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Prince William bumps into and gets surprise kiss on cheek from Paul Gascoigne in Bournemouth

Prince William bumps into and gets a surprise kiss on cheek from former footballer Paul Gascoigne on a visit in Bournemouth.

The Prince of Wales was greeted by the former Premier League player, who was seemingly among a big crowd packed into the sandwich shop.

He had stopped by as part of his Homewards project, which is an initiative designed to end homelessness.

Wills had a surprise look on his face as he was approached by Gazza, before shaking his hand the received a kiss on the cheek.

Gascoigne said after: “I’ve met him a couple of times and met him at Wembley, he loves his football, I climbed over a few chairs to talk to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“I came past Pret and someone said William was there so I saw him and gave another peck on the cheek.

“He’s a good looking guy. He said ‘I even got a kiss’.

“He said he has been watching us from afar. I help homeless here in Bournemouth, I often give them ciggies and sandwiches.”

Afterwards, William headed to AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium to hear about how the club is working to support those at risk of homelessness in Bournemouth and nearby areas Christchurch and Poole – one of the areas being targeted by the Homewards programme.

Arriving for a roundtable discussion, he said sorry with a grin on his face having arrived late and quipped how he had been chatting to Gazza.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as Prince William bumps into and gets a surprise kiss on cheek from Paul Gascoigne in Bournemouth…

@MsGrumpyUpNorth: This warmed my heart so much 🥰

@craigieboy2021: There’s only one gazza 💙

@TheWales_: the kiss got me emotional 🥹

@birthdaybags: Best thing I’ve seen all day, love Gazza

@sweensween: I think only Gazza could get away with that kiss…

@CJDawson60: Oh I love this 😍😍

@stephenindurham: Wow #Gazza is looking well. Always a #nufc legend & what a talent on the ball

@RhubbaComedy: For all his woes Gazza will never be truly hated. My goodness, that volley over Colin Hendrie…. sublime brilliance.

@DerbyDave1976: Now that was lovely to see 👏

@lyn_markham: That actually made me a little emotional 😥 ..how sweet he gave William a little kiss… he’s had a long battle with alcoholism but seems to be doing ok now

@rxssbeach: Remember kicking a ball down the hill to Boscombe pier with my mate when I was 10/11 years old and some old geezer asked for a 1-2, completely ignoring the women he was with who was at least half his age, couldn’t believe it when my mate pointed out it was Gazza

@DerbyDave1976: Two good guys right there.

@scattycarrot: Love this! Good to see Gaza looking better!

@NoSurrender169o: This is content that i love to see 🤩🇬🇧 @KensingtonRoyal #PrinceWilliam #PaulGascoigne

@jfitzpatrick_90: Not many fellas could get away with planting a kiss on the future king of England

@PaulReoch: Great to see Gazza here. Legend.

@HotKat74: Really good to see Gazza looking healthy. I love the lad so much 😍

@AlanGeraldWard2: Gazza will always be a Legend…a national treasure. Fair play to Wills..

@Lynda_Tweet: How nice is that….? 💙 That’s what I like about William he makes time for people and cares 💙🥰🥰

@1892NUFC2: Gazza is true legend of the game! Could do things with a football that only very few would even try. I was lucky enough to watch his rise and heart broken to see one of his lowest points up close. God Bless him and great to see the Prince of Wales showing time and care!

@duncan_dunc827: Why do I always well up when I see Gazza? A genius! An absolute genius.

@Trev_Howarth: 😂😂😂 Gazza you’ve got to love him

@DharmeshC: Gazza 😃 never forget what he said when he met Princess Di. 🤣 he was all excited,.

@lynntho05734937: Gazza a true legend ⚽️⚽️

@matchwornshirt1: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love Gazza, what a talent! Good to see him looking well

@THEJamesWhale: That was very touching nice to see Gazza again and Prince William a future king who’s been getting a lot of stick for absolutely nothing recently. We are very lucky to have the royal family we do, every family has its own problems.

@jordandaviesj: Who else could give William a peck on the cheek like that? Brilliant.

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