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Update made after ’14 year old’ Oxford fan is punched by adult supporter at MK Dons

An update has been made after a ’14 year old’ Oxford fan is punched by adult supporter in the away end at MK Dons on Saturday afternoon.

The moment was caught on video, before it was uploaded to social media, getting over 10,000 views in the days that followed.

The alleged 14 year old can be seen getting whisked away by a steward for a separate matter, only to receive a punch as he was being taken out.

Those surrounding the incident couldn’t believe what they were seeing, some taking to criticise the adult male who hit out at the youngster.

LUKEOUFC wrote on Twitter along with the following two videos: “man punches 14 year old and pushes my dad over while being kicked out (if I see this man at a another oxford game it’s a disgrace) #oufc @OUFCOfficial @OUFCSLO @OUFCSP”


Oxford United remain committed to making games a safe and welcoming environment for all supporters and we once again ask fans for their help.

At our game at Stadium MK last weekend there were two incidents where ‘pyro’ was thrown. Those responsible were identified and have been issued with a three-year ban from attending matches.

There was also a separate incident in the away area that has led to a fan being banned for assault.

This season has now seen five fans arrested at our matches for setting off smoke and pyro devices. Each has led to an arrest and will also lead to a criminal record.

We repeat our simple message: CCTV has advanced so quickly and with evidence also available from social media, fans with cameras, police surveillance cameras and TV images, those responsible are almost always identified.

At a time when the club are working so hard to find a new home, we will work with all relevant parties to create a positive, safe environment, given that the club also face sanctions which range from hefty fines to reduced capacities at games. Support the U’s the right way, please.


Sarge, a user on the YellowsForum, brought up the matter: “MK stewards. At/ around HT a rather well oiled younger OUFC follower towards the back of of a section of the away support, for some reason thought it was funny to lift his top and repeatedly waggle his nipples (on his moobs) at the stewards while goading them abusively..

“He was, probably rightly, ejected ( I presume)…. this led to a larger steward presence along the pitchside ( seemingly doubled in numbers after we equalised) – problem being that the first two or three rows of travelling away fans, – first row had youngsters with a few (irate) dads accompanying them- the view of the game, was either blocked, or at the very least impeded, even when some- (some didn’t ) stewards crouched down.

“Leading to (obviously) annoyed/ irate shouting directed at the stewards pitchside, from rightly pissed off people in the first 2-3 rows.

“Assume stewards were acting on instructions from senior ‘safety’ personnel at MK stadium?

“Here’s a thought (maybe @OUSP Secretary can raise this?) , in future why not 1) open the empty section behind the goal in the away section, and 2) not use/sell the first 3 rows closest to the pitch in the entirety of the away section?.

“Then stewards, when instructed, can walk/ strut about in front of the away fans, without stopping visitors from actually watching the game they have paid to watch, or for that matter invoking annoyance.”

YellowForever adds: “I was one of the people at the front & the stewards did get abuse from me & a few others.

“Was totally deserved, one steward in particular was trying to ask for someone to be ejected & then decided it was a good idea to stand in front of where we were taking a a dangerous free kick, so then got hurled more abuse at.

“I don’t advocate abusing stewards but at least know when you are ruining the experience, not for adults who can stand up, but young kids in the first rows who’s view is already not the greatest.

“Said steward also tried staring out a few people including me and people a few rows behind and got abuse for that as well.

“MK really need to work on their stewarding, however the idiots doubling up in the back portion of the stand deserve all the trouble they got.

“Stupid chants like ‘steward is a peado’ ain’t going to earn you any favours & is quite frankly a pathetic insult.

“Don’t mind giving them a bit of verbal but some of our chanting is embarrassing to say the least.

“I took myself away from that section at the end of last season as they are just looking for confrontation half the time & sometimes their are 3 people to a seat all double stacked or triple stacked on some occasions.

“Especially annoying if it’s your seat, which could explain why the situation with the old bloke on social media hitting that fan on social media happened.

:Don’t condone it, but there are too many young lads who give it large & then when someone confronts them they run a mile.”

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The match itself finished 1-1, with Lewis Bate’s superb goal on 71 minutes cancelling out Sullay Kaikai’s 25th minute opener.

Both teams have since played midweek fixtures, with the U’s falling to have 3-1 defeat at home to Plymouth, while MK Dons were hammered 5-0 away at Bolton.

This is what Twitter users said amid an update made after a ’14 year old’ Oxford fan is punched by an adult supporter at MK Dons…

@CoyYfan: Hope he gets done for assault

@ThomasKnapman4: I was sitting a bit to the right thought I saw someone throw a punch but couldn’t quite make it out – what a fucking donkey

@LukeHamshere: the way the stewards man handled a 14 year old isn’t talked enough either. pathetic

@0fficalSTFC: Oxford United…

@RizzyMK04: I wondered what was happening over there 😂😂😂

@Ryan_1982_UTB: WTF hitting one of your own 🤬

@TheSomZons: This club really hasn’t shown itself to be a model club so far in 2023. Might as well have oppo fans in the Oxford end like at the Arsenal game. They represent Oxford better than some of these imbeciles. #OUFC #COYY

@dan_willo94: Absolute state of the club at the moment, embarrassing on all parts

@joffcomedystuff: Oh and of course everyone else in the clip is displaying exemplary behaviour there and were being absolute angels. People don’t wear age badges on their heads, so how was he meant to know? He clearly just lashed out in reaction to something someone said or did to him…

@olloufcx: nothing was said to instigate the attack between the older guy and the 14 year old lad prior to the punch. if the lad was doing something really wrong he was being kicked out regardless and in no way was a punch to the face necessary. it’s literal assault, disgusting reaction.

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