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Championship outright title winner, promotion, top six finish and relegation odds

The Championship outright title winner, promotion, top six finish and relegation odds for the 2022/23 season is revealed by bookmakers.

Huddersfield Town are the last team to be confirmed for next season’s Championship after losing their play-off final at Wembley.

Nottingham Forest have finally won a place back in the top flight and for the first time since 1999 there won’t be a single East Midlands representative in the second tier.

The EFL schedule for the 2022/23 season has been confirmed, with the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two set to start on the weekend of Saturday the 30th July 2022.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar takes place over a five-week period in November and December 2022, with the Football League schedule adjusted to accommodate.

Match round 16 in the Championship, set to take place on Saturday the 12th of November, will be the final round of fixtures played ahead of the call-up period for the tournament, which begins on Monday the 14th of November.

The Championship will resume on the 10th of December 2022 following the culmination of the World Cup Group Stages, whilst League One and League Two fixtures will continue as normal. The existing international calls postponement criteria will be applied throughout, where necessary.

The Carabao Cup will be getting underway week commencing the 8th of August, with the Papa John’s Trophy starting later that month, week commencing the 29th of August.

The Finals of both competitions will be held at Wembley Stadium, on Sunday the 26th of February for the Carabao Cup and Sunday 19 March for the Papa John’s Trophy.

The final day of the 2022/23 season in the Championship, League One and League Two will be across the weekend of Saturday the 6th of May 2023, with the Sky Bet EFL Play-Off Finals scheduled for the 27-29 May 2023.

Now that the teams are confirmed, bookies have issued the latest offering odds on promotion and relegation, with Watford, Norwich and West Bromwich Albion the favourites to go up while Rotherham, Bristol City, Preston and Reading the favourites to go down.

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Watford – 7/1
Norwich – 8/1
West Brom – 9/1
Sheffield Utd – 10/1
Burnley – 12/1
Middlesbrough – 12/1
Huddersfield – 16/1
Swansea – 18/1
Stoke – 20/1
Sunderland – 20/1
Hull – 22/1
Blackburn – 25/1
Cardiff – 25/1
Coventry – 25/1
Luton – 25/1
QPR – 25/1
Millwall – 28/1
Wigan – 28/1
Birmingham – 33/1
Blackpool – 33/1
Bristol City – 40/1
Preston – 40/1
Reading – 40/1
Rotherham – 66/1


Watford – 9/4
Norwich – 5/2
West Brom – 3/1
Sheffield Utd – 10/3
Burnley – 7/2
Middlesbrough – 7/2
Huddersfield – 9/2
Swansea – 11/2
Stoke – 6/1
Sunderland – 6/1
Hull – 7/1
Blackburn – 8/1
Cardiff – 8/1
Coventry – 8/1
Luton – 8/1
QPR – 8/1
Millwall – 9/1
Wigan – 9/1
Birmingham – 11/1
Blackpool – 11/1
Bristol City – 12/1
Preston – 12/1
Reading – 12/1
Rotherham – 16/1


Watford – 10/11
Norwich – 1/1
West Brom – 11/10
Sheffield Utd – 11/8
Burnley – 6/4
Middlesbrough – 6/4
Huddersfield – 15/8
Swansea – 2/1
Stoke – 5/2
Sunderland – 5/2
Hull – 11/4
Blackburn – 3/1
Cardiff – 3/1
Coventry – 3/1
Luton – 3/1
QPR – 3/1
Millwall – 10/3
Wigan – 10/3
Birmingham – 9/2
Blackpool – 9/2
Bristol City – 5/1
Preston – 5/1
Reading – 5/1
Rotherham – 11/2


Rotherham – 6/4
Bristol City – 11/4
Preston – 11/4
Reading – 11/4
Birmingham – 7/2
Blackpool – 7/2
Wigan – 9/2
Hull – 6/1
Millwall – 6/1
Sunderland – 6/1
Luton – 13/2
Blackburn – 7/1
Cardiff – 7/1
Coventry – 7/1
QPR – 7/1
Burnley – 8/1
Stoke – 10/1
Swansea – 12/1
Huddersfield – 14/1
Norwich – 16/1
Middlesbrough – 20/1
Sheffield Utd – 20/1
West Brom – 20/1
Watford – 25/1

Fans reacted with the Championship outright title winner, promotion, top six finish and relegation odds revealed…

@harryrestallwba: Hms piss the league v2 is set to sail, viva la bruce ball

@garliclover123: Bruce is so big he’s already sank the boat

@KsaHull: Shota Ball in this League 😍. Defo going up

@JacobRaw_MFC: No derby 😍😍

@TeamAndrew: Difficult to pick three clear for promotion, reckon there could be a surprise or two in the playoffs.

@KLPera: turks to piss it, will be an amazing season either way #hcafc

@1Graveseh: Middlesborough to win the league. Norwich to get automatic

@s_threlfall4: Vintage championship this. Npower vibes

@depeterson61: come on you canaries

Absofruitly impossible to predict anything from that, aside from the bottom 3 (Wigan, Rotherham and Luton for anyone wondering)

@1871_GS: If any league was impossible to predict its this one

@Evans19Tom: The most Championship looking Championship ever

@OllieWales: Proper league. Roll on next season.

@Treyvon__75: Gonna be a damn GOOD season!

@JoshRFC_: Proper coca cola championship that

@daversaurus: 5 Yorkshire clubs and 5 Lancashire clubs. This season could be the least miles we’ve ever had to travel!

@joewilkinson_: Best Championship league in a long time that buzzin for it

@YCCC33: And no Brighton, Bournemouth and Southampton, and only 3 London clubs (plus Watford just outside London). The killer for you lot could be the schleps to Wales!

Norwich & Watford to go up
Bournemouth & Fulham to go down
Bournemouth & Fulham to go up
Norwich & Watford to go down
And repeat

@ConorDots: Congrats to Watford, Norwich and Burnley on their promotions to the premier league

@danricho90: Wide open … boro wba Watford to go up …. Sunderland Rotherham Preston to go down

@Dr3wster__: Hahaha we’re actually fucked #BCFC

@BenRFC0: Not sure I’d be placing Reading above Sunderland with our troubles at the moment 😂

@nathphilk: This is the hardest the championship has been for years, we’ll be lucky to better this season another 14, 15, 16th season inbound

@willrussell100: That is grim

@redligbaz: Try getting out of that division 🙈😳

@TheWatfordTy: If we recruit even half decently there’s no reason why we shouldn’t walk this league, but knowing Gino and Co we’ll sign 10 players on a free, end up in 4th and bottle the play off final

@adz0411: Best championship lineup in years 💯🔥

Autos – Middlesbrough, Sheffield Utd
Play-offs – West Brom, Norwich, Watford, Hull 😉
Relegation – Reading, Rotherham, Birmingham

@SAFCTylerr: stinks of back to back promotions. so glad we’re out of that miserable league

@Raouf_B9: Aside from Norwich I get the feeling that the premier league clubs coming down aren’t going to find it easy.

@_alexsmith1999: There’s not a stand out team amongst that 24, absolutely nothing to be afraid of if we are serious about pushing on as a club next season

@JackRourke15: Some serious aways there, bank accounts not gonna know what’s hit it

@Darren75359157: Pissing The league again NCFC 🟢🟡

@mannisxngh: With the way things are going with nothing happening. I’d say we’re going down (shouldn’t be the case) #bcfc

@PR4PNE: Once again, exactly like last season, really poor standard of league, if we get our recruitment right this summer we could be right amongst it #pnefc

@Joerudd_39: No reason we can’t challenge next season, let’s show some ambition and try and keep this squad together and go again #htafc

@NicktheHornet: Only 5 clubs in there not to have played in the PL. Should be a cracker!

@Joegouldd: Worst squad in the league, no gaffer and Les still has a job. We might go down #qpr

@luke_bcfc29: I’m mentally ready for relegation already 😂😂 #bcfc

@MiserableMackem: So happy to see #SAFC alongside the likes of Watford and Norwich and not village teams like Forest bastard Green.

@aaron_bennis10: The 2022/23 Championship season should hopefully be the most competitive in years. I don’t see any standout teams unlike in recent years. Mon the Coca Cola

@CurtisSCFC: Looking at some of the teams here it just makes the inevitable 13th place finish even worse

@_AjmWilliams: A LOT of teams will fancy themselves there next season for top 6… first time I’ve seen a championship without a PL level team (depending on who the relegated 3 lose)

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