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Arsenal Fan TV’s Mr DT speaks out for first time on getting jailed for three years

Arsenal Fan TV member ‘Mr DT’ speaks out for first time on being jailed for three years after he stalked, assaulted and kidnapped his ex.

DT, aka Liam Goodenough, has released a statement on social media, days after seeing his prison sentence increased to three years from one.

Now he has addressed his actions for the first time with his grovelling post going viral, giving his side of the matter.

His statement posted on social media read: “I know a lot of you would have seen the news about me this week and I know I have let a lot of you down but there are always two sides to a story and mine will be told in good time.

“After months of receiving help and guidance I now know I was suffering from a mental breakdown and on that night I simply snapped.

“This is not me condoning my actions I am just trying to paint a picture of what was going on in my life at that time. All I ask from everyone is that you read the key parts of the report and not the sensationalised headline.

“I cannot apologise enough to my ex-partner for putting her through this. An eight year relationship will now be remembered for nine minutes of madness and I will forever be sorry for it.

“I have also heard about a statement that’s been released from someone that I called a friend, again I will address this and its content in due course too!

“I’m sorry for letting you all down, I do not deserve anything from anyone but just know I am sorry.

“Take care and see you in a few years. DT.”

DT made a following for himself off the back of his content for AFTV

When being sentenced, Aylesbury crown court heard how Goodenough stalked his former partner as she went on a date, but he creepily used a tracker on her phone to drive to a hotel the victim was staying at, where he proceeded to verbally abuse her and assaulted her companion.

He also photographed her ‘in a state of undress’.

The court report added: “Goodenough dragged the victim out of the hotel room to his car, suggesting he had a knife and that her son was in the vehicle.

“However, when she realised that her son was not in the car she tried to escape. A bystander intervened and the victim was able to get out of the car, while Goodenough escaped.”

Earlier this week, AFTV released a statement of their own following the revelation that DT had been sentenced to three years in prison.

The YouTube channel said: “This morning we have been made aware of news regarding DT, who was a regular contributor on AFTV until July 2021.

“We are utterly appalled and disgusted by his actions and totally condemn domestic abuse, or violence of any kind.

“DT has made us aware of personal issues in his life, however we can unequivocally say that the extend of the information made public by the government today is new to us.

“DT appeared on AFTV on 1st Jan when the severity of his legal case was unbeknownst to us.

“The recent developments come as a complete shock to all at AFTV.

“In light of the shocking news, DT will be offered absolutely no place on the channel again.”

Goodenough owns the non-league football team DT FC, and they also issued a statement, which read: “Good Evening, following on from the previous statement on Monday 17th January [acknowledging the news coming out plus requesting respect to players] – we can now confirm that the club would like to announce that DT Football Club and DT have parted ways with immediate effect.

“We have new owners and new management team who are currently working through the legalities of formalising the new structure with the assistance of company Accountants, Companies House, Essex Fa and Essex Alliance Football League.

“The new branding will follow in due course.”

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Twitter users reacted as Arsenal Fan TV member ‘Mr DT’ speaks out for first time on being jailed for three years…

@EvanMcFarlane: I would love, love to hear the “other side of the story” of an attempted kidnap.

@RosaCatherineK: To be clear, this man stalked his ex, tracked her phone, threatened suicide, told her he’d kidnapped her son, assaulted her and a friend and dragged her out of a hotel into a car whilst telling her he had a knife. That’s not mental illness, that’s abuse.

@Matchday365: “Take care and see you in a few years” mate you’re going to prison not Panathinaikos on a 2-year loan

@FootballFlagsUK: “always two sides to a story” Yes lad, and a court found you guilty. Disgusting cretin.

@TheStokeNabMan: Man said “9 minutes of madness” as if he’s Robert Lewandowski slotting 5 past Wolfsburg 😭😭

@1875JA: Many people can suffer from a mental breakdown, but they don’t go and kidnap their ex partner. Fucking clown.

@timl_85: Weaponising mental health. Victim blaming. Using his children for the sympathy vote. Classy to the very end.

@MissNicoleDeans: F*ck that. Stop using mental health as an excuse for being a scumbag.

@Utd2Ben: Plenty of us have mental health issues, doesn’t mean I tie up me ma and throw her in the boot ya fucking wrongen

@RhyceTHFC: Even with Rivalries aside I cannot even tell you how much this boils me. He’s got the audacity to push the blame onto a mental breakdown. People everyday suffer with depression, anxiety and more and will never do what you’ve done. Get in the bin you absolute piece of shit

@_bpaigeyu_: Key parts of the report tell me you kidnapped your ex against her will and you were also found guilty. Bye.

@4shaann: Two sides to every story, cry me a river. Self pity drivel, using mental health as an excuse to abuse a partner

@danjh97: Many of my own friends, family and myself even including have suffered with mental health the fact you’ve pulled this card is actually sickening.

@southcitizen284: There’s no way back from this. No matter what, people will still remember in 3 years.

@DonfabioFC: so you stalking, kidnapping and abusing your former partner all happened due to ‘9 minutes of madness’

@NozAhmed: What a vile guy and statement. Using mental health, which so many people suffer from, as a cover up for doing what he did. Good riddance

@Biggies_MaIIs: This is grim. Starts off trying to excuse his behaviour by blaming his victim with the old “two sides to every story” bullshit and then blames mental health issues. Before adding in some pathetic potshot at someone he lied to. Insincere crap aimed at easing his own conscience.

@Faz_CFC: Using the mental health card. Victim blaming. Using his children for sympathy. Classy to the very end you prick

@Swavey_villa_: What an absolute bellend. How many men have mental health breakdowns and never result to beating, kidnapping a woman. It’s in your nature for you to do these things. Mental health is not an excuse you worthless scumbag. Men like Dt are the reason women are scared

@TomH_______: Kidnapped and beat his ex but apparently “there are always 2 sides to every story” give me a fucking break. This man should rot!

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