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Wilfried Zaha hits back emphatically at a fake Daily Mail article with an outlandish claim

When you’re a Premier League player, you’re always going to be in the limelight on and off the pitch, almost treated like celebrities.

Fame leads to private lives being exposed or fake stories being made up as constant amount of articles are written about the individual, and one of those footballers being Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace.

He expressed his annoyance at the Daily Mail this week after they put out a headline that they thought their readers would want to find out more on, only for it to have backfired after the player called them out.

The story claimed that Wilfried Zaha was to sue his agent over failed transfer away from Crystal Palace in the summer.

In a tweet on Twitter, Zaha wrote: “? do you lot sit and literally wonder what I’m up too then just make up stuff about me ??‍♂️”

The media outlet are now left looking with egg on their face for all the time and effort they put in to a writing a fake article with fans saying they made Zaha try to look like a fool.

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