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Police officers praised as fans mock wannabe hooligans after Newport v Exeter

Police officers have been praised on social media as fans took to mock wannabe hooligans after the Newport v Exeter on Saturday afternoon.

A video was uploaded to social media within an hour of the League Two clash finishing and it’s since had over 88,000 views.

Gwent Police were on hand to control those who wanted a fight after the fixture, with @Grrr_Lyons writing: “Dear @gwentpolice – I wouldn’t normally post clips, but can you please identify and commend the initial officer here for her resilience when dealing with a baying mob of idiots? Thanks in advance. @GPNewport @gpoperations @gavin_horton”

The game itself saw Exeter City boost their League Two title hopes with a narrow win at Newport County, with it being one of the Grecians shortest trips of the season.

Tim Dieng bundled home a free kick sent in from Jack Sparkes with 18 minutes remaining to break the deadlock in a tight game.

Dom Telford came close to equalising soon after for Newport but their top scorer was denied by keeper Cameron Dawson’s fine save.

The result means that Exeter stay second, four points behind leaders Forest Green while Newport drop down to eighth.

Newport County manager James Rowberry said: “Disappointed to concede a goal from a set play which and disappointed with the result but I can’t fault the lads’ efforts.

“I’m really frustrated today.

“It’s going to go down to the wire so we’ve got to dust ourselves down and me and the players have to reflect a bit and we move forward.”

“I expected it to be more of a free-flowing football game for both sides, but it’s come down to a set piece,” Exeter boss Matt Taylor said after Sparkes’ free kick to set up the Frenchman.

“Defensively, by hook or by crook at times, we had a real desire to keep the ball out of the net and that got us three points today. It was a collective today.

“We found a way to have moments in the second half where we kept hold of the ball, and when we got the ball in dangerous positions from set pieces we looked like we could produce.”

As mentioned, police officers were praised as fans mock wannabe hooligans after the Newport v Exeter game…

@cutler_linda: Absolutely shocking and disgraceful behaviour for anyone to take part in and to witness. That brave officer 👮 must have been so intimidated and concerned for her own safety but instead she held her nerve and stood her ground. You go girl 👍

@VictoryGlow: This is why I can’t stand football.

Bunch of goonfuckers clearly watched Green Street one too many times.
Gesticulating theirs arms around like a bunch of fucking fairies

@jimefc81: Typical football ‘lads’. Brave when there’s a couple of coppers to protect them

@Hodgson60: No time for idiots like this. Get a water cannon on the lot of them. Bloody disgrace

@MHickman96: I have been at football matches and officers have been afraid to be hands on like this. Well done. Thugs will respond to assertive and proportionate policing. You can’t keep asking someone to move to prevent a disorder and they don’t. And you don’t have to lock people up either.

@originaldanray: Bigger balls than all those thugs there. Fair play 👏👏👏

@KingTyDu: What a bunch of pricks, one good gust of wind and they’d be blown over, jump up and run off to mummy, it’s all bravado but bloody well done to that amazing officer putting all those pricks in their place. 💙👌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

@leighford3781: Wow 😡 love football and @NewportCounty but why are some ‘fans’ just absolute morons? I know its only the minority but more needs to be done to make attending football matches safer and family friendly. Shocking to hear of coffee shop customer being assaulted too.

@andiec23407896: It would be fitting for these “brave bravado” football? Fans to be shipped over to Ukraine to assist in their struggle. Let’s see how brave they are then ! Makes me so mad, destroying everyone’s peace. They don’t know how lucky they are.

@peterash9: Great work @gwentpolice. As for the sports direct mobs, pathetic….

@crag06: Having a dance off

@PFM192381: The beautiful game. 🙄

@McNulty_182: Kudos those officers!

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