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Jeff Stelling rages at ‘shambles’ Lee Mason in Brighton free kick decision

Jeff Stelling rages live on Soccer Saturday at the ‘shambles’ referee that is Lee Mason in the controversial Brighton free kick decision.

Within the first 30 minutes of the first half of the Premier League encounter, we had a goal, a goal ruled out and a penalty missed.

It was on the 10th minute that West Brom won a third corner when Okay Yokuslu’s attempt was deflected behind by Yves Bissouma.

It floated in and skipper Kyle Bartley rose higher than anyone else to nod it past Robert Sanchez.

On the 18th minute, referee Lee Mason was advised to go over to the pitch side monitor to see a replay of a Brighton corner.

Replays showed Okay Yokuslu handled the ball while trying to clear a Brighton corner. Play continued for several moments before Lee Mason was advised to go and look at it on the screen.

Mason didn’t take long to make up his mind and gave Brighton a spot kick, which was then smacked on the bar by Pascal Gross.

On the 29th minute, Brighton were level after West Brom are caught out by Lewis Dunk’s quickly-taken free-kick following Conor Gallagher’s foul on Alexis Mac Allister.

Dunk fired it beyond Sam Johnstone from about 20-yards but the Baggies are furious it was been allowed to stand, or at least at the time it was.

Having initially awarded the goal, Lee Mason then disallowed it and ordered it to be re-taken in what was shocking scenes with no one knowing what was going or being looked at.

Leon Osman said: “My opinion is Lee Mason blew his whistle to start the play, so Lewis Dunk took the free-kick, but the referee hadn’t checked if the goalkeeper was ready.

“I am pretty sure Dunk wasn’t intending to take the free-kick, it’s just a brilliant bit of quick thinking. It looked like West Brom were close to the ball and asking if they had time, but he blew it before they could get set.”

Alex Scott said: “The whole situation and how that was dealt with was an embarrassment. One minute it was given then it wasn’t and then it went to VAR – you need someone to take control and explain and then it stops everything that we’ve just seen happen from happening.”

Osman added: “The referee completely lost control, he seemed to forget the rules. I have never seen that before, it was quite bizarre.”

Sky Sports’ Jeff Stelling couldn’t believe what he was seeing just like Paul Merson who was reporting, raging at the officials.

Sam Allardyce: “I am just laughing about how bizarre this game was.

“Two penalties, I can’t say the first one is, it is bizarre the rules if that’s a penalty. VAR, the referee say that is a penalty, ludicrous if that’s the way the game is going. I don’t have any complaints about the second one. I will accept that one. But we were fortunate today because Brighton missed both of them.

“The referee blew the whistle twice so that was why it was disallowed, Lee Mason came over and explained the situation regarding that – the only way we can avoid it is put someone on the ball and don’t move back until the referee moves you back. I thought everybody had to get set.

Graham Potter: “As far as I know Lewis Dunk asked take the free-kick quickly and the referee said yes. In between that there was another whistle. I don’t know what that whistle was for. It would be nice for a bit more clarification. I don’t know what the second whistle is for. I don’t understand that.

“The confusion is on the pitch and it gets worse when someone outside this area is making the decisions. It is what it is. We’ve not helped ourselves with the two penalties so I cannot put it all down to that [disallowed goal].

“We need to improve and get better at that [taking penalties]. We’re never going to get two better chances. We have to stay calm.”

Lewis Dunk: “I have got to come here and speak in front of the cameras, why doesn’t he?

“I scored, a massive protest in front of him and he changed his mind. He wouldn’t speak to me at half-time, there was too much mayhem to speak to him.

“All I know is I got told I can take the free-kick, took it and scored and it got disallowed. You have probably seen it more times than me.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s a horrendous decision, I said to the ref can I take it, he blew his whistle and I took it. Just because there was so much pressure from the bench. Why doesn’t he come and speak to the press like me? Never, they hide behind their bubble.

“I don’t think he knew what he was doing. He gave the goal, why did he give it? I don’t know why VAR was getting involved, he said ‘goal’… you can look on the video if you want.

Had he lost control of the game? “Yeah he did. Fact.”

Sam Johnstone said: “It happened that quick I’m not sure what has gone on to be honest. The referee checked it and the people checked it. it is what it is.

“It’s nothing to do with us. It was the ref’s decision. Brighton had two penalties as well and they’ve not gone in. It’s a massive win for us.”

Brighton got another penalty, on the 74th minute, Townsend went in on Gross and Mason pointed to the penalty spot.

Welbeck hit the post, tried to hit the rebound, which he’s not allowed to do, the referee then gave West Brom a free kick.


@ryangj: Nuno was fined £25,000 for suggesting that Lee Mason isn’t good at his job. I think that should be refunded. England comfortably have the worst referees, doesn’t even matter what League.

@TomCushnie: VAR isn’t the problem, it’s just exposing the refs

@jamie_thejourno: Nothing wrong with that goal at all

@lionslibra: Football is fucked that should of been a goal

@Jack_english16: The ref made the whole thing worse. He blew the whistle too many times. Imagine fans in the ground for that.

@The_Terry_Era: Lee Mason should retire

@castnoshad0w: WHAT THE FUCK god the state of this league is embarrassing

@Gillsfc11: Lee Mason not fit to ref a Sunday league match. Compete joke and bringing the game into disrepute. Needs to be quietly led out of the backdoor at half time and never seen again!!

@glboro: What on earth is going on with the beautiful game

@ashjinks: Lee Mason is a absolute joke as a premier league ref… he clearly blew the whistle… should be sacked

@JaydzHDfifa: What a shocking piece of refereeing. And they get paid to do this. Feel sorry for both teams

@EvanMas29885713: I think every single fan whoever you support in the prem can confidently say they need to get rid of these corrupt refs in the league and get new ones for next season. It’s getting worse and worse each week. Sunday league refs who are still pissed can do better than this shit

@VonBarronshire: So he shouldn’t have whistled the first time, knew he fucked up and then wouldn’t say a word to the players because he shat himself? Appalling officiating

@JasonSinclair7: You’re told to play to the whistle and that’s exactly what Dunk did….how can it be disallowed?

@CPjxke: Refereeing is a shambles in this country

As Jeff Stelling rages at ‘shambles’ Lee Mason in Brighton free kick decision

@ColUpton: Think we can all agree that premier league officiating has become an absolute shambles its embarrassing

@macewol: The fucking state of it

@liammurphy1990: Lee Mason is easily the worst referee in this league

@leeroy_brown_: What a farce! 3 and a half minutes and still no one knows what’s happened. Take a leaf out of cricket. Each team gets a chance to question a decision. Only time it should be uses. Only used for shockers.

@Lehuy_trong: Nuno is going to get his refund of 25k

@thegreyrails: Nuno got it right @FA_PGMOL – “I don’t like it, but I must say it, the referee does not have the quality to whistle a game in the Premier League,” Nuno told Sky Sports”

@Raich89: The fucking state of referees

@WeArePrinz: Every weekend there is some sort of officiating controversy….I’m starting to think it’s done on purpose now for clicks and views because this consistent level of officiating incompetence is unbelievable

@alfieffc: Sacked in the morning

@MikeyLenihan: Good ref that Mason is…

@daviebroon51: Feckin shambles

@Wade_Wilsen: Shit league, with shit referees

@TomBracebridge: Wtf, absolutely horrendous

@BarryArsenal7: Play to the whistle unless it’s Lee Mason’s whistle .

@Jaylehmaan: bloody hell this was more confusing than Inception

@mumblesboi87: Absolutely bonkers this. Mason blew the whistle end of story, goal all day long

@parkthebus8989: All English referees need to retire the best league in the world needs the best referees. It time Premier league gets the best referees from other countries.

@TheAlbion9: Best league in the world with the worst officials

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