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VIDEO: Fans left disgusted as fight breaks out after Coventry v Blackburn

Fans have been left disgusted as a fight breaks out with a number of individuals getting hurt after Coventry City v Blackburn Rovers.

Video and photos soon emerged following the game showing just what took place outside the arena, with police and security staff on hand to try and prevent it from getting worse.

However it took for many Sky Blues supporters to make this aware to the club and local police, some saying this was happening on a regular occurrence with something needing to be done with parents fearing about taking their child to matches.

One Blackburn fan tweeted after Championship fixture: “Coventry fans are cowards.

“A bunch of 20-25 absolute cowards abusing a woman and then 30 of them attacking me and my brother.

“Never been attacked at an away game before and these scumbags did this, kicked the shit out of me and set my scarf on fire. Utter, utter scum.”

Meanwhile, Coventry fan Kate Morris, a mum of 4, tweeted two videos, with the post captioned: “@Coventry_City @WMPolice please sort this out, it’s every game now.

“There are a group of 16/17 year olds (I’m not even going to call them fans as they are not there for the football and this is not what Coventry City is about) who come every game to cause trouble.

“Not a sky blue shirt in sight. My son is anxious coming to games because of this. And for what? We got a last minute equaliser, real fans were celebrating.

“It’s a tarnish on an incredible season. Drag them back to their mothers and guarantee they’d be crying like babies, cowards.”

One fan, @Jd85John, replied back to her post, saying: “They are fans and entitled to do what they want on match day.

“Most of us walk away and avoid trouble. Was that you stood there filming??”

Kate hit back: “The reason I filmed it from a safe distance at my car was because I’m sick of my kids being scared and wanted to make a point to the club and the police, it’s not fair especially on our younger or more vulnerable supporters.”

The game itself finished in a 2-2 draw, Viktor Gyokeres header at the back post in the 99th minute saw Coventry City seal a late point at home to Blackburn Rovers.

There was an initial six minutes of stoppage-time extended due to injuries.

Harry Pickering put the hosts ahead with a ninth-minute own goal, then Blackburn got an equaliser a minute after the restart as Bradley Dack headed in with his first touch after coming on at the break.

Rovers were rewarded for their chances when Scott Wharton used his head to put them in front with eight minutes to go with what they thought was the winner.

The draw sees Blackburn remain sixth in the standings, level on points with Middlesbrough who sit fifth and a point ahead of Nottingham Forest in seventh, having played three games more, while Coventry are six points off the playoff places in 11th.

But as mentioned, fans were left disgusted as a fight breaks out after Coventry v Blackburn…

@HuddlestoneJase: Hi Sam, as a Coventry fan I am ashamed and can only say sorry you have been treated this way. We are a family club and I assure you every other Coventry fan will join me in saying sorry.. next time you come to Coventry, and I hope you do, let me know. A beer on me!

@ChristoffBaker: People ask why leave early… this is why I’m not having my 3 year old seeing this it will put her off going @Coventry_City@CCFC_WMP

@thejodiefry: As a Coventry fan I’m disgusted about this and very sorry. Before this season I had seen one fight in 28 seasons – this year I see it kick off most games. Its horrible. It’s a small minority, we are not all like this. I’m sorry you had to go through this today 😞

@RCcfc90: I’ve been saying for ages, that away fans should be locked in after games for 20 fans and allow fans to disperse, but it’s never happened

@RJNicholds: Love a wind up, love a bit of banter, but hate to see fans getting hurt. Sorry to see. Hope you’s are all good.

@CoventryKing: Twats top of the corner basically chavy pricks this is why the north stand in a sense is better a lot more older generation cov fans mad hatters ect never any trouble this side and the away lot always walk through a sea of cov fans that corner ain’t lasting long 😂#PUSB

@ccfcfc: Very sorry this happened to you mate. Hope you and your brother will be ok. Shameful behaviour from our fans.

@Skybluemonkey1: Sorry to hear this pal. Unfortunately all clubs have a nob head element. I promise you true cov fans are lovely people 💙

@CovIam: All the best to you both. Hope the wounds and mental scars heal quickly. Small minority in every club, I’m afraid.

@Tommyboy119: Problem the club/police have is that groups are turning up for full time/just after looking for trouble. I see it week in week out around BK. I see a lot similar to yourselves where kids no longer want to go and it’s such a shame!

@GeorgeBull06: Walking past before this, the two lads were being lippy, then one stepped up to Cov fans, the woman then stood up to the Cov fans saying ‘pervert, look your as old as my dad, you pervert’ I didn’t hear what was said after but from what I seen, it wasn’t that Cov fans just startin

@AshleyCCFC89: I don’t understand why they done it. Hope you both is ok. If people want to fight. Simple plan- arrange place and away from ground. That fine. But a lot of people especially with children who want to watch football and enjoy! So wrong.

@Emms_hart: Horrendous scenes after the game. Hope you’re both ok

@CovCitySusie: I hate our club being associated with people like this. I bet most of them don’t even go to the game, they just hang around outside. I wish something could be done about it.

@skyblueloyalist: Sam we are not all bloody idiots and we don’t want them at our games or our Club, Hope that all get caught and banned from our Club. Speedy recovery fella.

@34020seaton: Dreadful to see this. We’re supposed to be celebrating having a team worth watching, and an exciting game. We really aren’t all like this. I’ve been to many away games including Blackburn several times and only been made welcome; we should reciprocate. So sorry. 😔

@frjack: That’s terrible, we all have fun with a bit of rivalry but it’s only a bloody game, grown men kicking a ball. Hope you are both OK.

@Ewood_Blue_: OMG sorry to hear this mate hopefully they will find them when they watch the CCTV and hope your ok and take care

@TheRealLiamCook: Please don’t think badly of the club and the REAL fans because of a few morons. That is not what Coventry City are about

@JonnyCave: Sorry to see this still happening at games, unfortunately there’s an unhealthy new breed been watching too much green street, on a lighter note the jumper is questionable, hope everyone is ok

@levihoylebrfc_: was disgusting seeing a bunch of 16-17 year olds abusing a rovers fan who clearly had something wrong with him on the train home also, coventry fans are a disgrace

@RacingBdg: I’m all for footie banter and ripping into each other over chants etc but scrapping over a game is ridiculous! Just because you’re with the boys and had a few beers doesn’t mean you can be a c*nt. Ruins the game

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