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Sheffield Wednesday fan sticks two fingers up at supporters protesting against Chansiri

A Sheffield Wednesday fan sticks two fingers up at his own club’s supporters protesting against owner Dejphon Chansiri on Friday night.

Sheffield Wednesday finds itself at a crossroads, battling to avoid the drop back down to League One all while there is a growing unrest among its fanbase.

The club has long been a source of pride for its loyal supporters, who have stood by the club through thick and thin, but the current situation has tested their loyalty like never before.

The off-field running of the club and the uncertainty surrounding it’s future has cast a dark cloud over the once vibrant atmosphere. You can feel tension among fans, with some left divided on how to address the problems at hand.

Some supporters protest, believing that direct action is necessary to bring about change. While others argue that the focus should be on supporting the team and rallying behind them.

Prior to their match against Birmingham, which was televised live on Sky Sports, The 1867 Group organised a protest in which around 15,000 flyers would be distributed among fans.

And while there were attempts to try and stop these throw being brought into the stadium, the flyers were still visible in the stands at Hillsborough, held up just before the game got underway.

However it seems as this was happened during the game, one Sheffield Wednesday fan could be seen giving the V sign with his fingers towards his own club’s supporters who had been protesting, showing just how divided some are.

Have a watch of the video below…

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Rob, a member of the group, said that the hope that fans had when Chansiri arrived is now non-existent.

He said, as per shefnews.co.uk: “We were all on the same page when he came in. I’ve never seen money flow like that. When we didn’t go up and he kept spending money, we knew he’s being poorly advised. He spent £10m on Jordan Rhodes. Everyone was happy when he came in but now he’s got nothing to show for it other than relegations and point deductions.

“The game’s on Sky, so it’s a great platform for more media attention against the chairman. We want to highlight that he isn’t fit or proper. Parties are interested to buy but he won’t sell. The season tickets, the transfer window, it’s error after error after error. He’s holding the club to ransom. For the club, it’s a disaster. Year on year the finances are gone. We believe there will come a point this season when staff and players aren’t getting paid.”

Rob said in regard to his season ticket: “I’m not renewing. It kills me but it is what it is. What I’ve been told is that it’s cash only in store or through PayPal. We think the club’s been suspended or banned by a transactional company. His current losses are something like £132m since taking over, how can that continue? And with the tax bill he asked 20,000 fans to pay £100 to cover the tax bill and two days later, finds £2m down the back of the sofa. We knew it was a bluff.”

The 1867 Group said ahead of the protests for the Birmingham game:

“🚨 Tonight’s Protest Details 🚨

“Leaflets will be hand distributed around the stadium from 6:30 PM onwards. Look out for our distributors at the locations detailed on the map.

“Please take more than one if you choose to distribute to friends and family.

“As the players enter the pitch we encourage fans to hold up the leaflets. As the players line up to kick off please again raise in the air.

“Once the match kicks off we are fully supportive of the team in securing a vital 3 points.

“We support the team. We do not support the regime.

“Enough is Enough. #swfc”


“The Trust is supportive of the planned leaflet protest at this evening’s home match against Birmingham City. The protest has been organised by The 1867 Group and the Trust’s understanding is that leaflets will be handed out to fans outside the ground.

“In supporting this protest, the Trust’s Board has considered the feedback from our recent member survey, where 60% of responses were in favour of supporting protests arranged by other fan groups.

“The decision to support this protest has also been taken in light of the need to see structured change at the Club – the Trust is currently working on other activities with this in mind.

“For example, the Trust has been in conversation with the Football Supporters’ Association to facilitate improving open and meaningful fan engagement and work relating to emergency financial scenario planning.

“A few more details about these activities can be found in our published Minutes here: https://swfctrust.co.uk/minutes/

“A further update regarding the Trust’s activities is scheduled to be issued to our members in the next few days.

“Should you have any questions about the about statement, please contact the Trust at enquiries@swfctrust.co.uk.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as a Sheffield Wednesday fan sticks two fingers up at supporters protesting against Chansiri…

@steshooter: Stood at side of him here… was fuming during the banners up protest.

@yozzer17: What a melt support the team not the regime. UTO

@caldottt: I shouldn’t laugh but it’s funny 😂

@matt_thomas_yba: That’s… different.

@Pete_Owlsfan: So bizarre

@AdamSWFC__: How’s he chansiri in and that passionate about it 🤣🤣

@Matt_Smith_1983: WTF 😂

@Owl400x: Most embarrassing thing I’ve seen all day Chansiri out

@RobDavy2: There’s always 1..

@Cam_1867: chansiri paying actors now

@KivoLee: This is what we’re up against.

@matthewtups: Oh dear 😳

@corporal_frank: This is what we’re dealing with. Despite everything, people like this idiot still supporting the lunatic dictator #swfc

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