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John Terry exposes “incredible” rule Jose Mourinho told players that was unknown to referees

John Terry exposes “incredible” rule Jose Mourinho told players that was unknown to referees to see out a game during his Chelsea days.

The former Premier League footballer has offered quite the insight into Mourinho’s desire to win and explained how he got one over match officials.

Mourinho, who completed the full set of European trophies with Serie A outfit AS Roma last season, had his most successful spells at Chelsea.

During his two spells at Stamford Bridge, his side won three Premier League titles with Terry lifting the trophy on both times.

The pragmatic style of football under ‘The Special One’ wasn’t popular with everyone, and John Terry has since revealed how that attention to detail left at least one referee going for the rule book.

Whilst a pundit on beIN Sports’ coverage of the World Cup in Qatar, Terry was asked about Mourinho’s style and what he wanted most from his players.

“Just to win. Didn’t care about anything else, he did anything to get an edge,” Terry explained.

“I remember, the rule was, if we were 1-0 up and the ball got delivered into the box…if two defenders went up together and both went down on the floor after, you didn’t have to go off the field of play.

“So last 10 or 15 minutes, he would sit me and Gary Chaill down and go: ‘when the ball comes in the box, make sure you both go down – bump into each other and both go down because you can’t both go off.

“We’d never heard of that rule ever. So ball comes over in the last 10 minutes, head it away, Gaz goes down and I think ‘I better go down’. So I dropped to the floor and the ref said ‘you two off the pitch’. I said ‘no that’s not the rule, ask the linesman’.”

Terry added: “Mourinho was so far ahead with those little bits and you’re talking small margins and the best managers find those little margins. Incredible.”

Some viewers online pointed out that his method didn’t always produce results, referencing a Champions League clash against Paris Saint-Germain in 2015. On that occasion, Chelsea were drawing 1-1 in extra time, where the collision only allowed Thiago Silva to nod in a late winner from a corner.

But most of the time, Mourinho’s results spoke for themselves especially with reputation for ‘parking the bus’ becoming legendary so much so it became a tactical decision on the FIFA game before long, but Terry insists that against a select few sides – including Tottenham – he would implore his charges to keep the handbrake off.

Terry adds: “If we were two or three goals up at half time against certain teams – Spurs being one of them – he’d say ‘go and kill them, go and make them suffer today.”

This is how fans reacted as John Terry exposes “incredible” rule Jose Mourinho told players that was unknown to referees…

@TucheITime: Back when we had an identity. Now we’re just one of those “trust the process/long term success will come” club.

@CFCCAREFREE1905: I love listening to john talk. Especially about jose. Special special people to me and our club 💙

@CFCTuchel_: “I’m not saying we have to win I won’t put that pressure but we can’t lose” Mourinho

@EmenaIo: I need Mourinho back for a 3peat.

@CFCBraden: Jose In, Potter out

Opposed to our current manager losing 0-1 at home to a London rival:
“the boys gave it their all”
How far we have fallen #CFC

@ScottyMillsy93: The man 👑

@SamLever1: No one better.

@harryedwards16: In 14 games between Chelsea and Spurs with Mourinho in charge, Chelsea only won by a 2+ margin twice

@James_Harker: Didn’t Chelsea moan at us for time wasting when we beat them a few weeks ago? #NUFC

@JayJagsBrown: Mourinho is an absolute bastard and I love him for it

@ChrisHeyes78: And now every team will be doing it

@rusaldinho13: Shock that a ref didn’t know a rule. 🙄🙄

@AndyFerguson10: Jose was way ahead of the game:

@CScollett: Mourinho is just different 😂

@CameronMackwhu: As much as it’s wrong, gotta say its fucking genius

@JamesLu7980808: Happens every week now my biggest pet hate. Defender looks where the ball goes n if they’re still under pressure they stay down holding their head. Refs are gonna just have to play on

@DaveDeeney11: Fuck sake 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good old Jose

@Scotty_mc10: Agreed use EVERYTHING to your advantage… I saw it done first hand in the 90’s

@Benjamin_dw: There will never be a manager like Mourinho

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