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Sheffield Wednesday fan makes emotional plea as club issues statement before planned protests

A Sheffield Wednesday fan goes viral as he makes an emotional plea as the club issues a statement before the planned protests.

The supporter, named Todd, made a passionate call which got people talking, with the majority of users praising him.

In the clip, he says: “To be fair, I’ve listened over the last few weeks and months and I’ve never called before, so you’ll just have to be patient with me on this one, Andy. But there’s been a definite. The exasperation amongst the supporters, I think is growing. I think the noise about Mr Chansiri is getting worse, whether that’s online or whether that’s at the ground, whether that’s on this radio station.

“I mean, I don’t even know where to start. Rob actually read a tweet of mine out on air last night, and I think it was probably the reason or the catalyst for me picking the phone up tonight, to be honest with you, because I think, like many, I come from a family of Wednesday, if you cut him in half, he’d bleed blue and white. And it’s all consuming, this situation right now, and I’m nearly 40 and really have been spoiled.

“The early years of my first season watching me qualified for Europe to finish third. So imagine my first full season watching them at home in Europe. It were just the absolute peak of following your football club and actually should have been the platform and a springboard to going on to more.

“I’ll refer to the following 20 years and more recent years as probably the Chansiri years, which I think, in my opinion, have been as dark and troubling as they ever have been. As I say, a guy said it last night, one of your callers, you become obsessed with it and it’s absolutely exhausting. But enough is enough.

“If you go back over the recent history under this guy’s ownership, you can pinpoint every negativity or every bit of negativity, or every blemish on our history back to a decision that he’s made. We have become a yoyo, second and third division club. We’ve had point deductions, numerous embargoes. Players aren’t paid on time, overdue submitting of accounts, record financial losses. There appears to be absolutely no plan whatsoever when it comes to recruitment, whether this Poveda and Pedersen are any good or not. They were literally shopping in Whoops aisle in Asda at the 11th hour. We’ve had numerous leadership changes, whether that’s CEOs, steering team, transfer policy teams, and it’s almost as if Andy, no one can work with him. There appears to be no plan commercially other than to effectively rinse the only regular income you’ve got, which is match day ticket sales, season tickets. So the only real plan we seem to have, or constant revenue stream, is the supporters. And while I’m talking to you. Now I’m browsing the club shop, so it’s a complete shambles.

“We’ve got a January sale on Andy. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this. We’ve got a January sale on the Wednesday club shop at the moment where you can get an official Sheffield Wednesday backpack with a ten pound saving for £45. That’s a backpack that your kid might take to school, right? It’s nuts.

“Training ground is dire with no values, no plan for attracting new supporters. The ground is falling apart. And if anyone’s been silver recently, the pitch is an absolute disgrace. Finally, on those points, though, is the fact that there is utterly no transparency. The fans rightly have an issue or take offence to something that might have happened or maybe even just challenge it. He just puts a statement out. So we had what we had yesterday. We’ve got elderly supporters paying for season tickets using cash. We’ve got people struggling to use PayPal. It makes unhandwritten receipts. I mean, talk about amateur hour. It’s honestly as if they’ve given up.

“I’m not one that’s afraid to voice some displeasure at the running of it. I seem to be challenged and that’s fine. Many of us do. And I’m not against these people that think. What I mean is, I’m not against these people that have renewed season tickets. I don’t believe that’s the right thing because you’ve got to support the club. Because if we don’t, it’ll only go one way. I don’t have any problem with people renewing season tickets, paying the prices. I do it myself, but I just keep going. ‘His hearts in right place’. ‘Oh, he’s tried’, though. ‘Oh. But he’s invested over 100 million quid’.

“I’m going to say this loud and clear, they are not valid reasons to support this owner. He’s proven time and time again that he doesn’t get it and I don’t think he ever will. Doesn’t seem to understand us and nor will he ever love the club like we do. I don’t actually think we want much, Andy. We get criticised or claimed to be expecting too much or having ridiculously high expectations, particularly by our local rivals or other clubs, but we actually don’t. We just want a club to be proud of and one that’s in touch with its fan base.

“I would have rather him spent his money on improving the training ground, improving the academy, improving the actual ground and maybe having some form of recruitment or scouting plan because, like someone said last night, it can’t be fun for him. He’s effectively spent over 100 million quid and got absolutely no return. The players look miserable, the manager is seemingly looking more and more miserable with every single week. And you know what? So are we. So even from an investment point of view, no investor could be happy with how it’s gone.

“And you generally get, as a supporter who maybe challenges this owner, well, where are all the buyers then? Go and find us a buyer. I am as confident about what I’m about to say as anything else. If he publicly put this club up for sale, there would be buyers, and there’s a number of reasons for that. We are at the moment, and I appreciate it’s in the balance, but at the moment, we are one level below the Premier League and we have proven time and time again that we will back that club, whether it’s Peterborough at home, whether it’s Brighton at home, in playoffs, whether it’s Kaiserslautern at home in Europe, that away support is immense. We will go and we will back them and we’ll spend, but enough is enough. We are more of an attractive proposition for anybody out there looking for a football club.

“And if I’m being bought, all I will say, and it’s, I guess, more of a challenge to people that maybe think you see the one or the other, you’ve got to support the club or you’ve got to dislike Chansiri. They are not mutually the same thing. You can love this football club more than anything else and still dislike how he runs it, because they’re not mutual things. Those of us that want change, and that’s myself included and lots of your callers you’ve had on recently, they do it because this football club means absolutely everything to them, and it does. And I respect early. I respect anyone that’s renewed the season tickets early, then that pay up turnstile, then that spending club shop. I want my kids wearing Wednesday kit, believe me, like I grew up doing then match days and the community that comes with it are a brief escape from all the miserable elements of daily life, cost of living, christ, all the stuff we’ve all just gone through.

“But do you know what? Fans wanting to protest or voice the concerns should be given that same respect as well, because we’re not actually expecting champagne football, and I’m not even that bothered if we never get to Premier League. I just want a club and a team that represents me and a normal working class supporter, because at the moment, it’s anything but that.”


The Owls are reminding supporters of their conduct whilst following the team home and away.

This season and last has regrettably seen unsavoury and unlawful incidents involving Sheffield Wednesday fans resulting in FA investigations, one of which remains ongoing.

Following the Peterborough play-off semi-final second leg at Hillsborough in May 2023, the club were fined £50,000 for crowd misconduct.

Whether on or off the Hillsborough footprint, supporters should remain within regulations and the law at all times.

The following acts are offences under the Football (Offences) Act 1991:

– The chanting of anything of an indecent or racial/discriminatory nature.

– The entry onto the playing area or any adjacent area to which spectators are not generally admitted without lawful authority or excuse.

– The throwing of any object within the ground without lawful authority or excuse.

We have published regular reminders together with club statements to this end and it should be stressed that SWFC and our supporters are subject to the full criteria of sanctions in the event of breaches.

As always, we urge everyone who follows Sheffield Wednesday to respect EFL Ground Regulations and underline that although a minority, supporters who behave otherwise will face not only club sanctions but also the full force of the law if necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This is what Twitter users had to say as a Sheffield Wednesday fan makes emotional plea while the club issues a statement before planned protests…

@GrantR_1867: If Birmingham, Wigan, Portsmouth, Derby, Bolton, Sunderland, Coventry, Leeds, Wolves, Ipswich, Hull, Huddersfield, Blackpool & Charlton can all overcome bad ownership and find new buyers. Why can’t Sheffield Wednesday?

@SeedsRob1984: Absolutely nailed it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@Cpjhall1: Articulated so much better than I ever could. Calm, collected and completely truthful. Well done Todd. As a fanbase we deserve so much more

@swiddoy76: Great call and never a truer word spoken about our club hats off to you for one of the best calls I’ve listened too.

@MarkHagin1: From the outside looking in, Todd not only has he nailed it completely regarding their issues but a few lessons for other clubs in South Yorkshire at the moment. Football is the fans. Good for you mate 👍

@DaniBryan89: From A Blade, thats a cracking call and totally get, its from the heart & certainly something a lot of fans can relate to. Fairly safe to see its been a miserable season for Sheffield all round and wont be sad to see the backof it.

@DavidDriver13: I’m a Barnsley fan, I only see from the outside looking in. Banter to one side , chansiri is bereft of ideas on how to run a ⚽️ club. I’ve never heard a more honest diplomatic assessment of a situation ever. 10000 🎩 off to this guy. For your sake swfc. Chansiri out.

@holmesy462: It’s situations like those happening at Sheffield Wednesday where there is such a poor management of a club and growing disconnect to the fans that the EFL need to step in and almost mediate a sale or force sanctions on the owner to ensure the correct running of a club.

@Llewcalon: I think Todd’s nailed that. As a Cov fan, I completely understand what he’s saying because we went through it with SISU. You’re a big club with a long history, and Chansiri needs to realise that for Wednesday to flourish, he needs to sell up. He’s tried and failed. Time to go!

@Mattygibb: Lots of very good points made. Honest, realistic & measured. well done, sir. #swfc has great potential & that potential is the fans. Without them it’s nothing. We need to come together now to save our future. Enough is enough.

@AngryRam1: Well said fella. Our clubs have been on a similar trajectory in recent years, we just hope we’re past the worst but who knows. Good luck Wednesday. 🐏

@dooberybadger: Excellent call. About time the fans stood up and made their feelings known or the club will go even further backwards.

@EverattNastyowl: Todd, you speak for 99% of supporters of this great club with a well balanced and articulate summary of this toxic situation Chansiri has put club in. 🎩 off to you 👏👏👏

@Ian_Blades1889: Don’t know the ins and outs of ticket prices but he’s spot on with the shop prices. I’ve got two grandsons, one a blade and one an owl. Bought them both identical stuff for Christmas from the shops, £160 at Blades, same stuff at owls was £230 quid.

@tomred666: Great call tbf and well done for letting him speak uninterrupted.. having worked for Chansiri for a short random period setting up a taxi firm that never was i can confirm a few things about his thought process

@ilsonowl: One of the best calls your radio station has ever had about my club 💙 🦉 #NailonTheHead

@murray1867: Well that’s a superb call

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