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Non league manager handed 12-match ban after abusing opponent’s boss

Non league manager Paul Doswell has been handed a 12-match ban by the FA after abusing an opponent’s boss back in September 2021.

It has taken around a year for the Football Association to hear the case with Paul Doswell now discovering he has been given charged under FA Rule E3 in March 2023.

The Havant boss, who was criticised a few months ago for comments on ex-Southampton manager Nathan Jones, is now banned for the second time, after the latest charge was proven. He was also required to take an education course.

Both clubs met at Havant in February 2021. Ebbsfleet won 2-1. However, it also saw three yellow cards. Chris Solly (Ebbsfleet) won an appeal against his dismissal. The dugout also had both managers sent.

After a violation of FA rules E3.1 & E3.2, Doswell was ordered to attend a face–to-face Football Association education class.

The charge, which was published on the FA website, states: “Breach of FA Rule E3.1 – It is alleged that in or around the 42nd minute of the fixture, the Participant’s language and/or behaviour was abusive and/or insulting and/or improper, contrary to Rule E3.1. It is further alleged that this breach of FA Rule E3.1 is an “Aggravated Breach” as defined in Rule E3.2, as it included a reference (express or implied) to nationality.”

The result of the charge has been listed by the FA as “6 Match suspension” and “Face to face FA education course”.

When they met the second time, Havant won the National League South game 2-1, but clearly ill feelings between the pair.

As Doswell held a long talk with referee Richie Watkins both at half and full time, Kutrieb shook hands with members of the Havant management staff, that’s all except Doswell, after the game report KentOnline.

It was only when Doswell ended talks with the official that an incident took place between the two sets.

Talking post-match in September 2021, Kutrieb spoke on the matter, emotional about what happened: “It’s tough for me to speak about it.

“Last season we experienced at their place some bad things and other authorities dealt with it or are trying to deal with it at the moment. I don’t want to say too much but it happened again.

“That’s really hard to take because if we win or lose that’s easy for me. Of course, I hate losing but I can take it because we played a good game. But all other things are not for me and it’s not football. It’s (about being a) human being and behaving in the right way.

“I see every player taking the knee and everyone is aware of it and you talk about it, but as long as you have people that don’t care about it then you don’t need to do it from my point of view.

“Hopefully other people can deal with it a bit quicker than last time. I don’t know if the referees are brave enough to do something, sometimes they are, sometimes they are not.

“In football when you experience different things and things which can hurt people and human beings, not managers, not players, it doesn’t matter if black, if white, if German, if English, when you want to take the knee to show everyone in the world we are aware of it, but if we’re honest then we’re not aware of it.”

He clashed with Dennis Kutrieb by making reference to the German-born Ebbsfleet United manager’s nationality.

As per KentOnline and the FA: “It is alleged that following the completion of the fixture, his language was abusive and/or insulting and/or improper, contrary to FA Rule E3.1.

“It is further alleged that this breach of FA Rule E3.1 is an “Aggravated breach” as defined in FA Rule E3.2, as it included a reference (express or implied) to nationality.

Twitter users reacted as the non league manager Paul Doswell is handed a 12-match ban after abusing the opponent’s boss…

@mikey_rosie66: @hwfcofficial your manager, #PaulDoswell, is an absolute embarrassment to your club. He should be sacked immediately and never ever work in football ever again. Grow some balls and sack him.

@Oz9650: Ouch. That’s not a good look

@AMcdougall19: Paul Doswell is a nasty piece of work, education lessons won’t change his personality

@TheBoroWalk: Un Dos (not)Tres bien.

@CGoodwin07: Needs more then a 12 match suspension! Nasty bloke always foul mouthed

@nonleaguerobber: Get him in the bin 🗑️ , give it to Bairdy and Collins

@Mosside3554: Very disappointed in this. I hope @HWFCOfficial put something out about this, and it probably explains why the CEO was so sensitive last week when I pointed out our discipline problems stem from the management teams behaviour.

@ryan_tee: time for JC to step up now! JC BARMY ARMY

@MajesticJJM: Well at least they handled it quickly then

@YouYeltz: Surely the club has to act

@eggbassett1: Should have had the greatest respect for nathan

@SFC_Adam_: God comes for you if you mess with his boy Nathan

@UPnDOWNvids: [Nathan Jones intensifies}

@DB1993: Second time Paul Doswell has been banned for abusing Dennis Kutrieb with reference to his nationality. Not sure an education course will do much at this point…

Trevor Daniels: They’ll get rid of him soon , just a liability for them and tarnishing their club

James Thatcher: German c#}t was the phrase used in the previous incident

Trevor John: The man is an animal, his team has an atrocious disciplinary record. Trouble follows him, he deserves the ban

Dave Harris: The way his side have been performing recently I’d rather him still in the dug out

Ian Wonnacott: Discipline in their squad is a problem that stems from Doswells own record, there dip in form is no surprise.

Brian Stonebridge: Charged with basically the same offences as before, so he’s got previous. He obviously didnt learn the first time, so should be given the boot from football, off to collect his P45.

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