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QPR’s potential new home gets overwhelming support for redevelopment

Queens Park Rangers’ potential new home has received overwhelming support for redevelopment by the public in a survey.

A consultation into a major new sports stadium to be built at the Linford Christie Sports Centre in White City, a survey has shown had 8,782 replies though didn’t answer whether it would be the new home of the Championship club.

The survey was put out by Hammersmith and Fulham Council after they had talks with QPR over whether the club could relocate to the location, though they both couldn’t come up with an agreement.

A majority of 81% supported “major redevelopment” of the site with the council stating it be a £400 million “mixed use” stadium with up to 45,000 seats, suitable for events including “concerts, trade shows, exhibitions,” as well as “capacity for football and other sports provision”. 18% said current facilities need to be improved, with no major development.

When asked “what kind of uses” should the stadium have, 77% went for “professional sports” with 73% going for “Community sports”. 52% said a “major entertainment” venue, and 43% wanted athletics.

QPR has often stated they wanted a smaller, 30,000 seat stadium, that could be leased from the council.

On the results, QPR CEO Lee Hoos said: “I want to thank the many thousands of local residents and stakeholders, some of whom are QPR supporters but also many who are not, who told the consultation they want the club to stay in the area as part of the redevelopment of Linford Christie Stadium.

“Half of the respondents are local residents or are regular users of the existing facilities. The fact that more than four out of every five of them spoke up in favour of a major redevelopment of Linford Christie Stadium is a huge endorsement of the QPR option.

“By far the most popular answers about uses of the site were for a professional sports team and to promote community sport, both of which are what we hope a development involving QPR and QPR in the Community Trust would offer.

“This is all still at a relatively early stage and the council and the Wormwood Scrubs Charitable Trust will need some time to decide how they wish to proceed.

“We are very grateful for the support the community has shown us so far. QPR is a club with the community at its heart, and it is humbling to know that our continued presence, and the work of QPR in the Community Trust, is valued in the area to such an extent.”

Just under 90% wanted improved facilities at the site for those who use the park at Wormwood Scrubs. 79% wanted a better cafe and 69% wanted new changing rooms.

The biggest group of respondents were people who use the athletics facilities at the Linford Christie and Wormwood Scrubs park.

Less than one fifth identified themselves as QPR fans.

When asked “what is your connection” to the Linford Christie Stadium, 49% said they use the sports facilities, 26% said they use the pitches on Wormwood Scrubs. 40% said they live locally, suggesting some of these respondents lived in Ealing or Brent.7.6% said they had “no connection”, or gave no answer.

However, 22% ticked they had an “other connection” which was “a QPR supporter”.

The club had repeatedly urged supporters to take part in survey, in the hope they can get a 30,000-seat football ground.

QPR’s long term future at the 104-year-old Loftus Road ground is “not sustainable” and that moving to the Linford Christie Stadium location was the only option to keep it nearby.

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A spokesperson for the council said: “Four out of five people who responded to the consultation told us they wanted to see a major redevelopment of the stadium. The Wormwood Scrubs Charitable Trust will now consider the ways this key community asset can be redeveloped to deliver the best for local people, while safeguarding the natural biodiversity of The Scrubs.”

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