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Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne, 62, gets knocked out by yob in 4am brawl outside Ibiza nightclub

Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne, 62, gets knocked out by a yob in a 4am brawl which took place outside an Ibiza nightclub.

Video footage has surfaced of Wayne dropping to group after being struck while he reportedly was attempting to defend a female friend during a night out.

This took place outside the Eden Bar and had been out cold for around six minutes with blood pouring from his mouth, eye-witnesses claim.

Wayne is seen raising his arm in an attempt to protect himself as an individual runs at him and strikes him.

A group of at least 10 individuals, including Wayne, get into a chaotic exchange of shouting.

One witness said to The Sun the two men had started arguing after the attacker and his mates began pestering Wayne’s female pal, in her 20s.

As Wayne attempted to get a taxi, the man – with a group of six friends – squared up to him and slammed the door shut.

Moments later, he then hits Wayne in the chin and quickly makes his way away from the scene.

It’s said that he was knocked out at around 4.04am. before coming back around around six minutes later at 4.10am.

An 18-year-old Welsh student who saw what happened said, per The Sun: “It was horrible – he looked like he could have been dead at one point.

“Wayne just fell on the floor and the man and his friends ran off. He was completely unconscious.

“He wasn’t really speaking much when he did eventually come back round.

“I stayed to help him and the police turned up but they weren’t there for long and didn’t really do much and left quickly.”

Wayne eventually left in a taxi around an hour after the punch was thrown.

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This is how Twitter users reacted as Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne, 62, gets knocked out by a yob in a 4am brawl outside an Ibiza nightclub…

@JoshBigs: I’ve never been Wayne Linekers biggest fan but this is fuckin sly, minding his own business and he was clearly walking away with his hands up he didn’t want any trouble. Gang of little bully rats.

@Napzoftheday: Chinning a 60 year old is pretty low

@BriersGary: He’s an old man. Just walk away.

@paulwood1987: Not a fan of the guy think he’s a bit weird. This is taking liberties though guys 62 ffs

@RepublicOfWales: Whoever sparked Wayne Lineker last night deserves a slap. You’re in your early 20s and knocked out a 62yr old man. That make you a bit of c**t in my book

@jimmy_sowden: Wayne Lineker getting knocked when you see’s he’s 62 is disgusting , it’s also disgusting to surround yourself with a bunch of kids that are of the age to be his grandkids whilst taking selfies with them ,you can be offended by both

@acacia_jude: What the hell had gone off there?

@miakilgourx: that’s sad man he’s like 70

@LewGanners: I know we all take the piss out of him but the man’s 60 odd no need

@paulwithe: Not sure how people find this funny. The fall backwards could have killed him

@SedsHWTL: Isn’t he about 60? Nowt hard about that

@miller_element: The blokes a fucking whopper don’t get me wrong but pinging a bloke in his 60’s who was protecting a bird ain’t a good look.

@tothemo83142141: Naughty that, like him or not he’s an old man…

@GeorgianaLily_: Congratulations for knocking out a 62 year old, makes you the proper big man that 😖

@cd_27_: Love him or hate him. That’s a 62 year old man he’s knocked out and he’s hit his head badly on the fall. He’ll know every single overenthusiastic bouncer on the island, though. That fella is mince meet when they find him 😂

@Charlieleahyy: Even if you think hes a tool knocking out someone in their 60s is actually crazy. What damage is he gonna do to you exactly🤣

@onthemove555: Scraping and knocking out a 62 year old, lower than a snakes belly. Even if it is Wayne Lineker.

@Matt_f2: Sucker punching an old man.. pathetic tbh

@connorr333: the way his head bounced off the concrete 😬 kid who did that was lucky he didn’t catch a manslaughter charge for chinning a man in his 60’s

@MadGeordie3: He might be a weapon but young kid hitting man aged 62 years old man is out of order.

@seanmckenzie22: Hmmm Wayne Lineker is a creepy weird guy and all that but a young lad in his 20s knocking out a 60 year old isn’t cool

@qwertyu891356: So much wrong with that the guys 62 and he’s blind sided him for a start

@MikeAppo: Lads buzzing cos they knocked out an old man! WTF

@KanoCounty: Knocking out a 64 year old man. Well hard.

@Patrick00653216: looks like they were waiting for him. Hope Wayne is ok and the culprit is arrested.

@JoeLindsay4: Fuck me that’s not good

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