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Huddersfield’s Karlan Grant reveals vile messages sent to him after Charlton game

After reading the horrific message that Karlan Grant received by Charlton fan Harry Evans, fans took to slam the culprit, hope he was banned and offered sympathy with the Huddersfield player…

@DominoDuke: That’s abhorrent. As others have said, that cretin doesn’t represent the opinion of other Charlton fans. Your time at Charlton was appreciated. The fact that you moved on is neither here nor there. Best wishes to you and your family for a very happy Christmas.

@DarrHenderson: I for 1 will apologise for this narrow minded sorry no minded person and you as a person and professional deserve better as your careers can be short, and on that note thank you for your time and efforts for us mate and nothing but good luck for the future #CAFCvsHTAFC

@alabmark: Needs reporting and the guy needs a visit from the authorities.. No need for that..

@mikeangliss: Sad that you have to face this. Can’t blame you for leaving. Club wanted to sell you and find me someone who wouldn’t want to treble their wage overnight! Good luck to you, hopefully see you in a Charlton shirt again one day.

@mimonty13: Looks like the majority of Charlton fans are behind you and every single person is at Town. No place for comments like this in football or anywhere else in life to be honest. Keep working hard ?

@gegenpresser21: You get trolls everywhere unfortunately but that is a different breed of stupidity. Keep doing the business Karlan, Wigan Saturday! ??⚪️? #htafc

@hankyhaynes: @CAFCofficial this is not the first time this individual has used this vile language on social media. Please can the club look into this

@SpainAddick: This makes me feel ashamed, 1st of all, this person being a so called Charlton fan & 2nd of all for being a human being. Its disgusting & vile & he needs tracking down to be punished. Football is a game and for some a wonderful job but this abhorrent abuse received is inexcusable

@paul8290: @CAFCofficial how about tracking this idiot down and banning him from The Valley, disgraceful to see this and sure the players like @lyletaylor90 would agree I will always respect what you did for the club Karlan #CAFC #BanHim #COYR

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David

    11th December 2019 at 10:04 pm

    Just another troll would they say it too your face nope just a shithouse and probably fake account

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