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ITV comes under fire as fans are left ‘saddened’ by commentator Clive Tyldesley’s announcement

ITV comes under fire as fans are left ‘saddened’ by commentator Clive Tyldesley’s announcement that he is on his way home from Qatar early.

He has said he is leaving the World Cup before the quarter-finals take place, with viewers gutted to hear he won’t be heard again this tournament.

Tyldesley stood down from his position as the broadcaster’s lead commentator in July 2020 after 22 years in the role with Sam Matterface replacing him, and Tyldesley subsequently being ITV’s number two, while he also took on roles for CBS Sports and Amazon Prime Video.

He has still been part of ITV’s team for the last two major tournaments however, at Euro 2020 and the World Cup in Qatar, a nice surprise for fans.

But after Portugal demolished Switzerland in the final last-16 game on Tuesday night, Tyldesley confirmed he is flying back to England.

ITV will televised two quarter-finals, one semi-final, the third-place playoff and the final of this year’s competition, but you won’t be hearing Tyldesley, having already boarded a plane and departed from Qatar.

He announced his return to England by tweeting a picture of a glass of wine, his passport and his boarding pass. The caption read: “My 8th World Cup in the job of my dreams and the first time I’m going to be home before England! Thank you for your company x.”

Supporters quickly took to give their support for the commentator, praising his work in Qatar and the partnership he had with co-commentator Ally McCoist.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he said on the meeting with ITV a while back: “I could have stormed out, but I thought, no I quite fancy commentating on France versus Italy.

“No more England, so it will be a slightly strange thing.

“Once the decision has been taken you have to absorb it, realise it’s not the end of the world. It’s nice if you’re missed a little bit.”

Tyldesley also opened up on his replacement, Matterface, insisting he holds no bad ties with his 43-year-old replacement.

He added: “I don’t think ITV replaced me with a younger man for the sake of that, I think they replaced me with a different kind of commentator.

“And even though I was shocked by the decision and didn’t agree with it, I can accept it, because Sam commentates in a different way.

“But when I hear that somebody as capable as Mark Pougatch has been replaced on the BBC by somebody who has got a younger voice, but broadcasts in the same way, only not as well, I can’t fathom that out at all.

As mentioned, ITV comes under fire as fans are left ‘saddened’ by commentator Clive Tyldesley’s announcement…

@benrelton: Clive, jump on @Twitch with Ally and commentate the remaining games you will get millions of viewers. Just a video of two gents enjoying the game. Don’t show the game on the stream 👍🏼

@StapoNumber5: You ARE the voice of England in major tournaments, sir. Absolutely disgraceful from ITV, still can’t get over it. Hope you do read some of these comments and any under lying sense of bitterness you may still have is eased! 👍🏻👍🏻

@NoMoreLaughs: Why don’t you stay out there and watch them? But I can’t believe we have to put up with Matterface and Led Dixon instead of you and Super Ally. Not seen one person say a single positive thing about Matterface’s commentating. He is absolutely awful.

@whistlingspy: Disgraceful. You’re so much better a voice of the game

@Paulsch12670: Nice to see you’ve got over being dropped as the main commentator! I remember reading your ranting tweet after just being made redundant during the pandemic and thinking then count yourself lucky you still had a job!

@gazza_mum: Incredible that Matterface is ITV lead! What are people thinking!

@MerelyDarren: Why? Your commentary alongside the dulcet tones of Ally McCoist are most welcome. Much better than Matterface I might add.

@Thomas81701668: I think I speak for everyone when I say, why in the name of Jesus are you going home?

@wazzawardle: Congratulations on bringing another WC into our lives… But I must ask why? You and Ally McCoist are by far and away the greatest commentating duo right now…

@DavidECampbell: @itvfootball needs to seriously give its head a hard repeated shake. @CliveTyldesley and Ally McCoist are by a million miles THE best commentary team the UK has, across all the TV companies

@retrofootballnw: ITV have really got this wrong AGAIN. I’m really sorry about this, you deserve far better. You know how to tell a story and create unforgettable memories with your words. You are respected and appreciated by millions of viewers. Safe trip home.

@torumak7: @ITVSport failing to read the room again!!! I’ll never understand how serious, highly-paid people – who must be driven by viewing figures – can make a decision like this. Sam-bloody-Matterface??!! What a joke!! For what it’s worth, Ally McCoist & yourself made a dream pairing.

@boodie71: ITV have had a shocker replacing you with Sam Whatshisface 🤬 And Lee Dixon could talk a glass eye to sleep 💤

@JohnKM55: Absolutely unbelievable. You and Coisty are the dream team and should absolutely be covering the final. Thank you for your dedication to your work. You are unmatched.

@VoiceOfOllie23: It’s criminal that you still haven’t been reinstated as the main commentator. Won’t ever understand the decision. You’ve been fantastic once again. Safe flight and on behalf of us ITV viewers, thank you for your excellent commentary.

@TheExiledRobin: Bad bad decision @itvfootball

@MerelyDarren: Why? Your commentary alongside the dulcet tones of Ally McCoist are most welcome. Much better than Matterface I might add.

@matty_leww: Imagine having Clive Tyldesley, Ally McCoist and Jon Champion and even Seb Hutchinson but deciding to go with Matterface and Dixon. It’s like putting Otamendi up front instead of Messi.

@davidc98: You and Ally should be commentating on the final 😭

@AndrewMcEwan07: Disappointing that you won’t be commentating on the Quarters, Semi or Final. You are by far the best ITV (& all UK channels) has to offer and the fans should get to hear you cover the biggest games. Whoever is in charge at @itvfootball is woefully out of touch. Safe flight back!

@chrisNUFCready: Surely not Clive. Should be the main man on ITV alongside Ally. Great work as ever Sir!!

@radiorobg: Surely to God the powers that be @SkySports see an opportunity here! One of the best in the business is wasted. I just don’t understand it from @itvfootball

@adpr84: Should be you and Ally fronting the @itvfootball coverage – it’s what the public wants. Business class though 👌🏻

@melharvey72: Oh no! Can’t believe you’re on your way home everyone loves your commentary. Hope to hear you very soon. The old Radio City Everton games still live in my memory.

@fatherofalbert: I don’t get this hard on that talksport and ITV have for matterface. He irritates the hell out of me.

@cb_footballmad: You and Ally McCoist have been the stars of tournament, shocking decision by @itvfootball and @ITVSport. You guys should be first choice without a doubt. The prep work and natural talent you both have shines through! Enjoy the wine! More than deserved!

@ShaunVincent85: Shocking from @ITVSport amazes me how these big broadcasters cant read the room, no more Clive and Ally 😩

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