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Police officer goes viral amid condemnation after grabbing Portsmouth fans by the neck

A police officer goes viral amid condemnation by viewers on social media after being seen grabbing Portsmouth fans by the neck.

The 10 second video and TikTok clip of the incident has gone on to get over 1,000 likes, nearly 22,000 views at the time of writing, and British Transport police have been contacted.

Martin Rozentals @10_mroze wrote: “Classy from British Transport Police saying “You fucking want it” and grabbing fans by the neck 👍🏼 #Pompey”

@l23z12 Police attacking random Pompey fan #pompey #portsmouth #portsmouthfc #efl #police ♬ original sound – LV

Darren Ferguson’s successful comeback at Peterborough as manager goes on after picking up a 2-1 victory against Portsmouth.

Jonson-Clarke-Harris rose back to the top of League One‘s scoring charts with a first half double to help the Posh move within two points of the playoff places.

John Mousinho picked up his first defeat as Pompey’s head coach, despite a late rally by his side.

Posh captain Clarke-Harris tapped from a Kwame Poku ball for an 18th-minute opening. He then scored his 15th league goal from the penalty spot on the 44th minute after Ephron Mason–Clark was tripped by Zak Swanson.

Matt Macey kept out efforts from Hector Kyprianou as well as Joe Ward, with Jack Taylor sending a header just wide as the hosts threatened to riot in the second period.

Substitute Reeco Hackett–Fairchild and those in the away end thought that he had made an unlikely comeback for Pompey when he fired past Will Norris on 76 minutes. However, the attempt was ruled out as an offside during the build-up.

Hackett Fairchild was again involved in the cross that led to a Nathan Thompson goal. Posh, however, held firm under immense pressure and claimed all three points.

John Mousinho said post-match: “I got an explanation from the fourth official and I understand the fact they don’t have the benefit of replays.

“He’s given it for offside against Dane Scarlett and having watched it back, it looks like it was a very tight call.

“You’re probably not going to be able to say whether it definitely was or wasn’t, although the fact that the assistant hasn’t put his flag up tells me everything that I need to know.

“My message to the boys when I thought we’d scored was that there was plenty of time left in the game.

“I just felt like the momentum was in our favour and we did get the goal eventually to ensure it was an interesting finish, but unfortunately it was too little, too late.

“It’s obviously disappointing because of the way the game ended – we showed a lot of character to come back into it.

“We have to take a lot of positives from that, but if you look at the first 60 minutes, Peterborough were the better side and deserved their lead.

“We didn’t get the press quite right and they had a lot of joy in the first half, so we made some tweaks and did it a lot better.

“There were a couple of times when we got caught on the counter in the second half, though, because we were perhaps a bit too open.

“It’s not always going to be plain sailing, but Peterborough are a good side and I thought they deserved the victory on the balance of play.

“The fact he’s been out for so long and hasn’t had more than half-an-hour, I thought he put in a really solid shift.

“Against one of the better sides in the league, he gave us absolutely everything and we can build on that.”

Peterborough’s Darren Ferguson told the Peterborough Telegraph: ‘It was a comfortable game that became very uncomfortable. We have only got ourselves to blame because of the amount of clear chances we had at 2-0.

‘It then became a problem as they started to pile bodies forward. In the main, we dealt with it okay, but the next goal was crucial. If it was us, it was game over, but it was them and we had to dig in. Sometimes that is a better way to win it though.

‘We controlled the game really well in the first half. We did the simple things well and some of the football was outstanding.

‘The first ten minutes of the second half was so open, which I didn’t want, but in a way suited us because we were creating chances. Ephron Mason-Clark was causing their right back huge problems. We had to kill the game off there and the fact we didn’t gave them confidence.

‘There was a period we couldn’t get control and they made it difficult for us.

‘I am disappointed not to keep the clean sheet because we could build on that, but it was an unfortunate goal. It came so quick to Thommo (Nathan Thompson) he can’t move his feet and at that point it was game on.’

This is what Twitter users said as a police officer goes viral amid condemnation after grabbing Portsmouth fans by the neck…

@Adrian_Corbett: Funny how those that think they’re hard and start trouble, squeal like kids when The Law turn up and have to sort it out. Grow up and behave. Behaviour, breeds behaviour.

@10_mroze: Shut up you twat 😂😂😂, This all happened cause they were kicking pompey fans off the train to make more space for the police. Even though there was plenty of space.

@GeordieMariner: Biggest bunch of divs in the uk

@zacswfcwalker: Would love to see this approach used by the police when idiots are blocking the roads etc, always football fans getting blamed for everything and treated like animals

@mikeyh74: Couldn’t get in the real police. So joined the train cops.

@Fulhamchap: Standard OB….. know they have to be politically correct 4 days a week…. Then football day comes along and it’s fair game. Bullies. #1312 @BTP

@CharlieFarnsba9: They’re just like the Met, rotten to the core. Treat people like scum and then wonder why they get no respect.

@TrickyR69696835: Should of banged the pig 🐷 out 🥊

@Antni_b: Angry pricks aren’t they. Not many jobs out there where you would get away with that behaviour and still have a job.

@JordHunt98: British Transport Police, what a surprise fucking pigs

@dylan_ewart: I mean it’s the wrong thing to do considering he’s in a position of authority and power but that does look like such a stressful situation so I’d probably also snap at a man shouting at me whilst I’m already in a stressful environment. That’s why I’m not in the police.

@Ryann_BRFC_95: Sacked in the morning 🎵

@MarlzAnthony: 😂😂😂 He lost all composure 😩

@AS__1867: Biggest firm in the country them and they’re allowed to do whatever they want. ACAB.

@BR151298: Biggest thugs about them lot. Shithouses with a badge and baton

@JoshCheetham91: How do they get away with this shit every week? Bastards

@Mfcjp1: Been on the wrong end of these cunts a few times think they are the bollocks 😂 would come unstuck quickly without there uniform

@VileChelsea6: Instead of a purge we should have day a year where OB at football take off their uniform and there’s no repercussions on chinning them and see how different they act then coz guarantee they wouldn’t be doing this

@Heff1895: Scum of the earth bet the all got bullied in school little fucking freaks

@BEN0L3ARY: Same old plod bullying kids 😂

@MichaelConnor27: Said this before, transport police a bunch of pricks, teenagers running round streets with machetes and instead they’re focusing on people trying to get to football

@aidenlufc: Scum of the earth these lot, week in week out get away with bullying Harassment and Assault.

@gcxb: Always said it police are the biggest hooligans at the football

@Fazzzzerr: was on the train looking out the window when this happened. shifted a whole load for them off the train for more of them to get more old bill on the train. rather than people getting home they’d rather leave them there and wait for an extra hour for the next train.

@DanLewis1999: Scum of the fucking earth. How these get past all vetting and get employed is fucking mental. Thugs and insecure little cunts who have to take all their anger out on people because of their uniform.

@StevePFC1: @BTPChief care to explain? Shocking behaviour. #Pompey

@SeanMoon95: Lack of respect for the police and people wonder why… bully’s

@skagtrendy91: ACAB includes the glorified ticket men

@TT467200: They’re all filth but BTP gotta be up there with the worst of the lot

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