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Huge backlash on Twitter leads to Daily Mail deleting tweet about Marcus Rashford

Huge backlash from fans on Twitter leads to Daily Mail deleting a tweet of theirs about Marcus Rashford on a night out.

The post, which was uploaded onto Mail Sport, read: “Marcus Rashford dances his troubles away after missing out on Euro 2024: Snubbed Man United star enjoys night out at exclusive Cannes restaurant where he and friends ‘spent nearly £4,000 on drinks and food'”

It was deleted in a matter of hours, but not before many users took a screenshot as a reminder of how appalled they were by the story.

HLTCO called them out, writing: “Man spends his own money on a holiday with his friends. Give it a fucking rest, you utter parasites.”

The article talks about how Marcus Rashford was seen enjoying himself at an popular beach bar restaurant in Cannes ‘while his England teammates prepare for the Euros after he missed out on a place in the squad.’

They go into detail of where he ate, who he was with, and estimate he ‘splurged approximately £3,700 on drinks and food’ last weekend.

The report points out how much he earns per week, and claims from ‘witnesses’ of how he looked ‘unfazed by Gareth Southgate’s decision to not include him in the team as he partied until the early hours of the morning.

Twitter users and commenters within the article question the Daily Mail as to how it’s newsworthy, adding ‘why not tell us what all Premier League players are doing and spending now.’

The tweet has been deleted, but the article remains up.

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As mentioned, huge backlash on Twitter leads to Daily Mail deleting a tweet about Marcus Rashford…

@MaritStensby: Keep dancing Marcus, and enjoy your holiday! Give this crap «news paper» something to write about 😎✌🏻 Where would they be with out Man United ✍🏻

@soccerpaedia: A brother can’t spend his own money in peace.

@adam_couser: Imaging that, young fella finishing his season and enjoying himself, how dare he, how bloody dare he.

@Sarviin_01: Why do you care… This is like a nosy husband following his wife everywhere she goes… Just let him enjoy his life lol…

@thepricey83: This is basically the equivalent of us “normal folk” going out with our mates & spending at most a couple of hundred quid on food and drinks. Get a grip

@MrIslandMan67: @MailSport Why the fuck is this news did you’ll run a story about Jack Grealish getting drunk over and over and over again, no you’ll didn’t but because it’s United it’s a must well then keep it coming proves we’re a massive club

@47kasz: Man spends his money on nights with friends- front paper of the news

@trawlrz_afc: leave him alone jesus christ

@rharris_16: Man goes on holiday? Stop with this absolutely abhorrent treatment of young black men trying to live their lives in peace. Rats.

@BobHope12000: I agree, leave the guy alone. So weird.

@SweeneySean_: Disgraceful behavior. Should be at home, curled up in the corner, crying! 🙄

@Joshua579952: Man spends own money and probably paid for everyone whilst enjoying his allowed time off.. 🙃 this country is a joke

@jonesynator: I don’t like rashford as a player but he’s a good human and he can do what the hell he wants in the close season. I can’t believe anyone wants to know what he’s up to. Give the guy a break

@HamImages: It gutter “journalism” and it never seems to change. Daily Mail is a scum rag.

@Cristiano_UTD7: I’ve criticised him this season but fuck me he’s on holiday ffs. Want you want him to do? Kicks ups at 4am with a smoothie? Fuck me lads. Do better

@wallsofrock: From an Irish perspective, the British media loves nothing more than making scapegoats out of English players, I’d say the pressure some of the players are under is immense & completely uncalled for

@MrNathanLeigh: Pathetic excuse for a paper! A man is on holiday enjoying himself! Wow! What do you want? Him to sit in a corner crying because he isn’t going to the euros! 🙄

@ammandev: BREAKING NEWS: Young man goes on holiday. Get a grip, @MailSport

@MufcRingo: Amazing young man having a break, Marcus Rashford. @MailSport on the other hand? A festering, putrid den of deception and racism

@stevedelaisla: Honestly, who cares! Let the man enjoy his time off, you silly fool.

@Utdrockingreds1: Okay he’s on holiday, let him Enjoy it and we will criticise him once the season starts again if performances aren’t right! Stay strong @MarcusRashford We are supporting you! ❤️👊🏿

@Tuldawow: Gareth didn’t want him, is he supposed to sit at home and sulk? Enjoy his summer, get his head clear and come back next season stronger and prove to Southgate what he missed out on. I’m not always Rashfords biggest fan, but if he wasn’t a united player you lot wouldn’t care.

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