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New viral video shows view from the stands of the Tottenham fan kicking Aaron Ramsdale

New viral video shows the view from the stands of the Tottenham fan kicking Aaron Ramsdale in the back at the North London Derby.

As the final whistle went, Ramsdale celebrated by kissing his badge and there was a flare up with Spurs forward Richarlison.

Ramsdale then went to get his water bottle when a supporter from behind the goal saw one Spurs supporter rush forward and aimed a kick at the England international before climbing back over a number of rows of seats as seen in the clip below…

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Ramsdale told Sky Sports: “The Spurs fans were giving me some and I gave them some back. The few people I did do that to was well greeted [by them] and sportsmanship-like and then I’ve had someone jump over and give me a [kick] on the back. It’s a shame as it’s just a game of football.

“Both sets of players had to bring me away. Thankfully, nothing drastic happened, and it’s a sour taste. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it when we go back to the dressing room.”

A PFA statement read: “Violence towards players is completely unacceptable. These types of incidents are happening far too often.

“Players have a right to be safe in their place of work. When a player is attacked we expect the laws and regulations that are in place to protect them to be properly enforced.

“As the players’ union we treat this as a priority issue. We will be continuing to work with the authorities to demand that players and staff are better protected in their place of work.”

Tottenham said in a statement: “We are appalled by the behaviour of a supporter that attempted to attack Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale at the end of today’s match. Violence in any form has no place in football.

“The club has reviewed its CCTV footage to identify the supporter and will be working with the Met Police, Arsenal and Aaron Ramsdale to take the strongest possible action, including an immediate ban from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.”

A Football Association statement read: “We strongly condemn the incident involving a spectator that followed today’s Premier League fixture between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

“This is wholly unacceptable behaviour and we will work together with the police, the relevant authorities and the clubs to ensure the appropriate action is taken.”

A Premier League statement read: “The Premier League condemns the behaviour of a fan at the conclusion of the Tottenham Hotspur FC and Arsenal FC match this evening.

“There is no place in football for acts of violence, and under no circumstance should players be attacked or fear for their safety at games.

“The League will support the clubs and relevant authorities in taking the strongest possible action against the individual responsible.”

The Met Police said in a statement: “Following the Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal match on Sunday, January 15, police received a report of an assault on an Arsenal player after the end of the match.

“Enquiries are ongoing. There has been no arrest.”

Jamie Redknapp in the Super Sunday studio: “It’s unacceptable from the Spurs fan. Ramsdale had been getting stick all game and he reacts – that’s part of football, you’re going to get stick.

“But for a fan to do that and to try and kick a player on the pitch, it’s unacceptable. I’m sure Spurs will act accordingly. He should not be allowed in football stadiums that guy. It’s out of order.”

Match of the Day 2 pundit Alan Shearer said: “He’ll be banned for life from a football stadium and so he should be – unacceptable.”

Tottenham defender Eric Dier said of the incident: “I didn’t see it, but obviously it’s just unacceptable really. There’s nothing more I can say other than it’s unacceptable and it shouldn’t have happened.”

Spurs boss Antonio Conte added: “I didn’t see it before. If this situation happened [then] it’s not good, it’s not positive.

“I think that in every moment we have to show respect. If we want respect, we have to show respect. Honestly, I didn’t see this [incident] but if this situation happens for sure I don’t like it.”

This is what social media users said as a new viral video shows the view from the stands of the Tottenham fan kicking Aaron Ramsdale…

@richgooner1886: Good stewarding there.

@leafricangooner: The steward literally just smiled and did nothing. Guy needs to be fired for not doing his job

@danielwilks10: Not just the guy who kicked but look at the guy in bobble hat and blue white scarf, what a melt grown man with that much attitude, hope someone in the office shows what a prat he looked like

@N5N7Badges: Hope that was worth your banning order you mug

@CharlieHammondx: Enjoy that lifetime ban, and the last thing you watched live was getting battered by your rival 😂 what a little rat. Nothing says hard man like doing some little crappy toe poke and running for your life with your face covered. Nerd.

@JudeMac3: Great work by the @SpursOfficial stewards there

@apy_1990: Scampered off like the little toad he is. Pathetic.

@lewiswillard99: What an absolute cock

@GoonerDaws: Steward wants to lose his job. He faces the other way from the pitch weekly and it’s still too much for him 😂😂

@FraggleBSM: Jay Cartwright literally legged it what a little weasel

@_paullay: A posher sort of hooligan at Spurs.

@gary_ratowski: @metpoliceuk This should prove sufficient for an arrest for assault.

@rockthecasbah77: There’s something about this that just screams of Jay and the “bus wankers!” scene in the Inbetweeners.

@_radvida: This little drama at the end made every bit of the W sweeter than it would have been. Then the jolly march to our fans. Somebody wake me tf up! 😂

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