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Joey Barton joins viewers into scathing criticism of Eni Aluko during ITV’s FA Cup coverage

Joey Barton joins viewers into scathing criticism of Eni Aluko during ITV’s FA Cup coverage of Crystal Palace v Everton on Thursday night.

ITV uploaded a clip of her talking about how the FA Cup would be the perfect springboard for Everton to refind form after suffered three consecutive losses going into the game.

Eni said in the clip below: “I think they responded really well to the ten point deduction. It doesn’t get any worse than a ten point deduction. That’s probably the worst punishment you can get. And they responded really well. You know, got some big wins. Players like Dwight, they’re playing really well, scoring goals, and ultimately, I think what is success for Everton this year is staying in the, in the Premier League. So the FA Cup actually might act as a bit of a respite for them, a break from the pressure of that, and they’ve got an opportunity to just build some momentum, build some form, positive results.”

Joey Barton said via Twitter: “Don’t get me started on her… 💩

“How is she even talking about Men’s football. She can’t even kick a ball properly. 🤯💩

“Your coverage of the game EFC last night, took it to a new low.

“Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward, the Fred and Rose West of football commentary. 👍”

Joey Barton joins viewers into scathing criticism of Eni Aluko during ITV’s FA Cup coverage


@Bobbylishy: I agree that Aluko don’t cut it. But comparing both to two of Britain’s notorious serial killers is pretty disgraceful!

@BKS71991: So cringe and absolutely clueless! Would be great if @itvfootball could bring in experts who offer valuable insights and common sense.

@BrewersView: Doesn’t even know the players surname 🙈 “Great players like Dwight ermmmm played great got some great wins” Joke

@spence_ross1: Fucking embarrassing, sticking absolutely clueless women to talk about men’s football just to try and be as woke as possible, they literally don’t even pronounce players names correctly it’s embarrassing.

@Kel_NFFC: Why does she get airtime! Absolutely clueless! About time they stopped box ticking & replaced her with someone knowledgeable and competent

@JK_dcfc: Dwight…. Spit it out??? “Doesn’t get worse than a 10 point deduction” well it does do your research. Absolutely clueless

@dpf92: Eni Aluko is an absolutely dreadful “pundit”. There is only one reason she is picked and it’s not for her knowledge of the game. There are some brilliant female pundits out there so give them the air time instead.

@ParkLaneAZ: I’m not opposed to female pundits, but Eni Aluko doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near it, the worst pundit available right now, and on top of that she’s a vile racist who tries the race and sex card when criticised

@SportsWashed49: The more clips like this I see the more I agree, got no problem with women doing the job but at least make sure they are capable of doing it to a higher standard than this.

@michaelanglo90: Why have you got two women pundits for a men’s 3rd round tie? Its ridiculous. They have absolutely no experience whatsoever at this level of the game. Know why? Because women can’t and don’t play men’s professional football…

@ftfcrob: ITV need to stop ticking boxes and get the right people in

@GPB56: “Couldn’t get any worse than ten point deduction..”? Ask Luton about that..

@hoaredavid: How is she still on tv? Why is she even doing this game. Pundits used to have connections to the teams

@lewismurton: She talks absolute rubbish. She’s wanting to know why palace aren’t competing with Brentford and they need to “kick on”….. whilst they sit above them in the league

@HappyDon1985: Dwight Yorke? Dwight Gayle? Dwight Howard? Who Eni? Who are you talking about….

@EssexLions1: She’s picked purely because of her knowledge and ability 😂😂😂

Crystal Palace and Everton played out 0-0 draw in the FA Cup clash; Dominic Calvert-Lewin however was controversially sent off after VAR review for tackle on Nathaniel Clyne.

Dwight McNeil meanwhile was stretchered off with a leg injury in another blow for Everton; now a replay will be held at Goodison Park.

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Crystal Palace: Henderson (7), Clyne (6), Andersen (7), Guehi (7), Mitchell (7), Richards (6), Lerma (7), Franca (6), Eze (7), Schlupp (6), Mateta (7).

Subs: Ahamada (6), Hughes (6), Edouard (n/a), Ozoh (n/a).

Everton: Virginia (7), Coleman (6), Tarkowski (7), Branthwaite (7), Mykolenko (7), Onana (7), Garner (6), McNeil (7), Harrison (6), Danjuma (6), Calvert-Lewin (6).

Subs: Beto (6), Gomes (n/a)

Player of the match: Dean Henderson

Everton captain Seamus Coleman speaking to ITV: “Great game. Love coming away to Crystal Palace, it it always a tough game, great atmosphere.

“Going down to 10 men made it that bit more difficult but our resilience this year has been excellent. I never felt like we were going to concede, we stuck together which is important.

“There were a few late chances and on another day we put them away. But on the same vein we had to defend a lot of set pieces and it could have gone their way too.

“Happy with how we played – not the result – and special mention to all the fans that have come down here on a Thursday night. Their support is second to none and we appreciate it.”

Everton captain Seamus Coleman speaking to ITV on the red card for Dominic Calvert-Lewin: “When you slow it down it is obviously going to look bad. From where I was it was a good tackle. I saw the replay after and don’t know who the fingers need to be pointed at, as soon as the ref goes over there [to the screen] you know he is going to give a red card.

“Listen, it has been a big talking point. For me that is not a red card and it is another decision that goes against us that maybe won’t be talked about as much.”

On the injury to Dwight McNeil: “Yes disappointing because he has been massive for us recently. We hope it’s not too bad because his energy around the place and commitment to the team has been different class so hopefully it is not too bad.”

Everton boss Sean Dyche speaking to ITV: “We have shown a lot this season. Even down to 10 men, I thought the mentality was excellent. We showed that tonight with another good performance.

“I haven’t asked Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The slow motion shows a different picture. If you want to slow mo everything, you have to slow mo everything. There could have been a penalty on Beto. There’s minor contact, in live time he doesn’t give anything, then they slow it down and everything looks worse slow.”

On Dwight McNeil’s injury: “He’s OK we’re just waiting for more news.”

On needing a replay: “I thought we took the game on all night, I was really pleased. We created chances. A lot of good things.

Crystal Palace forward Eberechi Eze speaking to ITV: “Yes it was a missed chance, definitely. I think it was a fair result, I don’t think either side deserved to lose it today. It is what it is and we go again.”

On if they felt they could win against 10 men: “Yes. In that moment you think, ‘take as much risk as possible.’ But I guess it’s unfortunate today not to take our chances.”

On the red card: “I haven’t seen it [the challenge], I haven’t seen it. I don’t know. But it is what it is, VAR, you expect them to do their job.”

On a game where Palace could have shown risk earlier: “Yes. I think first half we didn’t show as much as we could have or should have done here at home. We should be taking advantage of that. But we have the replay so we go again then.”

On the FA Cup: “Every game you play you want to win. We showed that again today. You can’t fault the effort from the boys but we didn’t have enough to win.”

Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson speaking to ITV: “I think it was certainly a missed opportunity in the last 15 minutes playing against 10 men, but overall across the whole game both teams defended pretty well.

“It was a game of relatively few chances, a game where both sides were working very hard to stop the other team creating chances. If you look at it philosophically then these games often end in a draw or a moment of magic decides it for one side.

“Unfortunately we didn’t have that magic, we did in the last few games, but today we couldn’t find that.

“Everton deserved their draw that is for sure. Now we end up with a replay that neither I nor Sean [Dyche] probably would have wanted before the game started. “

Roy Hodgson speaking to ITV on the red card: “I don’t know if I can understand those things these days. What to make of it. Lots of people who played in the past watching that will say that’s not a red card, but people playing recently will probably say it is a red card because of the way the studs were up and he [Calvert-Lewin] was leading with a straight leg.

“It is unfortunate for the player, because it was not a vicious foul by any means. I thought the referee managed the game quite well. There were a lot of decisions to make because both teams were rather physical. So he handled the game well and if that challenge is a red card then so be it I suppose.

“I’m not prepared to say either it was or it wasn’t, it was a modern day situation.”

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