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Liverpool angry over “offensive” banner showing naked Divock Origi and photoshopped penis

After checking out the photo, fans gave their reaction on it, some thought it was offensive and others laughed at it saying it wasn’t racist..

@bevanR77: Never a good idea. But surely not as serious as everyone is making it out to be. Yeah it has no place at games but definitely know the lads had no malicious or bad intentions. Dumb move. Hopefully nothing too serious happens to them but also hope they’ve learnt a lesson

@Nath_h1979: I’m sure divock is really upset about it ?

@benkelly_10: “Weird” was the first word that came to mind, to be honest.

@John68928132: It is stupid and offensive and it should not be allowed but its not racist like some people are saying.

@HarveyLFC2018: It’s banter ffs

@Larrytheloner1: I don’t think it’s insulting to be portrayed as having a huge dong

@Steelyfx: RIP banter

@ThoseScouseLads: Absolutely fuck all wrong with that Origi banner Hahahaha worlds gone mad

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