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Notts County keeper suffers head injury after being hit by object thrown by fan at Gillingham

Notts County keeper Sam Slocombe suffers a head injury after being hit by an object thrown by a fan in the game at Gillingham.

Police are to investigate with the keeper receiving a cut on the head as the match came to the closing stages with the Magpies picking up a 2-1 victory at Priestfield.

Gillingham have warned fans that the club could be fined or docked points as a result, after a number of previous incidents at their home games.

“It’s a shame because in general the atmosphere was brilliant. This is just one person making a really terrible decision,” Notts County boss Luke Williams said post-match, as per BBC Sport.

Gillingham detail how the incident came from the Rainham End and at least one hit Slocombe in the head during the League Two fixture.

“Unfortunately something was thrown, I think it was a vape, and hit him on the back of the head and he has a cut,” Williams added.

“It’s upsetting, anyone who has met him wouldn’t want to throw anything at him, he’s a great guy and I don’t think he’s done anything to wind anyone up or anything like that.”

Gillingham, who have interim boss Keith Millen in charge for the time being, have now lost three of their past six matches, leaving them 9th in the table, with 22 points from 14 games, while Notts County are second, with 27 points from 14 games.


The club’s Director of Operations, Joe Comper. is appealing for information following an incident during Saturday’s home fixture against Notts County.

Once again, we find ourselves investigating an incident which reflects poorly on the Football Club, and will likely land us in trouble with the Football authorities.

Towards the end of today’s game, objects have been thrown onto the pitch from the Rainham End, at least one of which appears to have struck the opposition goalkeeper. Quite clearly, any right-minded person can understand that this is not acceptable, and it won’t be accepted at Priestfield.

Our investigation is underway and we are working closely with Kent Police to identify the culprit/s, in order for us to impose any necessary bans, as well as pursuing criminal prosecutions.

The fanbase here at Gillingham is truly fantastic. You are passionate, loyal and devoted to the team and those that represent your shirt. It is a shame that the actions of a very small minority risk damaging your club in the form of heavy fines and potentially points deductions.

If anyone has any information that can assist us in finding these individuals, I ask that you email me directly at jcomper@priestfield.com.

This is what Twitter users said as Notts County keeper suffers a head injury after being hit by an object thrown by a fan at Gillingham…

@KPGills: The female steward, by the RE goal, was sat vaping for most of the game. The head steward said it was ok. Vaping is banned from all stadiums. Stewards stand on the Rainham End stairs, but don’t anything! Head steward sticking two fingers up at fans. Do their jobs correctly!

@tomjasper89: Let’s put the two fingers comment into context Keith for anyone reading – Rob is a long time steward and was responding in jest to the usual “Phil Mitchell” song. No harm done.

@salbre81: But the Stewards did manage to confiscate a Malta flag from Notts fans (one of our players is Maltese) as it might upset people with the conflict in the middle east !

@keelan_____: Stewards are good guys and all but by god they need to start looking out more

@LeeHarv80022159: The club needs a clear out of some stewards some of them don’t give a crap Just see it as a place to meet mates

@ME8Gills: You need stewards who are less matey with fans and prepared to go in and pull fans out.

@YeOldeMMRF: Ridiculous to blame the stewards as many seem to be doing, when one individual (and potentially those/his mates next to him) are fully aware of what went on. Do you not have cctv installed? If not, perhaps get it as this problem is not going away.

@BlueBrazil1975: Someone must know who it was. Do the right thing and name then. This behaviour is extremely damaging to what the Galinson’s are trying to build.

@markinkent: Every real fan supports your request but as a club the lack of CCTV needs addressing. You know the area you need to focus it on. Reach out to a local company and see what they can do. We shouldnt have to film the crowd…… but we do . 99% of the fans will back you on this

@Darren_Chandler: Cctv needs upgrading. There have been issues in the past where things have been overlooked due to lack of cctv. Most stadiums have cctv overlooking the crowd now

@jeremysmithken1: Being how central it must have been, would the goal cam have picked anything up? I hope the person responsible is found, banned and prosecuted

@GrahamP82387717: Shannon, the CCTV needs upgrading, the Stewards need to do their jobs. Fans making unsubstantiated allegations against fellow “fans” is never going to be enough. The Club knows the areas in the ground where it’s happening. Speak to PS, he knows what to do.

@jo_baker10: For all the good you have done for the club and for the area you deserve better and so do the other fans.

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