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Ugly footage leaked shows Sol Campbell in heated X-rated row with Tottenham fan

Ugly footage has been leaked and it shows Sol Campbell getting involved in a heated X-rated row with a Tottenham fan this weekend.

The former Arsenal and England defender reacted quick after being called a “Judas c***” by a ‘thuggish’ Spurs supporter as the clip circulates on social media.

Campbell, who is currently out in Rome ahead of England’s Euro 2020 quarter-final against Ukraine on Saturday night, could be seen walking out of a restaurant in the video before a fan targets him.

Sol Campbell argues with a Tottenham fan

“Here he is, Sol Campbell. Judas c***,” the foul-mouthed yob says as Campbell glances towards the camera. “Jelly and ice cream when you go mate.”

Campbell then responds, approaching the cameraman and saying: “What’s wrong with you? You’re a t***** mate.”

The 46-year-old then decides to the spat while saying: “You’re two bob.”

His abuser can then be heard shouting as he leaves the restaurant: “You deserve it mate for what you done. F****** Judas. You deserve it.”

As Campbell walks away, the fan then says: “See ya later mate! Before the ex-Arsenal player replies: “Jog on!”

Campbell controversially left Tottneham for their bitter north London rivals Arsenal back in 2001 following a nine year spell at the Premier League club.

The defender has been criticised by Spurs fans ever since, mostly on social media, but his move proved a good one when he played a key part in Arsenal’s famous Invincibles title triumph three years later. Bound to leave a sour taste in the Spurs fans’ mouths.

In talkSPORT’s documentary, named Being Sol Campbell, the man himself insists it is “ridiculous” that he still receives abuse from Spurs fans two decades after leaving for the Gunners.

“It’s ridiculous because it happened such a long time ago,” he said.

“Are you going to keep worrying about me when I’m 80 years old?

“I was 25 and now I’m 46. You’ve probably done things when you’re 25 or 15 or whatever. It doesn’t even make any sense now, move on.

“New team, new stadium, new type of lifestyle going forward, and still passing it around like a campfire story. It’s ridiculous.

“For me, it is what it is. We all made our decisions, you accept it and you move on.”

The former international has been rejected for 16 jobs in 11 months according to reports and reckons he should have been there with England giving them help and advice, but he wasn’t asked.

The 46-year-old has spoken of his frustration at being overlooked for leading positions and says the lack of black people at every level of the game remains a problem.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Campbell said. “It’s not just black managers. It’s coaches, physios, goalkeeper coaches, doctors, kit men. We’re just focusing on the managers, but it’s got to start trickling down. It’s about changing the whole spectrum from top to toe.”

He now believes it is important for the squad to continue making a statement.

“People are probably saying, ‘We’ve done enough now’ but it’s important to do it while crowds are there — there’s more impact,” Campbell told the Evening Standard’s London Rising campaign.

“If you’re watching with your family, and your son or daughter says, ‘What are they doing?’, [you can say] ‘It’s because they believe in racial equality and they’re standing up for something right’. Now crowds are back, it’s more important to do it. It hits the right spots. Football has one of the biggest platforms out there. England are standing up for what is true.”

Fans reacted as ugly footage leaked shows Sol Campbell in a heated X-rated row with a Tottenham fan…

@whpotter: To be perfectly honest, I’m just impressed that one of their lot knows how to sit at a table in a restaurant and order from a menu!

@AFC_HymnSheet: It was the child’s menu, he was ordering dessert Jelly and ice cream is about right for him

@legend_mikel: WTF 😳 WOW!! Even after all this time they still haven’t got over it!! Cant believe how the 💩 fan spoke to him!! Especially the C word. ❤🤍❤🤍

@allwrighthen: Was probably still wearing a nappy when Sol signed for us.

@VARcical: The guy absolutely shat it when Sol approached him

@DSBme2020: Wtf is that. Out for dinner getting that abuse. He retired 10 Years ago FFS.

@hubb14: Paved the way for Spurs players of the future, if you leave them you wins things

@mkhitozil: Sol just needs to say ‘invincible’

@merakligr81: just another reason why absolutely nobody likes spurs fans apart from their own.

@IsaacsonL: Sol Campbell wakes up every day knowing the fact that he’s won more silverware in his first season @Arsenal than Spurs have this century and fans like this are jealous

@trawetsluap: That’s just pathetic.

@Irishshango1: What an idiot

@UKwez: Crying after 20 years. Needs to get a life.

@andrewv9182: What a prick this guy is……

@gunnermoore1978: Left and they still haven’t won anything lol

@trog56: Idiots. Scum

@tim_kabo: Sad bastards

@JJames_2020: Great to know that even after 20 years, Sol’s living rent free in their tiny little minds. Pricks.

@christatum4949: Ahahahahaha they hate it after we beat them4vs2 I was chantin double double past Arsenal station and one wanted a fight haahahahahahahaha proper mugs them skids

@almostmadeit1: Bitter spuds still waiting to win something, anything, no class as always

@CNicoll02: Filming it so Sol can’t smack his face in What a prick. 🔴🔴👏👏 Sol Man

@tfgwrites: The abuse is in itself pathetic… and then the Y word at the end. For people like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the highlights of his life?

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