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Joey Barton and Bristol Rovers go viral with own tweets on the BBC row

Joey Barton and Bristol Rovers go viral with their own tweets on the BBC row and it’s got the attention of thousands of fans this weekend.

Bristol Rovers confirmed that Joey Barton, manager of the club, will not speak to BBC reporters prior or after Saturday’s match against Forest Green Rovers.

The club announced the decision via a brief statement on Twitter with the hashtag #WeStandWithGary. This was in response to the BBC’s decision today to remove Gary Lineker, long-standing Match of the Day (MOTD), presenter. Lineker’s comments regarding the illegal immigration bill by the Government led to Lineker being removed from the programme.

On his Twitter account, Mr. Lineker made a comparison between the Conservative legislation and “Germany in 1930s”. The BBC announced that Lineker would resign from his MOTD role until he reached an agreement with them about his use of social media. To show solidarity with Gary Lineker, Ian Wright and Alan Shearer also announced that they would be stepping down from their punditry positions after the announcement was made.

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Meanwhile, Joey Barton tweeted hours before kick off for his side’s League One clash away to Forest Green Rovers on Saturday.

He wrote: “BBC with Government control/censorship is deeply concerning.

“When people are forced to choose sides, only negative things can happen.

“Those on the Right, go further Right.

“Those on the Left, go further Left.

“The similarities of both extremes are astounding.”

Prior to that, he wrote, “Well said that man…⁦ @mrjamesob”, tagging James O’Brien who is seen in the YouTube video addressing the reasons behind the backlash after Gary Lineker was criticised for saying that the government’s language around migration is similar to the language used in 1930s Germany.

This is what social media users said as Joey Barton and Bristol Rovers go viral with their own tweets on the BBC row…

@daleskitt: The BBC would find it a blessing not to talk to Joey Barton, but fair play anyway.

@Juzzaume: Well done Rovers for your clear and strong position. Lots of people claim their position on this is based on technical arguments about whether Lineker broke BBC guidelines. But really, we are all either supporting or decrying what Lineker said. And I for one support him.

@Dogslipstic: From a fan of the red side of the City you’ve got this spot on. Fair play

@BillieJoeMcAll1: well done @Official_BRFC sometimes you have to be able to look back and know you were on the right side of history

@Barbara91474014: When footballer Marcus Rashford stood up to the government over school children meals they did a u turn. Everyone has right to criticise the government of the day, it’s called free speech and can change things for the better.

@cw_gas76: Free speech matters whether you agree with the sentiments or not. It’s the bedrock of democracy. This is political interference and infiltration into a valued impartial state institution. That’s the story here and I reckon Joey would concur

@ThatchersMelt: Well done Rovers, standing up against Fascism creeping into our society.

@manlik3padzz: Fair play to you guys, the BBC literally want to gag anyone with an opinion that they don’t agree with. I’m happy that his colleagues have backed him #BoycottBBC

@geoffleonard007: Absolutely pathetic response. Lineker was wrong to deliberately reference 1930s Germany and is too proud to admit it. In turn, you are wrong to get involved. Shame.

@EmilySteph2: Still employ Joey Barton as your manager though? 🤣

@BarnBcfc: The club that employs Joey Barton has found its morals again then 😂

@GirzellsGirl: Bristol Rovers need more credit for this. It’s one thing having Premiership clubs refusing to hold interviews, quite another for clubs who rarely get the opportunity, and might benefit even more from the coverage. Well done Bristol Rovers 👏👏👏✊🏼

@benhallidayCUFC: Not sure I like this. Local BBC radio shows and presenters don’t deserve that. They are normal folk. BBC are already cutting local services. They need all the support they can get! Hope #ColU don’t do this to @GlennSpeller and @NeilKellyn

@YGASaddler: Club that employs Joey Barton finding morals when it suits them again 😂 I’m gutted was looking forward to watching Bristol Rovers and Forest Green on MOTD today.

@Sharpieee22: Gas piping up like they matter in all of this, such a “pick me” thing to do. All whilst they have a woman beater as their manager. Moral compass my arse.

@lewisbritton91: Can’t believe the amount of people moaning under this, it doesn’t matter whether you agree Lineker or not. Free speech is important! Well done @Official_BRFC 👏🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

@CQpr1968: 🤣🤣🤣 Joey Barton and his morals eh? 🤣🤣🤣

@LincolnWatson86: What a load of absolute bollocks all this is, Joey. A brain fart at best.

@ncfcnodge: You’re away to Forest Green today, Joey.

@13RiversBand: I see that the intellectual powerhouse and politics explainer, Joey Barton, has made his twitter pitch to present #MOTD tonight. #MOTDboycott

@connoramulhern: This is the absolutely dumbest possible conclusion you could take from Gary Lineker Right wing control of the BBC is bad because somehow that means less centrism.

@Horrificmedium: What I appreciate about Joey Barton is his consistency – to chat absolute bollocks. Horseshoe is absolute bollocks authored by fascists to make themselves not look so bad.

@Liam_ohara96: Joey Barton with the only sensible thing about the whole thing.

@hirsty9: Joey Barton (aka violent thug) preaching right and wrong is peak Twitter…

@lilbeethoven92: A stupid man has some thoughts

@spinningjoe: i can see why rovers are doing shit

@DN33_Exiles: No wonder you got invited on Question Time with this garbage you utter helmet

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