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Racist window cleaner who abused England team moans HE’S being attacked online

A racist window cleaner who abused the England team before the Euro 2020 final moans that HE’S the one being attacked online.

The culprit, named Shaun Drewery, and lives in East Yorkshire, whinged “no one deserves this abuse” after making vile comments on Facebook.

He posted twice under an photo of the England Under 17s team alongside a photo of the 1966 World Cup squad, however social media users were left sickened by his posts and since shared them thousands of times.

Racist window cleaner who abused England team moans HE'S being attacked online

The post was picked up by horrified local residents and subsequently shared widely on Facebook including to a Black Lives Matter page.

Now Drewery, owner of North Ferriby Cleaning Services, has admitted writing the young players are “c*****” – but told Hull Live it was just “banter” and “flippant”. Hang on lad, there is banter, then there’s just being a dickhead, crossing the line to try and hurt others.

Challenged by Hull Live, Drewery, who had initially claimed his phone had been stolen, admitted making the posts.

He claims he now fears for his life and moaned ‘no-one deserves this abuse’.

The idiot has been bombarded with zero-rating reviews after one Facebook page encouraged its followers to post their views on him.

He claims to have installed CCTV and dashcams after receiving death threats.

Window cleaner Shaun Drewery said he is getting death threats

He told the paper: “I wrote one flippant word, on a post that wasn’t mine, which has been blown massively out of context.

“It was stupid tongue-in-cheek banter – I’ve had so many death threats.”

Drewery made his comments before Sunday’s heartbreaking Euro 2020 final.

Though there’s been a huge public backlash after Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho were targeted following the defeat on penalties.

Boris Johnson targeted social media bosses, slamming them for failing to tackle racists, while Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have finally agreed to hand trolls’ details to police.

A 42-year-old man from Runcorn is the fifth person to have been questioned in connection with claims of sending abuse.


One comedian has seen a series of shows cancelled after tweeting: “I’m sorry that black guys are bad at penalties.”

And a Savills worker has been questioned after racist abuse was sent from his Twitter account.

A post from Andrew Bone’s Twitter account called the players the N-word and claimed the England stars had “ruined it for us” after the loss.

Bone’s family claimed to The Sun his account had been hacked, while another fan has also been arrested over a disgusting post.

Children’s football coach Nick Scott, 50, initially said he had nothing to do with a vile tweet sent to Rashford, but then admitted he may have sent it while drunk – and told The Sun: “If I did, I want Marcus to know that I’m truly sorry and I apologise sincerely.”

The man added the he even used Rashford’s help out scheme.

Drewery said he has received a verbal warning from Humberside Police, but that is all.

It would also appear that his business page has been deleted following the backlash.

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Fans reacted after seeing that a racist window cleaner who abused England team moans HE’S being attacked online…

@iworkwithbabies: Dude who thinks it’s ok for him to say anything he wants doesn’t like when people say anything they want to him, it’s banter when he doesn’t but not when people do it to him #selfawarewolves

@EmmaBabeyy93: Don’t like it dont give it out. Nasty prick 🤷🏼‍♀️

@GrassHoppersaid: Caught red handed and blaming every else. Complete dick head racist.

@Jeswal_63: Tip: if you run your own business don’t post racist or abusive stuff online

@WindussKerrylee: Boo hoo for him 🙄 don’t be racist or write racist comments then. This is not acceptable in our society! No one should be subjected to any abuse purely on ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs or disability.

@superadd13: If he’s a @HullCity fan, he deserves a stadium ban

@danhunter857: I’m sure all the death threats he’s receiving are just ‘banter’. Maybe his business should be taken away from him, arrested and slapped with a huge fine, it’s just ‘banter’ at the end of the day.

@AngelaB00413925: Excusing it as ‘tongue in cheek’ banter makes it worse. He obviously doesn’t see a problem which is why the attitude of a lot of people in this country will never change.

@paulwal83384193: From a successful business to a life on the dole. #Enjoy

@BinksAnna: No excuse. Banter is friendly, playful fun with another person….not racist remarks or name calling. Disgusting.

@PBNutritionltd: Absolutely disgusting. I hope the police are involved as he needs locking up. There needs to be harsher punishment for these people to kick it out of our society. @East_Riding I would not have someone like this working in your area knocking on people’s door’s.

@SimonRe21544444: I hope he’s getting a wave of cancellations!

@Emma_Crxssing: Excusing any discrimination as banter is ableism. There is too much of that and people need to think about their actions and who their words may hurt.

@EyckThe: Another hacked phone I presume 😀

@JonquilLucy: ‘Mr Drewery, owner of North Ferriby Cleaning Services,’ Hopefully people will stop using his service.

@j60nta2: “You’ve missed a bit!” predominantly the space between his ears!!

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