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Police criticised over treatment of Birmingham and Portsmouth fans after new footage emerges

Police have been criticised over the treatment of Birmingham and Portsmouth fans after new footage emerges over the weekend.

A Twitter was uploaded on Sunday, showing allegedly a Birmingham fan on the concrete platform of a train station, with the person’s hands held back with a number of officers surrounding him.

It’s unsure what led to this happening, however gasps were heard when the guy on the surface received whacks to the head, with some onlooking wanting to take action, calm the situation down, distressed with what they just saw the copper do.

Take a look at the footage below. Faircop responded when tagged, saying: “Such actions may well be permissible to ensure compliance.”

But fans argue the fan literally is unable to do anything, laid there unable to do anything. It’s not known what he did for police to hit out.

A police officer went viral on Saturday following anger from viewers on social media after being seen grabbing Portsmouth fans by the neck.

A 10 second video and a TikTok clip of the incident got hundreds of thousands of views, with the British Transport Police have been contacted.

Martin Rozentals @10_mroze wrote: “Classy from British Transport Police saying “You fucking want it” and grabbing fans by the neck 👍🏼 #Pompey”

TikTok user @l23z12 wrote: “Police attacking random Pompey fan”

@l23z12 Police attacking random Pompey fan #pompey #portsmouth #portsmouthfc #efl #police ♬ original sound – LV

This is the reaction with police criticised over their treatment of Birmingham and Portsmouth fans after new footage emerges…

@d_o1987: Face down with his arms behind his back and that’s permissible? Disgrace

@Gstan82: Any thoughts on this @BCFC_WMP??

@zulu110872: @LancsPolice Can you give an explanation to the need to do this? 😡😡

@80sOiClassics: Had this been an oil protestor…

@marksheltonchef: Get that coppers number he should face charges ! At least the sack

@neilw1980: Already restrained, not necessary in this instance!

@altruistic1964: He seems to be compliant, seems very excessive use of restraint to me.

@neil_65N: @LancsPolice this behaviour has just got 5 cops sacked in the US. At very least it inflames a situation and damages goodwill to all Police. #allcrimestartsaspettycrime

@PeakDan_: Vile.

@ecakeeprighton: Majority of police are corrupt and scum

@brownieisblue: Disgusting

@MarkParton3: And that’s why I wouldn’t piss on a copper if he was on fire, that’s just cowardly.

@ajbear85: I dunno. Pretty brave as I’d expect my head to be kicked in if I was down and loads of the chaps mates was by me 😂 cunt move mr copper man

@georginawebb_x: They’ve been doing this shit for years 🙄 and probs will carry on Cus it’s football fans 🤷🏼‍♀️

@BirmzshireRich: @BCFC hope you do your part in getting this police officer punished. Vulgar behavior.

@GiblinTez: Reasonable force ? @LancsPolice

@MichaelSefton9: @LancsPolice When can we expect this cowardly piece of shit to be charged with this cowardly assault against a man who was being compliant?

@xsbfcreece: Propa wrong that

@jamesbcfc7: Fucking scum bags. Does my head in how they treat football fans. 🐷

@RamMan1977: This is so bang out of order

@04fn_: these are the people who are meant to protect us. scum

@Billyy1875: Fucking joke that

@kippaxwhite: Scumbags in uniform 😡

@jameswilkes00: Fuckin power ridden prick

@kingcon1875: Digging a lad in the back of the head 🤢 horrible mob football police are. Cunts.

@baileyk120: The police in this country are absolute scum now

@B25dave: Officer felt that his right fist was reasonable force … must remember that in future

@bluenose199011: Biggest firm in England at it again.

@Adamsbcfc: In what world is that permissible! He is restrained on the floor and isn’t doing anything. The police officer is clearly just beating him for his own gratification

@bluenose199011: I get that. However, the lad on the floor is being compliant imo. Surely, there are other ways than hitting someone in the side of the face/head.

@AGrueller: Punching someone in the head? Jesus Christ. Delete this embarassment

@Pedro_BCFC: What gives anyone a right to smack somebody in the head? “To ensure compliance” stfu you joker

@Connollywolves: Idk why people are still shocked by this stuff

@Mfcjp1: Glad it’s all finally coming out over the last few years I’ve seen it first hand silly amounts time up and down country

@hermanziegerman: Nothing new unfortunately

@johnbird65: Always been like it, just more cameras now

@gevaux_m: The Police receive the same arrest and restraint training as we did. There are pressure and nerve points you can press to elicit compliance. This is loss of control at best, excessive force and brutality at worse, NOT A GOOD LOOK

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