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Musician’s hilarious 119 footballers Band Aid Christmas song goes viral again

A Blackpool musician’s hilarious 119 footballers Band Aid Christmas song goes viral again with it being that time of the year.

Glen Kirkham is the man behind a hugely popular YouTube channel, named ‘Football Songs’ and is mostly known for coming up with the 119 Footballers One Christmas Song in which he appears in the video for it.

He replaces the original lyrics with the names of footballers to create something that has surfaced once again mainly on Twitter in 2022 despite it being uploaded years ago.

Glen said: “I think we have had 1.5 million views in six weeks since I started the Football Songs channel.

“The inspiration comes from the ongoing soap opera that is football today.

“It is observational humour. It is similar to writing a song.

“I lived in Switzerland for a few years where I did quite well with Dreamstate (indy rock) and with song writing experience you can pick up a key phrase or hook.

“It’s a bit like rapping, breaking things down phonetically and fitting them together.”

“They say it take 10 years to become an overnight success and I suppose this is the culmination of me doing lots of different things.

“Some people think it is easy to be a YouTube star, but you have to work hard.

“Video editor James Williams and I put something out every four days on Football Songs. During the World Cup I thought I was going to burn out.

“But it was massive for us and we got our YouTube silver award for 100,000 subscribers at that time.”

Uploaded onto his YouTube account, it’s had 194K views within 3 years ago, but after being posted by fans online again, the separate clip has been viewed over a million times within 24 hours.

The lyrics in full are:

Dicks, Frimpong, Clyne
Lennon, Reid, Rulli, Depay
Atsu, De Vrij
Mee, Yedlin, Knight
Agger, Bannan, Gray
Aguilar, Werner, Hendry
Phelan, Yedder, Wise, De Goey
Bowyer, Lahm, Fer, Downing, Berg
Dalglish, Garay

Butt, Meyler, Chair
Hayter, Lee, Gündoğan
Asprilla, Stein
Lingard, Schlupp, Wendell, Gabbidon
Chiesa, Ward-Prowse, Ibe, Paulinho
Akita, Zhirkov, Perrin, Weir
Ready, Toni, Zouma, Bowen
Izzet, Dida, Stindl, Weah
Miranda, Michu, Bela, Rincon
Arter, Angan, Weimann, Poom
Jedinak, Belotti, Stam
Eder, Carew

Manga, Iwobi, Cole, Gignac, Zickler
Garrincha, Knight
Negredo, Tisdale, Ellis, Gera, Wright
May, Brooking, Evra, Rose
Cole, Paynter, Ronaldo
Dudek, Bould, Ince, Ginter, Stein, Gradel

Greer, Edu, Razor, Pastore, Alaba
Bergkamp, Bale, Gazzaniga, Cantona
Mounier, Brolin, Kister, Hamann, Ball

Riedle, Berg
Stevens, Vorm
Riedle, Berg
Best, Mendoza, Friedel, Stein
Stevens, Vorm
Medel, Gomes, Rondon, Byrne
Riedle, Berg
Best, Mendoza, Friedel, Stein
Stevens, Vorm

Medel, Gomes, Rondon, Byrne

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Here’s what Twitter users had to say as the musician’s hilarious 119 footballers Band Aid Christmas song goes viral again…

@ainsworth_tom: Once you’ve listened to this, the original has changed forever. All the better for including Blackpool’s finest, Tony Ellis 🍊

@DBoardman49: This is brilliant- well done young man ⚽️

@craiggnugent: Greatest Xmas song ever written!

@michael_coy: Cheisa Ward-Prowse Ibe Paulinho 😂😂

@SeanMcNiffe: I count 5 forest players?

@sarah_kingswell: Unbelievable. Love it.

@llull_rafael: I’m crying. This is one of the funniest and most incredible things I’ve ever watched

@georgermburn: How Christmas should be celebrated….

@wantabiggerboat: Just wonderful. Simply wonderful.

@PicardyBreezer: This is brilliant 😂😂😂

@JamesGrayson92: That Bono line is getting belted out at the first opportunity

@ChrisVance1982: This is class

@ChrisjCheetham: Very good indeed

@Handbags82: The needing me counts 5 former @ReadingFC players & managers, and I think 15 players who have scored against the mighty ‘ding.

@LeeBHA1901: This is so good

@LCon1977: Absolutely Brilliant and I know it’s not December yet 😀 😉

@TheLegionDon1: Tisdale sneaking in. 😂

@BullivantJR: Xmas number 1.

@DannyLomax: This should win an award. Excellence 🤣🤣👌🏼

@Armagh_Red: 😄 A lot of work went into this

@dontdoit61: Best thing u will see today on twitter…. amazing 💙💙

@afootyeducation: Not going to lie, quite possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen 🤷🏻‍♂️

@Galbo81: Merry Christmas one and all

@DaveCamYT: Now, this a Christmas song I will listen to any time of year 😁

@R_J_Baker: So much time for this

@GilStuart3: Don’t scroll past give it a listen it’s infectious well done

@ChatGrapplePops: That’s the Christmas number 1 sorted this year – No more of that lad baby shite

@jamespinfield1: Few villa players in there 👌🏻😊❤️💜 UTV

@chinpne: North End legend gets on this #pnefc

@anacondanufc: What a belter

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