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Pep Guardiola blames travel to London as excuse for Spurs defeat; his FFP comments resurface

Pep Guardiola blames travel to London as an excuse for the weekend’s defeat at Spurs while his past FFP comments resurface.

The City boss has claimed that his side’s ‘exhausting’ trip to north London was the reason for their defeat to Tottenham on Sunday.

Harry Kane’s 15th-minute strike was the difference between the teams, in what was a historic 267th goal that moved him ahead of Spurs legend Jimmy Greaves.

It was also Kane’s 200th Premier League strike on his 304th appearance in the competition, which is quicker than the only two men to have scored more goals in the competition, Alan Shearer and Wayne Rooney.

The result was a big blow Man City’s hopes in the title race, and Guardiola is already looking ahead to Aston Villa next Sunday.

“Coming to London is like going to northern Europe,” the boss said, whose team had not played in nine days before making their 200-mile trip.

“It is four and a half hours to get to a hotel. It’s so exhausting to come to London, I’m sorry.

“We need to come back to Manchester and prepare for the game against Aston Villa.”

We can’t ignore the FFP and Man City talk. Pep Guardiola’s comments may come back to haunt Manchester City, after the Premier League champions were accused of breaking financial rules.

Reports claim that City was alleged to have committed over 100 violations in the four-year Abu Dhabi United Group investigation. The allegations were made between 2009 and 2018.

City could be punished by an independent commission with different punishments. This could include a possible points deduction, fine, or exclusion from the Premier League.

SEE MORE: Prem clubs want Man City RELEGATED if found guilty – full list of punishments revealed

Guardiola had previously voiced his concern with the City hierarchy following an investigation into the club for violating UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations.

Speaking about potential sanctions a year ago, Guardiola said that he would leave the club if he believed that City had not been truthful with him about their financial situation, stating: “Why did I defend the club and the people? It’s because I work with them.

“When they are accused of something I ask them: ‘Tell me about that.’ They explain and I believe them. I said to them: ‘If you lie to me, the day after I am not here. I will be out and I will not be your friend any more. I put my faith in you because I believe you 100% from day one and I defend the club because of that.’

“When you put something here [sponsor] it’s overpaid, but other [clubs] the money comes from the USA but the money is correct, even if it’s higher. We have to deal with that, we have to fight with that. As always I am a big fan to support this organisation, no doubt.

“It’s a situation in 2012 or 2013, I was still in Barcelona, most of the people running that are not here now, but of course I would not like it. What I like is to represent a club who do things properly [and] well. It’s not about winning the Champions League and the Premier League, we want to do well for our people and our fans.”

Here’s some Twitter reaction as Pep Guardiola blames travel to London as an excuse for the Spurs defeat; while his FFP comments resurface…

@ataylor1892: 4 hours 20 mins to get to London from Manchester??? They using the pony express 🤦🤦

Wow there’s a new excuse for a loss 👍
Geography beat us today 🤷‍♂️

@CapitalG5000: Manchester was in Manchester, and London was in London before you accepted the job Pep.

@NathanStannard: Not seen Newcastle or Bournemouth moan about travelling away to eachother. Took me about 3 hours to get to Manchester when I went the other week. Grow up Pep

@gk_smiffy: Oh come on Pep. You’re always welcome to come work a normal job 5 days a week and fit non league schedule in. I’m off to Taunton today with Dulwich for a 7.45pm KO, won’t be home till god knows what time, then got to get up at 6.30am for work to build someone’s extension. 🤔🤐

@JerryGill_2: Try every other week to London from Bath on the day of a game for part time non-league players and staff who also have to work for a living. Travel is all part and parcel of a footballers career and important for team bonding aswell 🙄⚽️

@seahampirlo: turning into Klopp him

@TweetingSeagull: One solution, relegate them to the National League North. 🤷‍♂️

@MerlinUnited: Not to worry, you soon play in National League North

@JJPalmer26: If you think that’s long, Pep, just see how long it takes you to go from League Two back to the Premier League.

@jasnalder: If only they had an airline as a sponsor!

@James_Harker: Mad that it only takes the London teams 10 minutes to get to Manchester using their flying broomsticks. Poor Pep

@JeffHulse_: If they are guilty, he will be the first to run. He will run to coach PSG

@Darren_Cam19: If he’s true to his word and this gets ugly, he should be handing in his resignation

@LesPeers: Of course you will Pep, you stand in a half empty stadium every other week, yet your commercial revenue is soaring

@eamondonovan: Hope this comes back to haunt him. #MUFC

@a779457: This is being pushed by every single media outlet isn’t it. Desperate for him to go. He also said he’d stick with us if we ended up in league 2. But that doesn’t suit the narrative does it

@billyclare_10: I wonder if he’s a man of his word 🤣


@JasonLFC1979: We all new their titles were tainted! Not sure why it took so long to do this! Liverpool should’ve won 3 more titles if they got stopped in 2008! They need to go to town on them! It’s about time, leave no rock unturned!

@jamescutlan: Wonder if he will walk 😂💰 #PepOut

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