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Millwall manager Gary Rowett speaks on ‘hurtful’ chants in their defeat to Norwich

Millwall manager Gary Rowett speaks on ‘hurtful’ chants aimed at him in their 3-1 defeat to Norwich City on Sunday afternoon.

Norwich kept up their impressive start to the new Championship campaign with the result leaving them sitting third in the table.

Jonathan Rowe opened the scoring, with Josh Sargent and Ashley Barnes extending their lead, with substitute Aidomo Emakhu getting a consolation for the travelling side.

The Canaries have now earned seven points from nine, behind only Leicester and Ipswich.

Millwall’s fans vented their frustration at Carrow Road. “If you are a fan you spend a lot of time and money on following your club and you can say what you want,” Rowett said afterwards.

“I understand they were frustrated with a poor performance but as a human being what they were saying about me is something I found disappointing and hurtful,” he added. “No one likes to hear things like that said about them but I have to take it on the chin. I suppose I would prefer them to take it out on me than the players.”

The game settled down towards the end, but the remaining Millwall fans in the away end made their feelings known.

“I am very pleased with the performance,” Wagner said. “We created many opportunities, scored some good goals and could have scored more. We were also solid at the back and showed the sort of fight you always have to have against a side like Millwall.

“I had a feeling in pre-season that we had got something going here and we have now carried that on into the season proper. We have performed well so far and although it is only early days, we have given ourselves a good platform to build on.”

Wagner on Barnes. “The goals speak for themselves with Ashley but he is also very good defensively and works his socks off for the team,” Wagner said. “I love working with him, he is a good pro and a great guy as well.”

Rowett adds that he is focused on trying to turn things back around after “a great start at Middlesbrough”, which saw the Lions win 1-0 but then suffered “three poor defeats” to Bristol City and 4-0 in the Carabao Cup to Reading, both at home and then the latest one at Norwich.

“I can take getting outplayed by Norwich, because they are a good side who will be up there at the end of the season, but I can’t take getting out-fought and out worked,” Rowett added. “I was very disappointed with the way we played today.”

Here’s what fans are saying as the Millwall manager Gary Rowett speaks on ‘hurtful’ chants in their defeat to Norwich…

@james_dunworth: This isn’t after 3 games 🤬 the back end of last season was a complete disaster

@James80508550: Time to go

@MFC_Steve: It’s not just 3 games – it’s the back end of last season as well, plus the quality of the squad seems to be going backwards. Very weak defence and still no goals. Last seasons top scorer on the bench is very confusing

@poddy_8: Having a pop at the fans again, got him sacked from stoke and he still hasn’t learn his lesson

@WillM_94: I’m surprised it took you years to get to this point. We were singing it after a few months, dreadful football, took every bit of fun out of watching a game and his ego is something else.

@KLC_0611: It isn’t just 3 games. It’s also Reading in the cup and about 12 games at the back end of last season. We’ve won 3 out of the last 12/13 if I’m not mistaken. It’s not good enough.

@pottsyA: Unfortunately it’s only going one way. When you have lost the crowd like that it will be tough to get it back, Saturday will be horrible if we go one down. Personally think GR would of come good but not anymore. Best to go now

@Phoenix_Blake23: For anyone who wonders why people are on gary rowetts back and why it has reached a point that people are openly singing that his football is shit considering the top half performances over the last 4 years I’m happy to tell you why #millwall

@caribbeanpotter: I see his total lack of self-awareness, so evident during his spell at Stoke, is still in full effect.

@sgrindey: In fairness to the fans … his football is shit

@LETSAVEIT_METTV: Do us all a favour and walk, its not just first 3 games it’s continuing from last season thats now 4 wins in 18. Im bored of your excuses. Your football is 💩 and we have had enough. #rowettout

@RobboZini: He’s never been able to beat us as Millwall manager in every meeting he’s had against our club anyway. We’re just their bogey team at this point. Fans should’ve saw it coming! #ncfc

@AlexNeilBarArmy: Oh dear, I remember when he had a pop at Stoke Fans. Ended with him getting sacked. Lose the fans and there is no way back. Gary won’t last long. You can’t have a pop at the fans who work their fingers to the bone and pay hard earned money to watch their club #Millwall

@FKJM2020: This has clearly rattled Rowett. I’ll reserve judgement on these comments until after the Stoke game to see if this puts a rocket up his arse or not. Home game against a former club, chance to put things right.1 game won’t change it all, but it’ll be a start if he can maintain it

@Z1ANF10: Please fuck off 👍

@James_hyam93: Don’t play negative football then u stupid cunt

@Smithmfc1985: Work hard for 4 years 🤔 it’s what you paid for you fucking knob! Football manager gets paid a lot you should be working hard 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

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