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Wilfried Zaha hits back emphatically at a fake Daily Mail article with an outlandish claim

Fans took took slam the Daily Mail but also praise Wilfried Zaha after he called the paper out for their fake article on him…

@JuanAnderOnly: It’s the Monday morning meeting Wilf, it’s when they come up with all their gems for the week ?

@DreamsR4Real999: How do these papers still survive? Who reads and buys this shite

@SeanJHayes: They don’t even wonder, Wilf. They just make up any sensationalised, controversial headline they can think of.

@RyanMKIV: It’s about time players start calling out the individual journalists as well as their employers.

@PhoenixSpurs: I love it when players call BS on these types of tweets

@jonellacottCPFC: Wilf, they have nothing better to do with their time than make up stories and peddle them as truth. They could have reported on that award you got the other evening or the money you give to charity, but that’s far too positive for then.

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