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Arsenal and Tottenham players clash after Aaron Ramsdale is kicked by Spurs fan

Arsenal and Tottenham players  at full time clash after Aaron Ramsdale is shocking kicked by a Spurs fan on top of an advertising board.

Chaos erupted big time on the pitch as the full time whistle of Sunday’s north London derby blew.

The Gunners claimed three points with a 2-0 victory thanks to an own goal by Hugo Lloris and an impressive strike from Martin Odegaard.

However, tempers boiled over – with Ramsdale seemingly at the centre of it to end what was a brilliant Premier League fixture.

The Arsenal shot-sopper was quick to celebrate after the final whistle and punched the air with Tottenham forward Richarlison standing right in front of him.

Richarlison being Richarlison wasn’t going to let this go, raging with Ramsdale’s dramatic celebration and went straight over to tell him. The pair were seen going head-to-head before a steward separated them.

Ramsdale rather reluctantly ushered away from the Spurs forward – headed towards the goal to pick up his water bottle.

The keeper bent down to pick up his bottle when a Tottenham supporter climbed onto the hoarding and kicked him in the back.

Ramsdale felt the contact and instantly turned around to confront the fan. However, his team-mates dragged him away.

Stewards, who possibly should have been there preventing the kick, then reacted to the incident and got the fan down to prevent him from lashing out more.

Speaking about the event after the game, Ramsdale said: ‘Spurs fans were giving me some crack second half, and I gave them some back.

‘The few people I did give it to it was probably well greeted, in a sportsmanship way. But then a fan jumped over and gave me a little punch in the back.’

The goalkeeper added: ‘That’s what happened, and it’s a shame because it is just a game of football at the end of the day.’

Meanwhile, Eric Dier added: ‘I didn’t see it but obviously it is unacceptable and it shouldn’t have happened. There’s nothing more I can say.’

The PFA released the following statement: ‘Violence towards players is completely unacceptable. These types of incidents are happening far too often,

‘Players have a right to be safe in their place of work. When a player is attacked we expect the laws and regulations that are in place to protect them to be properly enforced.

‘As the players’ union we treat this as a priority issue. We will be continuing to work with the authorities to demand that players and staff are better protected in their place of work.’

Arsenal move eight points clear of Man City with a 2-0 win over Tottenham; Hugo Lloris scored an own goal and Martin Odegaard netted the Gunners’ second from long range as Spurs lost ground on the top four

Player ratings

Tottenham: Lloris (4); Romero (6), Dier (6), Lenglet (6); Doherty (6), Sarr (6), Hojbjerg (6), Sessegnon (6); Kulusevski (7), Son (5), Kane (6). 
 Subs: Richarlison (6), Perisic (6), Bissouma (6), Gil (n/a), Davies (n/a) 
 Arsenal: Ramsdale (8), White (7), Saliba (7), Gabriel (7), Zinchenko (8), Partey (8), Xhaka (8), Odegaard (8), Saka (7), Martinelli (7), Nketiah (7). 
 Subs: Tierney (6), Tomiyasu (n/a), Smith Rowe (n/a), Vieira (n/a) 
 Player of the match: Aaron Ramsdale 

Mikel Arteta praised Arsenal’s togetherness and expressed his delight at the victory in his press conference.

“It’s great,” he said. “Going in the dressing room and feeling the joy and togetherness around the team and how much it meant to them – it’s special.

“We know we are here because of the way we play, the way we live together and the unity we have. We must not forget that because tomorrow we have to try to do exactly the same and carry on with the form we have at the moment.

“This game has a big emotional attachment because obviously there is a big history between the two clubs and it means so much for us and our people to win here.

“It is a great position to be in and let’s enjoy every single moment and let’s keep focusing.”

Arteta declined to comment on the fan incident after the final whistle, adding: “I haven’t seen anything. What I’ve seen is a beautiful game of football. Aaron had some great saves.”

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte to Sky Sports: “It was difficult to come back after we conceded two goals. When we conceded the first, we had the possibility to level the game with Sonny and the keeper made a fantastic save. Then they scored the second goal. It could have killed everybody, but not my players as in the second half we tried with a big effort to score and create problems for Arsenal.

“The keeper made fantastic saves today. Arsenal is a difficult opponent now, like Man City. Both teams are going to contend for the Premier League title.

“We played against a strong team but at the same time I’ve not got great disappointment for the commitment of my players. They showed great will and desire to try and come back. Sometimes in the past we did, but today their keeper was really good.

“Arsenal showed to be a really good team. It wasn’t easy for them to play against us in this atmosphere but they have a great balance and suffer in the right moments. They showed great resilience in the second half.

“When a team does this, it means they are ready to fight to win the title with Man City. They are the only two teams who can fight for the Premier League this season.”

On Tottenham’s top-four chances: “We have to continue to work really hard and we will see our position at the end of the season. Be it Champions League or Europa League. Teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Newcastle, also Brighton and Brentford. It is really difficult because every team can spend money and even the middle or lower teams have international players.”

On incident with Ramsdale: “I didn’t see it. I only see a big confusion and you are telling me now what happened. If it happened, it is not good. We always have to show respect for an opponent and the players. I don’t like it.”

Twitter users reacted while Arsenal and Tottenham players clash after Aaron Ramsdale is kicked by a Spurs fan…

@PRIDE_101: Richarlison is so strange

@Gaz3putt: They need to come down hard on this, lad. None of this second chance nonsense. He should be given at least a two, maybe even a three year season ticket for Spurs.

@DDeane41: Someone’s lost their season ticket

@DanielleSpur: Absolutely disgusting behaviour. That fan should be banned for life! No matter the team or score, you should never attack a player because you’re frustrated at your own team. Awful.

@DebbiewithaJ: Welll done Arsenal and well done for walking away at the end. Bad losers COYG ❤️🤍

@DJPAULBURKE1: Very poor stewarding by Spurs, letting a supporter get away after kicking a player! Spurs deserve a hefty fine!

@emdalesmithfam1: Whoever knows that supporter name and shame him. He shouldn’t be anywhere near a football ground. Utterly disgraceful

@nick_davison10: The Spurs fan who attempted to or did actually hit or kick Ramsdale is an absolute melon. Like, what’s the point? What does it achieve? What a prat.

@charissaisidro: maybe instead of kicking ramsdale, spurs should try kicking the ball into the net. just a thought

@rpoore1882: Showed more fight that the spurs players

@TomPike21: That’s him banned for life and probably charged with assault, hope it was worth it 😂

@BandanaSavos: Won’t be hard to identify him, most of them had left before full time.

@iRichieF: Nice lifetime ban for that clown 😂😂👏👏

@JamiePinner: Look how quickly the fan tries to run away!! 😂

@RMcFaul0910: We are watching and waiting for the charge @FA @premierleague

@sergesports_: Richarlison had a big part to play in the incident. Need the @fa to take action and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

@hecticbellerin4: Not enough. The club needs to be fined and the fan needs to be imprisoned. Ban Richarlison too for provoking the fans. He’s useless for them anyways.

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