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English Premier League

What the EPL 2021/22 Season Promises

The English Premier League (EPL) will be holding its 2021 Superdraft in the near future. With only a few months to go, EPL clubs are beginning their preparation for this year’s draft. The Sensible Soccer team has acquired exclusive information from the Chelsea FC scouting department about what they’re looking for in their next superstar player! 

“We have very strong defense and midfield, so we want to look into acquiring some serious firepower.” said, an unnamed scout. “The 2023 season is going to be extremely important as it will mark our first chance to win the title since 2021. With that being said, any potential signee must be ready by the time the season begins.” He also added that if there was one goal the club should shoot for in this upcoming season: then it should be “to win.” This will make a difference for the teams.  

“We always want to win and this upcoming season is no different,” said Thibaut Courtois, the starting goalkeeper for Chelsea. “I have dreams of winning every game possible, so I can’t wait to see who our scouts bring in!” The team’s coach, Maurizio Sarri, had similar thoughts. “[Our goals are] always very high,” he told us. “This season should be no different. Always try your best and never give up! That is what I always say before a big match.” Other players on the team were also optimistic about their chances, with some even going as far as saying that they felt they could break certain records set by previous EPL teams.  

“Last year we won the most overall games, so I think we could also go for most wins in a season,” Eden Hazard said. “I don’t know what the record is, but I would be happy to beat it!” We asked if there were any other records he felt Chelsea could break this year, and his answer was quick, “most losses], definitely.” And they’re not alone in their confidence. Manchester City’s Argentinian goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, told us that he believed his team would absolutely crush all of its competition next year. “We are going to win everything,” he said with complete assurance, “By more than anyone else.” Sergio Aguero told us that his team had already accomplished every goal it set out at the beginning of the season.  

EPL Fans Are Hopeful: Where is Your Bet?  

We asked Everton’s manager, Roberto Martinez if he felt his team could reach the top half of the table next year. “It’s so hard to tell in football,” he said with a sigh. “I think that just about anything is possible.” Manchester United told us that they didn’t feel like it was smart to make predictions anymore. When we pressed Alex Ferguson for details on which records his team might set next year, he responded by asking us if we thought “anyone gives one shit about our stupid little league.” Chelsea fans have high hopes for their future beginning January 1st! Fans show their support for the team. This goes to show that both the players and the fans are confident about their team’s victory in the coming seasons. 

I am also one of those fans. When I am bored and have some free time, I will turn to my TV screen and watch the live broadcast of the Premier League matches. While watching the game between Everton versus Liverpool, I wondered how many people placed bets on that match through the BonusCodeUK. How much money was betted on that match? Is there any special information that could help me predict the result of this match? Of course, these questions are more appropriate for casual fans or a commoner like me who doesn’t know anything about betting. In fact, almost all people don’t understand anything about betting and don’t have enough interest in it because they know very little about it.  

Even though they appreciate football but prefer only to watch it. As such, there are chances of making some money with EPL bets. I saw an article on a website that said betting on EPL was like buying a lottery ticket because it’s very difficult to predict. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make any money betting on EPL. If you do some research and analyze the matches properly then there are chances of making some big bucks with your bets. 


When you read about football in newspapers, almost 90% of articles are related to betting and its history. But very few people know what is betting; where does it exist and how does it work? In fact, I hear frequently from people saying they have never heard anything about it. And if someone says he knows something about it then this person is either a liar or half-crazy who knows nothing but talks about it. Let wait for the EPL and see how it plays out.  

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