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Commentator sorry for mistake during match after mocking from Daily Mail

A popular much loved commentator says that he’s sorry for a mistake he made during a match after getting a mocking from Daily Mail.

In Wednesday night’s Premier League fixture between Manchester City and Aston Villa, the BT Sport commentator was said to have had fans on social media ‘baffled’.

At one point, he confused Bernardo Silva for Ilkay Gundogan with Pep Guardiola’s side going on to win 2-0 late on despite a tough test from the Villans.

The pair both use the net to make sure that their side would prevent rivals Manchester United from being top of the Premier League table.

Silva broke the deadlock with a nicely hit left foot shot going into the back of the net, however BT commentator Adam Summerton made a mistake, confusing him with his other German teammate, not once but three times.

Rodri managed to get the ball back off Tyrone Mings, before giving it to Silva who stroked well, though he was referred to as Gundogan.

The commentator then did it again before the stadium announcer then could be heard saying that it was Silva who was scoring.

The commentator then corrected himself and announced that it was Silva’s first Premier League goal of the season.

A huge amount of fans and members of the football world have hit back at the Daily Mail for their article, feeling it was bullying.

BT presenter Jake Humphrey said that it was ‘not kind’ whilst talkSPORT presenter Alex Cook wrote “there is not a commentator out there who has not made this type of mistake. It’s a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling. Very unpalatable that another media outlet felt the need to highlight it at a time when we are supposed to be looking out for each other #bekind.”

The commentator himself then took to his social media account, saying: “Thanks for sticking the boot in, hope it gets you a few clicks. My apologies to Bernardo Silva, it was a lovely goal in a brilliant game.
Nothing to be baffled about, I misidentified someone and I’m kicking lumps out of myself because I have high standards, but I’ll react well.”

Away from the commentator saying sorry for a mistake he made during the match after getting a mocking from Daily Mail, there was also anger on the night from Dean Smith who got sent off.

Aston Villa was left reeling with Rodri’s part in Manchester City’s opener before then telling the referee how to do his job.

“I still don’t understand the rule if I’m honest,” Dean said. “I don’t think anybody can tell me why the goal’s been given; he’s taken advantage of an offside position.

“It’s 10 yards offside, he comes back and tackles Mings from behind. What’s Mings meant to do, let it go through or do we just stand 10 yards offside in the next few games now? I don’t understand.

“I thought they’d at least go over to the screen because it looked a clear offside when I looked at myself. When I realised they weren’t going and the VAR hadn’t mentioned anything, I just told the fourth official I thought they’d had juggling balls for Christmas.

“I got a yellow card [from Moss] for saying I think you’ve had juggling balls for Christmas. What I said for the red card doesn’t need to be censored, it wasn’t swearing. He came over and said I’m interpreting the laws of the game, and I said you should’ve done that earlier in the game.

“I think I got treated rather unfairly, I’ve seen a lot of worse things said to Jon Moss before and he’s not dealt like that with it. It just looks like he couldn’t wait to give me a yellow and then a red. I’m frustrated at myself, I got sucked into something I shouldn’t have.”

Pep Guardiola praised his side’s performance, saying: “The rise in the table is good, we are there; when we lost to Tottenham we were 12th in the table. But we have only lost two games this season, but the most important thing apart from the three points and six victories in a row is the fact that we are back, since the Newcastle game, playing the way we have to play to be contenders.

“Everyone wants to win and wants to be champions, but you have to show the way you play to be champion. We have the right tempo, we don’t concede many and we create a lot. We have to be more clinical, especially in the six-yard box, but it’s really good.”

Back to the main story now and there was a huge reaction with the commentator saying sorry for his mistake during the match after getting a mocking from those at the Daily Mail…

@anam0785: Surely there’s bigger controversy on the game you can report on?

@dario2739: It’s ok – for a long time now they have mistook Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen and Steve McManaman for credible pundits

@RedMattttaMdeR: I’m baffled that the mail still exists.

@Daylio1970: To be fair, he wasn’t a great commentator, but it’s the first game I’ve heard him do it, he’s no worse than Martyn Tyler

@hutchfm: Many players look similar in the heat of battle. I’d love to see these critics having a go at commentating under pressure, it’s not easy. One mistake doesn’t make you a bad commentator, just makes you human. Keep up great work @adamsummerton

@prestigecar_rep: You pull him on this and McManawoman gets away with his spurting cr*P. I actually thought the commentator was decent last night as for Ferdinand and McManawoman, enough said, stealing a living

@Shaunsaint1976: Everyone makes mistakes, although that one was somewhat unusual. The bigger challenge for BT Sport is their coverage and punditry is bloody awful nearly every game. COVID has exposed them as well behind Amazon and Sky.

@garypatchett: Thought the commentary last night was below par Rowey. Numerous times the players were wrongly identified.

@jchrisbalo91: He is legit the worst commentator I’ve heard. Kept calling cancelo ‘cancela’ and zinchenko ‘zinchenka’

@DT1884: If you think that’s bad wait until you realise BT have been mistaking Steve McManaman for a football expert

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