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VIDEO: Bury fans protest outside owner’s home – club close offices until further notice

Bury fans yesterday protested outside their owner’s home which has led to the club announcing that they have closed their main offices until further notice.

The supporters turned up outside Steve Dale’s expressing their anger, calls for him to walk away and wanted to know what was going on as the crisis situation continues.

Dale revealed to Sky Sports News that there was “unpleasantness” from a group of fans, but still hopes that there will be a buyer for the newly promoted League One side.

He said: “There was a bit of unpleasantness and that’s disappointing, I intend to continue to try and save the club and then hopefully pass it in to someone who can take it forward.”

There one video posted online appearing to show his sons laughing at the gate with the unhappy fans.

Bury are currently in a huge amount of financial trouble with players and staff having not being paid their wages for twelve weeks.

They have avoided numerous winding up petitions from the High Court over unpaid with the case adjourned until the 19th of June with talks three parties are interested in buying the club.

Monday’s protest by the 50 or so fans outside the owner’s home comes a week after the team’s players released a statement.

It read: “As players we are disappointed to find ourselves in this position having had such a great season. We have gone from elation to complete and utter dismay. As it stands it looks like as players, we may have to start looking at other clubs which is something none of us want to do. Adding to this we have now found out one of our contracts isn’t valid moving into the next season which needs addressing as a matter of urgency. Unfortunately, we are now in a position where we as players haven’t been paid in 12 weeks from the club and with no intention of paying what is owed or future payments to us. The PFA stepped in to help us with Marchs wages which we are very grateful for but unfortunately this is not a long term solution. Right now, we should be spending some well earnt down time while we are out of season, instead we find ourselves having to consider the future. Everyone can see the togetherness of this squad which gives us a great start for next season. All we want is to come back to some stability and give the fans another great year.
From what we understand the Chairman bought the club for £1 with a good understanding of the problems it had. He openly says this in his first ever press interview. If it’s become too much, all we ask is that you step aside, move on and stop negatively impacting everyone’s livelihoods. We have been made aware via various sources that offers have been made to Bury fc, which would see him making money after such a short amount of time in control of the club. Mr chairman, we know you have no regard or consideration for us as players our families or our futures, but please just accept the offer and walk away from our club before you bring it to its knees. Bury Fc Players.”

A day later, the owner said on their statement: “I think the above addresses the truth of this matter without spin.

“As for Contracts our very able Company Secretary dealt with this matter with Ryan Lowe so unsure why that was brought up?

“As for not caring why do you think I am working 5am to 8pm and later every day, TO SORT THIS MESS I DID NOT MAKE. Not the actions of someone who doesn’t care.

“I find it amazing when I’m told the players don’t need to speak to you yet I get called for doing exactly that, however I’m confused if he felt he needed clarity why did he not drop me an email asking the questions he needed answering, I’d have thought that more professional (but less in the media) and easier than going on the radio or doing statements with people who can’t help him?

“It is my priority along with the winding up order to settle the playing staff as fast as we can and I can only apologise for the delay it’s not what I thought would happen, but if it can go wrong it will at Bury.

“We want this resolving as fast as we can and I can assure the players it’s the last thing I want to break up our winning team I hope you can allow us to get the past cleared so next season there are no reoccurrences of the last few months, only our cut backs and prudent financial controls will achieve that.”


After both the club putting a tweet on stating the main offices are closed until further notice, plus watching the video of the fans outside the owner’s house, social media users took to the replies of them to express their thoughts – check out that reaction on the next page.


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