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Crystal Palace and Wolves fans concerned by controversial new sponsorship deal with gambling firms

Crystal Palace and Wolves fans have been left concerned by their clubs signing a controversial new sponsorship deal with gambling firms.

Wolves link up with Debet, become one of two clubs to have this week cashed in one last time with a gambling brand.

This comes after top-flight teams agreed to outlaw betting sponsorship from the front of matchday shirts from the 2026/27 campaign. More on that HERE.

Meanwhile, Crystal Palace has announced a new front-of-shirt sponsorship deal with Asian betting company NET88 for the 2024/25 season.

The decision has led to quite a backlash from fans and commentators, with many expressing disappointment over the club’s association with a gambling sponsor.


Crystal Palace have announced NET88 will feature as the men’s official front-of-shirt sponsor for the 2024/25 season.

The record two-year deal will see NET88 become a principal club partner, with its logo also featured on the official training wear.

In addition to the shirt branding, NET88, which provides online gaming services, will also receive visibility across Selhurst Park on matchdays and the website.

Barry Webber, Chief Commercial Officer of Crystal Palace, says: “We’re pleased to announce this principal partnership ahead of the upcoming Premier League campaign as we build upon the excellent form of the men’s team at the end of last season, culminating in the selection of four players for the England Euros squad, more than any other Premier League club. Net88 is a global online gaming platform for sports and gaming fans alike, and we’re looking forward to working with them at this exciting time.”

A NET88 spokesperson said: “Everyone at Net88 is excited to work with Crystal Palace after a fantastic end to last season. We are delighted to join a club that is moving forward with their great young talent. We are proud to be the club’s front of shirt sponsor and aim to build a successful relationship with the team and their passionate fans.”

@rory_talks_football Crystal Palace announced their new front of shirt sponsor for next season and well, not all is at it seems… #crystalpalace #cpfc #premierleague #manchestercity #mancity #newcastleunited #rorytalksfootball ♬ original sound – Rory Talks Football


Wolves have agreed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with DEBET, which will see the brand become the club’s new principal and front of shirt partner for the next two seasons.

The partnership is the biggest in the club’s history and will see the DEBET logo feature on the front of Wolves’ playing and training kits for the 2024/25 and 2025/26 seasons.

Established in 2019, DEBET have become one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing gaming platforms and offer an exciting range of sports betting and casino gaming products.

Speaking at Molineux earlier this week, Alan Alger, spokesperson for DEBET, said: “This is a historic deal for DEBET and everyone is already excited for next season to begin and to see the branding on the shirts and throughout the stadium.

“Wolves is a prestigious club and everyone at DEBET is proud to be part of the biggest principal partner deal the club has ever signed.”

On the partnership, Russell Jones, Wolves’ general manager for marketing and commercial growth, said: “We are delighted to announce this record partnership between Wolves and DEBET.

“Since our discussions began, we’ve been impressed with their professional approach, and their appointment of knowledgeable individuals, who will be dedicated to making sure this partnership is a success.

“We look forward to working with DEBET over the next two seasons to grow the presence of both brands internationally.”

The deal will run for two seasons, before Premier League clubs voluntarily withdraw gambling sponsorship from the front of matchday shirts at the end of the 2025/26 season.

As mentioned, Crystal Palace and Wolves fans are concerned by the controversial new sponsorship deal with gambling firms…

@UtdMicah: 9 followers, defo nothing dodgy going on there!

@pedalsingh: In football money is more important than values, morals and dignity. Another example of this….

@robcross82: Only Wolves /Fosun would sign a sponsorship deal with a sketchy betting company and put an actor front and centre. Completely tone deaf. This also makes me think that the leaked shirt is actually real and we’re going to be the laughingstock of the league

@charlll18x: Who you trying to kid 🤣state of it

@richardtgarland: Gambling ads need to be removed from sport.

@FutbolManagerFM: Gambling everywhere.

@GottaBigMouth: Would like to be able to buy a shirt without a sponsor on.

@HC15OnTour: A few seasons ago Palace made the morally correct decision not to go with a gambling company as a sponsor. Sad to see that we have not chosen this route again.

@FYPFanzine: Be GaMbLe AwARe!!!!

@Clapham_Grand: Do they even have a website??

@lee_eyres: Shame, having Cinch meant not having to apologise for the betting industry.

@julianchenery: Disappointing to be associating ourselves with a gambling company again.

@gazbod: 44 followers. Destined to go bust at some point and owe us money. A gambling company…….Jesus 🙄

@CPFCmollett: A gambling sponsor 👏 well done lads. What a backwards step. But don’t worry you’ve put “bE gAmBlE aWaRe” so you’re fine 😉

@ash_cpfc: That’s gonna be about as popular as a fart in a lift. 🗑️

@samlwinter: That’s made that decision for me not to buy next year’s shirt. Awful decision to get another gambling sponsor

@LucanonLizard: I’ve supported Palace from the beginning of my years and will till the end, but I will never support the gambling industry. I appreciate that money talks in sport and that the finances are a competitive world but, gambling wrecks lives. Sermon over.

@anthodgsoncpfc: Why a betting company again @CEO4TAG we are better then this, the damage Betting does to ppl, why can’t we stay away from this! Very disappointed indeed

@Oween99: Congrats for partnering with an illegal, fake company

@MattWatts96: This is nothing to be proud of, lads. We’ve teamed up with the most dodgy gambling company imaginable! Gambling ruins lives. It also ruins kits. Thanks to this sponsor, young Palace fans can’t have the same shirt as their heroes. But yeah, congrats on your record-breaking deal.

@OllyAllison: It doesn’t feel great, sadly. Also, not a great look for the club. Too late to reconsider?

@Danny_DNB: I thought we’d moved away from dodgy betting companies.

@SalesHunterPro: So much great stuff going on recently at the club, but we might want to have a think here – gambling addiction can cripple people and cause absolute misery (even seeing this with Footballers) – as a family club should we be promoting gambling in general?

@wardmike: Really disappointing sponsor. I know we need money but gambling destroys lives. Hardly in line with our values as a club.

@robajwest: Be GaMbLe AwArE! But it’s fine to take their money and it’s fine to reward players for betting on games they’re involved in [see also: MATCH FIXING]. Backwards step.

@xGJHP: 1 follower 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Definitely not a scam 🔥🔥🔥🔥

@joshdownes2001: Yet another dodgy betting company. Immoral and wrong. We don’t want these brands associated with the club. Disgusting. Yet another bad decision

@_jwynny: 738th own goal of a pre season that isn’t even 4 weeks old. Truly staggering

@DANNYBYT: They’ve hired some random bloke to make it look legit 😭😭

@wolvesbradders: 68 followers. Wim MASSIVE.

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