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‘My jerseys are now ruined’ – Fan fumes after Jorginho signs his shirts instead of Pulisic

A footie fan fumes after Jorginho signs his USA and Borussia Dortmund shirts instead of Christian Pulisic during a training session.

The supporter popped along to Chelsea’s pre-season base out in Los Angeles, California to try and get Pulisic’s autograph, however came away far from happy.

The Blues have been preparing for Sunday’s first warm-up game against Mexican side Club America, so Justin, who lives in LA, decided to take advantage of their visit by waiting outside the Premier League club’s training camp.

With two shirts in his hand, he waited patiently to come face to face with United States international Pulisic to arrive on the scene.

But out of nowhere, Italian midfielder Jorginho walked over to sign both of his Borussia Dortmund and USA shirts without asking, not even spotting Pulisic’s name on the back of them.

Just a matter of seconds later and the 30-year-old had penned his trademark signature on two Christian Pulisic jerseys.

Aspiring football writer Justin took to Twitter shortly after to have his say: “Yesterday I attempted to get @cpulisic_10 to sign his USA & Dortmund kits at Chelsea training (he didn’t).”

“Instead Jorginho shockingly walked up and immediately signed both without asking. I have no idea why, nobody else did. My jerseys are now ruined and I’m very disappointed.”

The post has racked up thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter along with plenty of comments. One questioned asked why he didn’t tell Jorginho to stop.

“I should’ve. I regret not doing so, but I was simply shocked,” Justin said. “Tuchel and many other players walked by without thinking I wanted them to sign them. I didn’t expect that at all.”

He added: “At least I can take solace in the fact that this is bringing people a good laugh.”

What could make things a tad worse is the fact Jorginho recently cast doubt on his Chelsea future as the 30-year-old expressed his love for the club, but has just one year left on his current deal the midfielder is rumoured to be the subject of transfer interest from Serie A.

At Chelsea’s LA training camp, he said: “Of course [I would stay longer], I love Chelsea. I feel very well here and of course, I’d like to stay.

“But you know, a lot is going on and we don’t know. I have a contract and I love to be here. So I don’t think about moving anywhere.

“Every single year [there’s speculation]. I don’t think like this. I just think about where I am and focus 100 per cent.”

Social media users reacted after the fan fumes when Jorginho signs his shirts instead of Pulisic…

@KimmichZone6: no way 😂😂

@Cityzilla: @cpulisic_10 give this man a signed USA shirt (matchworn would be sick 👀)

@CrustyFlacko: Just get a bunch more players to sign them 🤷🏼‍♂️

@finalthrd: i’ll take them off your hands chief

@seamummies: Seems he’s just trying to quickly sign items, kinda on you to pull stuff away if you don’t want it signed.

@TenaciousThiago: This is the funniest tweet I’ve ever read

@ColonelSandurst: I can’t imagine whining that your kit was signed not only by a professional athlete but the reigning UEFA POtY lol I love Jorginho

@_josh66: Bro you just got 2 signed shirts from someone who came like 2nd in the ballon d’or 💀

@Dansmith2607: Be thankful he signed it. You turned up to a Chelsea training session with a Dortmund shirt

@janjacdr1: You are actually lucky as it was signed by better player and TOP 3 BALLON D’OR 2021 player

@leocallaghan15: “i have no idea why” it’s almost like you’re standing in front of him with the jerseys sitting there, while he has a marker in his hand, signing jerseys

@CrustyFlacko: Bro why didn’t you say stop? 😭

@soccer_usa_: Hahaha your fault

@RyanWhitePR: I’m pretty sure you could say “no” or remove them. Otherwise, he’s just signing. It was nice the guy came over. Yeah, sucks it’s the wrong signature.

@youngcicero_: that’s nice of jorginho though (assuming he didn’t see they were pulisic shirts)

@YourBoyBlue77: You allowed him to sign the second one, no one’s fault but your own. Be happy you got a signature, because a lot of fans didn’t.

@hmprv_: Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah

@alicfc2005: if you’re so upset about it, could i please have any one of the shirts then? as a chelsea fan and football fan nonetheless i would do so much to get a signature from one of our players

@shaneduffy4bdo: Lmao my midfielder. If you don’t want them then I’m open…

@burner17035411: If you send the video to the club and ask them to forward to Pulisic they probably will. I’m sure that once he sees the videos he’ll laugh as much as I did.

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