a friend of Montiel and is also under investigation for the same rape claims, has been ordered to undergo a similar evaluation on September the 2nd and 5th.

The woman who accused Montiel, with his partner Karina Nacucchio standing by him, has alleged that he sexually assaulted her on the 1st of January 2019.

She claims that she was drugged before it took place and was later threatened by the player’s family and friends.

Montiel appeared before a judge willingly in June of the previous year, only to be notified that he was now a subject of a formal investigation.

The investigation into the matter is currently being conducted by a court in Lomas de Zamora, a 25-minute drive from San Justo.

Montiel, who netted the last penalty kick during the shootout against France in the 2022 World Cup, had been a member of River Plate when the alleged rape happened.

The attorney representing the woman accusing the footballer, Raquel Hermida, refuted claims that the legal proceedings against him had been halted.

It has been reported that she asked for psychiatric assessments to be conducted due to suspected ‘irregularities’ in the matter.

In April 2024, she posted a video of her client speaking out, the camera only getting half of her, with her face partially hidden behind sunglasses and saying: ‘I am Carolina, a model and hostess and survivor of group sex abuse in which the principal author was Gonzalo Montiel, who scored the last goal in the World Cup.’

Carolina added: ‘It was his birthday and he invited me to his home. We were getting to know each other.

‘They drugged me until I was unconscious. That was proven during the investigation, that and my screaming during the party.

‘Gonzalo raped me. I spent a long time looking for lawyers. All of them wanted to negotiate. None wanted to go to trial.

‘I give thanks to the foundation which provided me with psychologists and psychiatrists and my lawyer Raquel.’

Nottingham Forest said prior to signing the right-back Montiel they had ‘conducted due diligence and are fully satisfied’ with him despite knowing then he was under investigation for an alleged rape.

The Premier League side added in response to a list of questions about the case sent by The Athletic: ”The club has conducted due diligence and we are fully satisfied following conversations with his representatives.’

The woman in question initially struggled to identify or describe the men accused of rape when questioned shortly after the complaint was filed.

She admitted to having no recollection of the events and only found on later that she had been sexually assaulted.

This case had been reopened following her anonymous appearances on TV in her country, where she claimed to have remembered more details due to psychological therapy.

Montiel, on the other hand, has sworn under oath that he is innocent, having voluntarily approached the authorities and as of now, prosecutors haven’t filed any charges, and it remains uncertain whether the case will proceed to trial.

Twitter users gave their reaction with Nottingham Forest loanee ordered ‘to undergo psychiatric evaluation’ amid drugging and raping allegations…

@ThornStinger: Holy fuck!

@AurierForPM: Yeah okay don’t buy him – don’t want that dirtiness attached to our club. Already got Collymore.

@OliverPostingLs: I get that as fans we want to distance ourselves from something like this, which is what’s happening in the replies. But loan or not he is a Forest player, he plays for forest and we signed him with the knowledge of these accusations. Don’t run from it, we fucked up (again)

@juasanalghaib: all the forest fans in the replies simply worried about the fact he’s “not actually their player” rather than his actions… seriously weird bunch

@psb_nffc: Another due diligence masterclass from #NFFC

@Bradw668: Forest fans in the comments more concerned about letting everyone know he’s on loan instead of calling him out ffs

@NateButNo1: One normal day at this football club I beg

@NottmForestNow: Fucking hell… his time at Forest has been a disaster #NFFC

@prowlerthedevil: Never a dull day being a Nottingham Forest supporter. #NFFC 🔴🌳

Could explain why we’re not gonna buy him

@Marksism__: Says something about football fans that Forest fans are more arsed about the mail getting the headline right than the potential crime committed.

@JoshDunworth: Never a dull day at #nffc 🙄

@Panks80: Will we ever have a quiet week? #nffc

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